You’re doing a lot of things right.


I got this strong message this morning and a sense that I needed to share it.  Right now there is so much focus on what’s wrong in our world. I hear people say things like, the earth would be fine without people, if we make the earth uninhabitable.  

Certainly we need to see and acknowledge what needs to change and then take action, where needed.  But we also need to celebrate what is going well and what people are doing to contribute to that in so many ways.

When I think about all the destruction people have done to our earth, I remember that we call her ‘Mother Earth’ and that comforts me.  She loves us as a mother loves her children even when they make mistakes or do things she would prefer they not do.  And she is a teacher, showing us how to live more harmoniously with nature, which blesses all of us more and more.

Let’s join together to be grateful for what we are doing to restore the earth to health and beauty!  We will be inspired to do more, I’m sure.


From Gaia

June 21, 2021

Dear ones, my beloveds,

It hurts my mother’s heart to see the guilt, condemnation and blame that people are experiencing as they become more aware of the damage being done by humans to our beautiful earth planet.  It is so much more helpful to expend energy in enjoying the beauty that the nature spirits and devas provide.  If you see a need for change, do it with love, knowing that you are loved by your Earth Mother.

I love you, dear ones, as do myriad beings in the world of Spirit.  We are available to help you.  We are smiling at you, not frowning.  As you connect to the plants, the animals, the elements of earth, air, fire and water, you will feel their love and caring for you.  It will be natural for you to love in return and care for the nature that surrounds you.

No one person can do everything.  But each person can tend one small garden or plot of land.  Each person can listen to their inner guidance about what they can do to help restore the earth to health and wholeness.  

It may be as simple as looking at a tree with love and gratitude.  It might be caring gently for animals and plants.  It may be speaking up for policies that protect the earth.  Perhaps it could be walking barefoot on the earth and feeling your connection to the oneness of life.  Each of us can listen and learn what is our calling.

Your guides and the loving beings of the Spirit World are ever near to you.  You are never alone.  I am always here to hold you close to my heart with tender love.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

― Carl R. Rogers

One thing I remember my mom saying from time to time was, ‘I did the best I could’.  I really appreciated that thought.  So often we put pressure on ourselves to be more, do more, meet others high expectations and our own.  Yet it seems a lot kinder and friendlier to acknowledge that we are okay just as we are right now.  And to affirm that we give our best effort and can choose to be satisfied with that.  

So often we tend to judge, criticize and condemn ourselves.  Many of us were taught to see what’s wrong in us rather than what is beautiful.  Thankfully, we can make changes to what we tell ourselves.  We can give ourselves massive doses of love, kindness and compassion.

We are living in a time when there is so much change in our lives and the collective.  It’s hard to navigate and discern what works for us.  Let’s remember to be kind and accepting of ourselves.  That helps us to trust the flow of life, relax and know that we are doing enough and being enough.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia April 4, 2021

My beloved and precious children,

I know that this time of transformation is sometimes not easy for you to go through.  There is chaos, disruption and so much change.  It can feel disorienting, like trying to walk when the ground is shaking under your feet.

Know for sure, my dear ones, that you are held in great love and care each and every moment.  There is much you will not be able to see or understand until you are looking back on this time.  Much is being accomplished behind the scenes and under the radar, so to speak.

I lovingly assure you that all is well, held tenderly in Divine wisdom and love.  You are guided and protected, treasured and cherished.  You are never, ever alone.  There are myriad beings in the Unseen Realm who are with you at all times, caring for you with great tenderness.

Please care for yourselves as gently and lovingly as we of the Spirit World care for you!  If you could comprehend all that is happening, you would be more patient and kind to yourselves.  Much is being healed throughout humanity, nature and the earth.  This takes time, endurance and loving care.  

Breathe the breath of life with me and all life.  Rest against my heart when you are weary or afraid.  Feel our hearts beating together in quiet oneness. 

You are loved, dear ones, you are loved.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

Self-care is NOT a luxury.  It is a necessity in these transformative times.

~Lee Harris, leeharrisenergy.com

I think this message from Lee about self-care is potent for these chaotic times we live in.  Often when we are stressed and need to do self-care, it is particularly hard to make the time and commitment to do it.  Yet it is so helpful when we practice this.  And it needs to be ongoing, not just for stressful times.  

Self-care is different for everyone.  I remember someone telling me that cleaning her house was part of her stress management.  That would not be at the top of my list!  But perfect for her.  For me, I would name daily walks, yoga, meditation, talking to loved ones, monthly counseling sessions and several others.  Sometimes putting a hand on my heart and taking a slow, quiet breath is helpful and easy to do.  The important thing is to do whatever self-care works for each of us.

