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Humans are so inclined to limit and depend on their five senses to perceive the world. They forget that nature is living, changing forces, outside human’s sense of time.

~Dorothy MacLean, “The Findhorn Garden”

We are living in such an exciting time, yet it is sometimes hard to see or believe that. Fear seems to be underlying so much of what is happening. We are challenged to look within and see with our hearts. Then we see light that dispels the darkness. For what is darkness, except the absence of light?

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

January 27, 2011

My darlings, beloved ones,

Truly, the message is not new. It has been with you since humans were created. Yet much has been forgotten. Now is the time to re-discover truths that have been hidden or unseen.

During this current stage of human growth and development, which is ending, much of the focus has been on the world that your five senses can detect. This is not bad or wrong. It is just limiting and causes you to make decisions that are limiting.

Don’t be discouraged or frustrated! Celebrate the good that has emerged from your worldview. See the positive of what now exists. But don’t cling to it! A new day is dawning! A new stage of life is emerging in its promise of beauty and continued growth.

This is a time to change, to respond to the changes that are occurring. So many exciting opportunities are within your grasp! So many possibilities are right in front of your nose, so to speak.

Nature is reaching out to you, ready and willing to communicate and cooperate with you in wonderful new ways of co-creation. Loneliness and isolation are giving way to satisfying relationships and community. Partners are making their presence known in new ways. The Unseen realm is appearing from behind the veil.

Please! Open your hands to receive the gifts that are so very close and available to you! Open your eyes and hearts to take the blessings that are being offered. Trust that all is happening with perfect timing and exquisite grace.

If something feels daunting, ask for help! You have helpers in the Unseen realm who are filled with deep love for you and incredible power. As you reach out for help, you will receive gifts beyond your ability to imagine. Just breathe the breath of life and calm your minds. Slow your pace and find the quiet places of the heart, where you can sense at a deep level how safe and protected you are.

All is well, my darlings. You have a role to play and so does each and every part of creation. As you take one step, the path will be revealed for the next. Know that I am with you always, never leaving you or abandoning you. I surround you with love in rich abundance, overflowing and all-encompassing.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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Finding your freedom

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly…

~Words from a song in the musical “Showboat”

From Gaia

January 21, 2011

Beloved ones, dear and precious to my heart,

Picture in your mind a bird’s nest and in it are baby birds. When the birds are tiny, the parents provide for the needs of the little birds. They bring food, they keep the babies warm, they protect them from predators.

As the young birds grow and mature what do the parents do? They change their focus from providing for their offspring’s needs to helping them care for themselves. The time comes for the fledglings to leave the nest, to spread their wings and fly.

How sad it would be if the parents tried to keep their children in the nest, continuing to meet their needs long beyond what was actually needed. Can you imagine a grown eagle still living in its nest, expecting the parents to bring it food, unwilling to fly and find its own food? It’s not a pretty sight.

Nature knows! When the time is right, young birds and animals are ready to care for themselves. They have been taught the skills they need. Then it’s time to fly or run or swim free!

Humans often make things more complicated. There can be more choices and decisions. But there is still a natural order and flow to development and it needs to be honored or problems will result.

Humanity is facing a time when a new stage of development is unfolding. It is time for humans to leave the safety of the nest, so to speak, and spread their wings and fly!

Look around you! Some people are already flying!! You may not be able to see their wings but you can see the smiles on their faces, the clarity of their life purpose being fulfilled, the joy that they are experiencing. They are finding community with others who are flying! Love is the wind beneath their wings. Fear has vanished like darkness when light shines.

The nest is crumbling. Staying there will not be an option for much longer. The old is dying, the new is being born. Institutions have outlived their usefulness in their current form. Everything and everyone must change. The only choice is how to respond to the earth changes.

My darlings, don’t be afraid when you feel the winds of change blowing. Open your hearts and feel the new emerging in its beauty and perfection. All you need will be provided! You are not alone. Your Earth Mother cares for you each moment, as does every aspect of the Divine. You are held in arms of love for we never leave your side. Just take our hands and the hands of those you love and walk forward in confidence and trust.

The unfolding is well underway and soon more will be revealed. The New will be beautiful beyond your wildest expectations! Hold fast to your dreams and know that your wings will carry you to a bright future.

All is well, my dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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The new year will be what you need it to be.

~Nancy Joy Hefron

Nancy Joy used this quote in her Reflections message last year. I thought it was so profound. She said people kept asking her about what the new year would bring-would it be smooth sailing or a bumpy road? The answer, of course, is personal. The Divine, our Source, provides each of us with the lessons we need. If someone is fearful about money, they will be given circumstances to help them see this and work through/release this fear. If someone is trusting and joyful, they will be given different circumstances, perfect for their needs. Each of us will receive what we need for our growth and learning.

Many people I talk to are feeling excited about the year ahead. I sometimes shake my head, wondering how I can feel excited when problems seem so pervasive. Then I close my eyes and feel the presence of Gaia and her realm so very near. I am reminded once again of the love flowing to us, only love, always love, love overflowing.

One part of the new year that gives me joy is having my book in print. It feels good to know that the printing process is behind me and the book is available for anyone who wants or needs to hear the words of Gaia. I have some copies, if you would like one. I’d love to give everyone a free copy but can’t afford to do that. If you’d like to purchase one from me, I can offer it at $10, rather than the list price of $11.95, since I get a discount for a bulk order.

Warm wishes for a joyful new year!


From Gaia


Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

It is indeed my joy to enter the new year with you! What will the new year bring? We will find out together, my darlings. We are in the time of co-creation and you are active partners in this beautiful creation process!!

You are not passive spectators in the unfolding, you are active, wonderful partners in this co-creation process! It may feel natural for you to fear the unknown. But actually fear of the future is not natural at all! It is something you have learned and how sad this makes me.

Close your eyes and quiet your mind. Breathe the breath of life with me until you feel peaceful and quiet, alert but rested. Then be open to what lies ahead and sense the anticipation and joy that we are birthing. Allow yourself to be hopeful, trusting and fully alive. Know for sure that the Goddess is rising, in love, power and strength. I join with All to make all things new.

You are a part of this birthing process!! Portals to the Unseen realm are being opened so you can see the beauty and perfection that is within your grasp. Open your hearts, your hands, your eyes. Sense the gifts that are being given to you in incredible abundance.

Yes, there are problems and many of them. Some may seem overwhelming and intractable, unmovable. Look with your heart!! Take the hands of your friends in the nature and angelic realm and you will realize how much help you have for co-creation!! The problems are simply reminders of your power to create! Now, let us join together to create beauty, connection, needs met. Let’s leave behind the loneliness, separation and fearfulness. The gate to heaven’s door is not locked. It is ready to be opened and entered! Open arms await you, pouring out love to you, celebrating you, welcoming you!

Oh, my darlings, you are loved beyond measure! Ask for what you need. Like a small child with a scraped knee, come to me with your worries, your cares, your needs. Come into my arms and rest against me until you are peaceful and calm. Then we are joined and bathed in co-creative power and can transmute ugliness into beauty, pollution into pristine perfection, separation into wholeness and isolation into the joy of connection and community.

I am filled with joy as we turn our faces to the sun and co-create dreams come true.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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