We live in a culture, at least here in the United States, where there is so much focus on achievement, hard work, putting others’ needs ahead of our own and guilt when we don’t please people.  There is nothing inherently wrong about many of those things unless we are out of balance and not attending to and nurturing ourselves.

I encourage all of us to gently and lovingly care for ourselves when we are tired or feeling depleted or stressed.  And prevention is good so let’s practice self-care on a regular basis.  We’re worth it!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

February 27, 2021

My precious and beloved children,

You are loved so dearly and deeply by those of us in the Spirit World!  We rejoice when you take loving care of yourselves.  Think of those you love.  Would you want them to be exhausted, stressed and focused on pleasing others?  Or would you want them to be relaxed, peaceful and happy?

Of course, you want your loved ones to be contented!  And that is what we want for you!  When you do things in this peaceful state, you can balance doing and being in a healthy way.  Caring for yourself is not selfish or self-indulgent.  It is part of living in alignment with your highest good which allows you to also serve the whole of life.

Think of how nature models this.  The birds sing.  The flowers bloom.  The wind blows. The sun shines.  The trees welcome the presence of squirrels and insects.  It is a dance of gladness, not a grim rush to accomplish tasks.

Yes, this is a time of great change and transformation.  That causes some people to be anxious, tense and distressed.  Dear ones, set your intention to walk as calmly as possible through the chaos.  Find the quiet place inside you where guidance comes from.  Then you can walk peacefully through whatever life brings.  You are not alone.  Many beings in the Unseen Realm are walking with you to strengthen and support you.

Ask for help each step of the way and you will receive it.   Perhaps it will not emerge as you expected but help is always near.  Rest against the heart of the Mother and you will relax and feel our tender care.

You are loved, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

Perhaps some of you have seen the children’s book called ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’.  In the book, this little boy has numerous upsets during his day from slipping on his skateboard when he got out of bed to not getting to sit beside the window in the car on the way to school.  He concluded that this was definitely not a good day.

From our adult perspective, we can see that Alexander had lots of good things in his life-caring parents, a bed to sleep in, a car for transportation and many, many others.  But there were bumps along the way and that is what he based his conclusion on for it being a bad day.

I have heard people talk about 2020 as being a rather ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year’.  And, frankly, many people have experienced things that are much worse than what Alexander did.  From the pandemic to economic hardship to health problems and deaths to environmental disasters and more, it was a rough year in many ways.

And yet there were blessings and certainly opportunities to help us learn and grow along the way.  I have definitely gained an appreciation for things I often took for granted.  

Now we are beginning a new year and naturally we want it to be ‘a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful, very good year’!!  Hopefully, external circumstances will support that.  But much of it depends on our internal choices on how to move forward and how we choose to interpret and see things that happen.  

May we all embrace the gifts of 2021 and do our part to create a very good year!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, January 6, 2021

Dear ones, my beloveds,

I am holding you in my heart, as I always do, as we enter the new year together.  You are never alone, no matter what is happening in your lives.  Your friends and helpers in the Divine Realm are ever near, assisting you in seen and unseen ways.

Old systems are crumbling, even as new ones are being created and emerging, like the Phoenix arising from the ashes.  Look around you and within you and you will see this dynamic birthing and rebirthing happening everywhere.  

Hello, good-bye, hello.  That is the flow of the universe.  That is the flow of life on earth and everywhere.  It is like a river.  Your choice is whether to let the current carry you or to resist and fight it.

You are co-creators of what is coming into being.  You are not spectators.  You are active agents of birth and change!!  Your choice is whether to do it with a smile or a frown, fear or faith.

Ask for help.  Ask for guidance.  Ask for wisdom and discernment.  It will be given to you in abundance!  Ask and you will receive.  You are loved beyond measure by your friends in the Unseen Realm.  We walk beside you and love you every step of the way.

You are loved, dear ones!  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.  Feed it hope.  Feed it truth.  Feed it with love.

From Bruce Lipton, author of “Biology of Belief”

To say that this is a challenging time seems to be an understatement at times.  Yet, there is so much to be grateful for.  If we focus on the external world and the problems we see, it can be easy to feel distress and even despair.  But if we put our attention on the blessings, we can feel hopeful, calm and peaceful.  It is our choice, even when outer circumstances tell us another story.  I need to remind myself of this frequently!!

I did not grow up in a Buddhist tradition and have just started learning the teachings over the last few years.  This has been so helpful for me.  Attachment to outcome creates suffering.  Whew, that’s a big one for me.  Live in the present moment.  Yes!  It works well…when I do it.  Chop wood, carry water.  I really like reminding myself of that when I get caught up in thoughts and worry.  I am slowly absorbing this wisdom and I’m sure it will be ongoing for the rest of my life.

My dear friend and mentor Bonnie Orgren shared with me that she is sending out this intention daily:  “May the minds and hearts of all sentient beings be filled with goodwill.”  I love this and am joining her in this practice.  I invite you to share in it, as well.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, November 7, 2020

Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

We are, indeed, in a time of upheaval and dramatic change.  I know that it can be unsettling and sometimes feels difficult or even overwhelming.  It may look like the world is crumbling before your eyes.  In some ways this is true.  The old ways have to dis-integrate to create space for the New to manifest.

Each of you plays a part in the current shift and flow.  It is your choice how to participate.  Do you bring fear, anger, blame and judgment to situations and people?  Or do you bring love, peace, trust and compassion for yourself and others?  

You are not going through this alone, my precious partners in co-creation.  Each moment you are surrounded by loving spirit beings.  You are loved so deeply. You are guided and protected.  If you ask for our help, we respond instantly.  We are always waiting to be asked, for your free will is not something we will override.

If you are looking at the changes at the ground level, you will see chaos, fear and things may not make sense at all.  But if you climb, or fly, to a higher place, you will have a different view.  You will have a greater understanding of how the changes are unfolding.  You will see the ways that change is opening doors to new opportunities for abundance, love for all life and individual and collective freedom.  

Self-care is so crucial right now.  Take care of yourselves with tenderness.  Extend that tenderness and love to all beings.  That will make this time of transition much easier for all.

Know that you are loved beyond measure by beings of the Spirit World.  We hold you close to our hearts and send as much caring and love as your hearts can let in.  Be with us, breathe with us, allows us to enfold you.  Quiet yourself and sense our hearts beating together in a rhythm of grace, peace and all-encompassing love.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

There is always more goodness in the world than there appears to be, because goodness is of its very nature modest and retiring.

~Evelyn Beatrice Hall

I love this quote about goodness.  The media and air waves are filled with stories and examples of unkindness, fear and chaos.  Yet when we look at what we are experiencing in our own lives, we see much goodness.  Putting our attention on those things can change our outlook quickly and positively.

Meditation teacher and author Tara Brach says that the negative things in life can stick to us like Velcro while the good can slide off like Teflon.  We can move through our day scarcely noticing the beautiful clouds and trees and smiles, while fretting over the uncertainties and difficulties of life.  Perhaps it is about re-balancing, intentionally focusing a bit more attention on the goodness.

I’m not suggesting denial or ignoring the problems and issues of life.  The ones that are ours to address need our attention and actions.  As we go about our lives, self-care is vitally important, especially when times are chaotic and stressful which sure seems to apply right now.  Even a moment to feel a breath entering and leaving our body can be helpful.  Or being grateful for a blessing in our life.  Or remembering a pleasant time we experienced.  These things are simple but not always easy to focus on during times of upheaval around us.

May each of us deeply feel the goodness around us and inside us now and in the times ahead.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, October 9, 2020

My dear and beloved partners and co-creators,

You are loved so much every moment of every day, precious ones.  I hold you close to my heart, as do so many others in the Spirit World.  You are never alone or without the help you need.  Just ask.  We respond to the slightest whisper or request for help.  Together we will navigate all that is happening now and all that is to come.

I am well aware of how chaotic things feel and appear in the world around you.  Things are in transition and change is everywhere on the earth.  The existing systems, structures and institutions are dis-integrating to make way for new and re-configured ones.  There is wisdom in the process, even when it is difficult to discern this.

Know that you are held in great love as you navigate through this time.  Listen and you will be guided every step of the way.  Peace, love and grace are flowing to you from the Divine Realm.  You can rest in this quiet knowing, regardless of what is happening to you or around you.

I hold you close to my heart, caring for you tenderly with so much love.  Breathe the breath of life with me and know that I am protecting you and with you at all times.

I love you, dear ones.  I love you so very much.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

All things are possible with God, and things change in the blink of an eye. It’s an illusion that there is not a way through your problems – you cannot get attached to that idea. I find it so extraordinary that people have such faith in their negativity, such faith in fear, and no faith in the power of that sacred current to come in and inspire you, and tell you your way through something.

~Caroline Myss, author and mystic

To say that we live in interesting times may be an understatement.  The pandemic, natural disasters, racial issues, climate change and more are swirling around us.  It takes mindful attention to not get immersed in fear, anxiety and other similar intense emotions.

We certainly have many opportunities to assess our perspectives and attitudes about what is happening.  Meditation teacher Tara Brach says that humans have a ‘negativity bias’, a tendency to see the negative in what is happening around us, based on our evolutionary need to see dangers so we can stay safe.  We tend to spend less time seeing the positive and enjoying that.

There are so many positive, wonderful, life-giving things happening right now along with the challenges.  Some are inside of us and some are outside.  We have choice about how to view experiences.  But it often beneficial to shift our perception which is exactly what a miracle is!

Let’s join together in making lemonade out of lemons, seeing the rainbow after the rain and finding the gifts in struggles and heartaches.  I’m not suggesting that we deny the difficulties but rather that we dig deep within ourselves to find our strength, faith and resilience to persevere and see miracles emerging.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, September 4, 2020

Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

Indeed much is in transition right now.  Your partners and friends in the Unseen Realm are very aware of this and we know how challenging it can be for humans who are living in the physical world.  There is much you cannot see but the Spirit Beings can.  We assure you that all is held in great love and tender care.

It is so important that you stay out of fear or at least limit the amount of time you spend there as best you can.  Breathe into the quiet space inside of you where calm, peace and faith dwell.  In this silence, you will receive all the wisdom, guidance and strength you need to get through any challenge or difficulty.

You are not alone!  Each moment you are held in love by the angels, ascended ones, nature spirits and many others who are unseen but very present.  

Never underestimate your power to influence what is happening within you and around you.  Love has power that is very difficult for you to imagine!  Each loving thing you do or say and every moment you spend in loving presence affects the whole in beautiful and transforming ways.  

No one person has to ‘do it all’.  All you need to do is quietly think love, be love and spread love.  Your love joins with the love from other people and all beings everywhere, always.  The love expands and becomes a magnificent light.  When light is shining, darkness simply disappears.  

Dear ones, trust the flow of life for it is being guided with love by the Unseen.  Rest against the heart of the Great Mother when you are weary or discouraged or afraid.  You are loved beyond measure at all times.  You are filled with and surrounded by so much love.  Only love, always love, love overflowing.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. 

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes “We Were Made For These Times”

This quote touched my heart deeply.  I encourage you to look up and read the entire piece.  I don’t know when it was written but it surely speaks to this time.

In these challenging and sometimes difficult times, I think we are all seeking ways to find and create peace, kindness and love in our world.  If we look at how big the problems are, it can be overwhelming.  At those times, I find it so helpful to focus on specific things I can do.  Sometimes it’s a task or something in the physical world.  And sometimes it is sending out love, prayers and intentions to people and situations.  Sometimes it is sitting in a chair on my porch and spending time with oak, flower and herbs.

Self-care is so important and valuable right now.  Many of us were taught to be busy and do, do, do.  This is a time to rest, be in nature, find quiet, listen for the flow in our lives.  Then we will know when it is time for action and when it is time for being.

Solstice blessings, Mary

From Gaia, June 20, 2020

Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

I know that these are challenging times.  Chaos, stress, fear, uncertainty.  It can be difficult to hold your center and trust that all is unfolding in divine timing and divine order.  It can also be easy to overlook the good, the beauty and the love that is all around.

This is a birthing time and birth can be messy, painful and nerve-wracking.  It is a time to breathe slowly and deeply.  A time to surrender to the movement and the anticipation of new life.

You are held in tender love and calm assurance.  Sit quietly and you will feel it all around you and within you.  This is not a time to rush about, doing.  It is a time to rest and be.  Any needed doing will emerge naturally from this quiet space.

Always, I remind you to ask for help from your Unseen friends who love you so much and want to help.  We cannot violate your free will.  You need to ask and be assured that we are ever near, loving you and ready to assist and cocreate with you.

This is like a major remodel or even a new construction.  Things get torn up for a while and it can be quite disruptive.  But the blueprints guide the process and eventually things come together with exciting results, new beauty and function.

You are held in immense and even incomprehensible love.  Just allow it to flow to you and into you.  Then you will feel peaceful amidst the turmoil and changes.  Rest in this love and open yourself to it.  Know that you are held in the heart of Gaia and you are safe, protected and sheltered in this tender love.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

~Elbert Hubbard

Spring has sprung where I live.  It’s nearly Mother’s Day which is a time to reflect and savor reminders of love in our lives-from people and our Earth Mother.

Lately, I have felt drawn to the story of the prodigal son from the Bible. (shared below)  What a powerful teaching about love. 

In this story it is a father’s love but love knows no gender limits.  The son squanders his inheritance and creates quite a mess of his life.  Then he ‘comes to his senses’ and decides to go home, hoping his father will allow him to be a hired servant.  But his father has been watching for him and welcomes him home with love and celebration.  No lectures, no blame, no shaming.  His father knows his son is sorry so he wipes the slate clean and showers him with love.

We are all surrounded by love.  I think an important question is, can we receive that love and believe that it is ours unconditionally?  The father in the story is happy that his son is ready to be loved, not cowering in shame and fear.  Often we struggle with feeling unworthy or undeserving and don’t allow ourselves to be loved as fully as it is available, particularly from the Divine.

Let’s come to our senses and open our hearts to the love that surrounds us!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, May 9, 2020

My beloved ones,

My mother heart reaches out to you, loving you and celebrating you just as you are.  If you are in a far off place, it is time to come home.  You are in earth school and no one is expected to be perfect, never making mistakes.  Love is like the air that surrounds you at all times.  It is not withheld if you make a wrong turn.  It enfolds you and cheers you on as you learn and grow.

Always and forever, my heart and my arms are open to you.  I will not force you to come into my embrace but I rejoice when you do.  I wrap you in a tender hug that need never end.  Look at my face.  I am smiling at you, not frowning.  I am patient and kind and understanding.  I know that life is hard at times and the challenges can be very difficult to navigate.  Ask for help from the Divine Realm and it will be given freely and abundantly.

I whisper words of love, encouragement and guidance.  Slow down, take some moments to listen and you will hear the sounds of love.  Sometimes it is the cheerful bird’s song.  Or the soothing sound of the soft rain upon the trees.  Or the wind rustling the tree’s leaves.

My love is yours always.  I need your love and care, too.  We are partners and co-creators.  Together we can restore the earth to beauty and abundance.  Let us do this together with joy and laughter.

I love you, dear ones, with an everlasting love, only love, always love, love overflowing.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

The Parable of the Lost Son

Jesus said: “There was a man who had two sons. The younger one said to his father, ‘Father, give me my share of the estate.’ So he divided his property between them.

Not long after that, the younger son got together all he had, set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living. After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need. So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. He longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything.

When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired servants.’ So he got up and went to his father.

But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.

The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’

But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.

Meanwhile, the older son was in the field. When he came near the house, he heard music and dancing. So he called one of the servants and asked him what was going on. ‘Your brother has come,’ he replied, ‘and your father has killed the fattened calf because he has him back safe and sound.’

The older brother became angry and refused to go in. So his father went out and pleaded with him. But he answered his father, ‘Look! All these years I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders. Yet you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends. But when this son of yours who has squandered your property with prostitutes comes home, you kill the fattened calf for him!’

‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”

~Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

What amazing and interesting times we live in.  I could use some other words too!  Crazy, scary, confusing, difficult and more.  The current pandemic has pulled us out of our usual routines, our normal schedules, our comfort zones.  Certainly there are some gifts and blessings in that but also a lot that is uncomfortable, uncertain, unknown and challenging.

I haven’t felt called to share a Gaia message for quite a while.  But today I felt one stirring.  Our Earth Mother loves us so much.  Sometimes we feel it and at times perhaps we don’t.  But her love is like the sun, always shining even when something blocks the view of it.  It is always here to warm and nourish us.

In these challenging times, may we join loving hearts with each other and and the earth.

Much love, Mary

From Gaia

April 26,2020

Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

I am with you each moment.  I know that people and the earth are going through a time of change that involves turmoil, upheaval and questions about the future, as well as the present circumstances.

How it hurts my heart when people think that nature is punishing humanity or angry with them for what is going on.  A mother never stops loving her children, no matter what they do or don’t do.  It is like the sun that shines because that is what the sun does, not stopping for any reason.  A mother may not like what a child does and work with them to change, but love underlies all.

A mother is full of love and is also a teacher, offering guidance and sometimes limits.  People are awakening to what is not working and searching for ways that do work for people and the rest of the planet.  The earth and all of her creatures and beings are so willing to help when asked.  We can share our wisdom and knowledge with all who seek it. So please ask!

I know that sometimes you are afraid that it is too late to ‘save the planet’ or that the problems are too big to solve.  Ah, but look around you and consider what is happening now.  Surely you can see that things can change in the blink of an eye.  Opportunities abound to heal the earth as you heal yourselves. 

Spend time in the world of nature.  Feel the breeze caress your face.  Hear the cheerful sound of the birds.  Touch a tree and feel its love flowing to you.  Gaze upon the plants and little creatures and soil and all of this beauty.  You will feel your spirits lift and hope return.  Listen for guidance about what to do and you will receive it.

A mother never leaves her children alone and abandoned.  Her love is ever near and she holds her beloveds in her heart always and forever more.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend