I see the lineaments of the new story in those marginal structures and practices that we call holistic, alternative, regenerative, and restorative.

~Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics

Charles Eisenstein says that we are currently in a ‘space between stories’ where the old story is falling apart and a new story is emerging. In the midst of this process is an awkward place of in-between that can be disconcerting, confusing and even frightening but also exciting and very encouraging.  It certainly feels to me like we are very much in that space.

Everywhere we look we can see the old systems and institutions breaking apart, along with the beliefs and culture that created them. Consider the Dakota Access pipeline.  Pipelines have been built for decades with little attention given to them.  But this one is different.  It is inspiring native Americans to find their voices while many people listen in ways that have not happened before.  People are pulling their money out of the big banks that are funding the pipeline and finding their power to make a difference.  Water protection events and rallies are inspiring people to stand up for what they believe is important.  It is really quite beautiful and empowering, despite the chaos and pushback.

As I thought about this, I saw such an incredible array of signs that the old story is losing its grip on all of us. Our current governmental structure is showing massive evidence of ‘patriarchy’s last stand’. Ditto for white privilege, something that is so pervasive in our culture that we seldom notice or think about it.  The power of multinational corporations is being eroded, even as they cling desperately to the status quo.  Traditional ‘health care’ which is often illness care, is losing its luster even as it grows like a disease itself. The list could go on and on.

The new is rising right before our eyes. I have been noticing so many examples of the intimate involvement of young fathers in the lives of their children in ways that are beautifully different than what my generation and past generations experienced.  People who have never called an elected official are finding their voice and picking up the phone.  People are growing their own food, purchasing renewable energy, connecting with neighbors.  We are volunteering, questioning our values and choices, stepping into our personal and collective power.

The old story may look strong and even indestructible. But I think it is well on its way into the history books.  WE are writing the new story with every small or large step we take to create a way of being that is peaceful, loving and honors the sacred worth of all parts of creation.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, February 11, 2017

Precious and beloved co-creators and friends,

The earth is singing a happy song as people awaken to the power, love and joy that is within them and all of creation. Yes, there is a sigh that it has taken so long and that the transformation is so messy.  But birth is messy.  A chrysalis is temporary.  An egg breaks when a bird hatches.  The shell of a seed cracks when the plant emerges.

Just as all parts of nature have a blueprint to follow as life grows and flourishes, so it is with people. The difference is that people have more choices, free will.  Right now there are those who would cling to domination, intimidation, power over.  Yet this cannot prevail as people find their voices and speak up, take action and take steps to live more fully in peace, love, joy and contentment.

Don’t be dismayed by the chaos and disruption that surrounds you. Hold your center quietly and be an example that others will want to emulate.  Breathe the breath of life with your Earth Mother and all of the spirit realm.  You have a vast array of partners and helpers that are eager to assist and support you so please ask for what you need.  It will be supplied in rich abundance.

All is well, dear ones. It truly is, despite what your eyes see that seems to be to the contrary.  It is a delicate balance of dismantling the old as the new is built.  It is a flow that will carry you to places of beauty and bliss.  Take my hand and the hand of the Divine and you will find that you are invincible, strong and resilient.  Rest in our love when you are weary or discouraged.  Lean on us when you feel weak and draw from our unending reserves of wisdom and strength.  You are never alone; we are with you always.

I love you, my precious ones. I love you very much.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend



We cannot build a sustainable future on the foundation of today’s civilization.

~Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and author of “The Biology of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution”

Whew! We are living in an incredibly intense and tumultuous time.  So much is changing.  So many emotions are swirling around us.  It can be challenging to know what is ours and what we are picking up from the collective.

Today I have been feeling such grief for all of the people who are being impacted by our current U.S. political situation, as well as everything that is happening around the globe. Vulnerable people are feeling so much fear and pain.  I found myself going deeply into shared grief.  It was not about thinking or evaluating things but rather my heart empathizing and caring with my sisters and brothers around the planet, as well as the earth herself.

How do we navigate such difficult times? I am feeling my way through it like everyone else.  If I can quiet my mind, I hear my heart’s wisdom and that guides me.  One step at a time, one breath at a time.

We want a future where people and all parts of creation thrive and live in harmony. Let’s hold that vision in our hearts and minds.  Each of us has a part to play in creating it.  Let’s join hands and hold each other in our hearts as we move forward

Love and blessings, Mary

From Gaia, January 24, 2017

Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

The old is dying, the new is being born. You see the destruction and dismantling of the current systems and structures.  Those in power will not relinquish what they have without a fight.  Yet relinquish it, they will.  For the power of love is rising and will not be stopped.

The strength of the divine feminine has been submerged, stifled and subjugated. You can see it in the countless ways the earth has been pillaged and turned into products, leaving desolation in its wake.  This is reflected in the way people, plants, animals and all of creation has been treated.  The sacred worth of all beings has been ignored and forgotten.

Things are reaching a climax, a pinnacle, an ending. The current path is reaching its completion.  A collective cry of ‘no more!’ is rising.  This is creating space for the New.

What is the New? It is all voices being heard and valued, the worth of each part of creation being honored and protected.  It is harmony, peace, love and safety.

I know that it feels elusive right now, perhaps like a distant dream that is unreachable. I know the earth is awash in sadness, pain and unspeakable grief.  Yet beneath the surface, new growth is emerging, small, green shoots of hope and strength and power that will sweep across the land until all that is left is love, only love, always love, love overflowing.  Hold a space for this love, even when your heart is breaking and you are so very, very weary.  Know that you are held in this love, pressed close to the heart of your Earth Mother who tenderly nurtures you and wipes away each tear you cry.  You are loved, dear ones, you are loved.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

We sense that ‘normal’ isn’t coming back, that we are being born into a new normal, a new kind of society, a new relationship with the earth, a new experience of being human.

~Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics

I don’t write new year’s predictions. I like reading what other people write but don’t feel like this is a niche for me.  Yet I felt drawn to share this message as we end 2016.

The best prediction I have read was written several years ago by Nancy Joy Hefron of heartlights.net and I think it applies every bit as much to each new year, including this one. She said that the new year will bring what each person needs for their individual growth and learning.  We may all have some similar experiences but we will each respond in our own unique way.  And each person’s life will have unique aspects, tailored to what we need for our particular journey.

As we feel the shifts and sense the changes occurring all around us, some people cling to the current reality with fear and resistance to change, unable to imagine a better way to live and be. Others have a vision of what the world, individually and collectively, can be-filled with beauty, peace, joy and love.  When we are able to sense and envision the wonderful possibilities, we are naturally motivated to reach out for them and create them.

Together, let’s create a wonderful 2017!


From Gaia, December 29, 2016

My beloved co-creators,

Indeed you are being born into a new experience of being human and simultaneously you are creating this new experience. I rejoice to share this dance with you!!  If the new earth was handed to you without your active involvement, you would be deprived of the joy of being the co-creator which is your birthright, your divine role.  As we create the new way of living and being for people and the planet, we will learn and grow together, bonded and blessed by the intimate connection with each other and all of creation.

How can I explain this? You are being given the parts, the components, so to speak.  You are being given the tools of creation.  You are being given the blueprints, the possibilities.  You are surrounded by partners in the Seen and Unseen Realms.  All that you need is being provided to you.  Yet you are an active participant.  You are not just the observer, you are the Master Builder and Co-creator!

There are challenges, to be sure. But don’t be overwhelmed or daunted by them.  Look within, accessing your heart center and the wisdom that flows to you so abundantly.  Breathe the breath of life with your partners in the realm of spirit.  Listen to the heartbeat of your Earth Mother and know for sure that you are supported and loved beyond measure.

Then step forward with confidence, knowing that together we are invincible and can create such beauty together, always together. Rivers of peace will flow throughout the earth, washing away all that is not peace.  Light will shine so brightly that darkness will vanish, sometimes in the twinkling of an eye.  You are never alone!  Hold my hand and you will draw upon my strength that is so incredibly powerful.  I love you, dear ones, and send my love to you, only love, always love, love overflowing

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

What appears so daunting on many levels signifies an opportunity for (each of us) and humanity to make a leap into learning about the power we all hold to create the changes that will benefit the world.                                                                                        Bonnie Orgren, Stardust Seven Ray Services Report

The obviousness of the changes swirling around us and within us grows clearer all the time. I have recently had a couple of experiences that anchored this knowing more deeply within me.  And I am becoming more aware of changes needed in my own life to respond, assist and benefit from this process.  I (we) are being upgraded!

The first incident related to this learning for me involved my cell phone. I had checked ‘later’ on my cell phone’s update button so many times that it quit appearing.  But recently when I came back from a trip to Canada after visiting my daughter, I was having some problems so went to my cell phone provider and the person who helped me told me I needed to do the upgrade.  She rattled off the steps I needed to do when I got home.  I asked her to write it down, knowing I would otherwise get home and have forgotten.  And I felt some upgrade resistance!!

The phone update was quite simple and quick. Ah, but then re-learning to use my cell phone!  It seems amusing now but was frustrating at the time.  I couldn’t figure out what to press or swipe to get to the icons (or whatever they are called) to operate my phone.  I was pushing and poking to no avail.  I kept getting the camera and, not knowing how to get out of it, taking random photos of whatever was in front of me.  Grrrr!  Where was a 7-year-old when I needed them??

So I swallowed my pride and went to my cell phone provider again. In less than 30 seconds a nice young man showed me how to work the thing.  I valiantly resisted my urge to feel stupid and humiliated.  I did tell him that they needed to develop a simple phone for old people to use, giving him a quick lesson on landlines, party lines and past phone history.  The polite young whippersnapper didn’t say anything, just looked at me with a combination of compassion, empathy and probably pity and as I left.  He probably doesn’t even know what a whippersnapper is!!  I did reluctantly realize that there are now useful features that I wouldn’t have accessible without the upgrade.  Upgrade integration!

A bigger lesson has been happening in my life, as well. I have been running into some old programming that needed updating.  At first I didn’t realize what was happening but life is persistent and the upgrades that needed to happen have become clearer.  I am working through them more gracefully now that I realize the bigger picture.  I am seeing positive aspects to overcoming ‘upgrade anxiety’.

I share these things because what is happening to us individually is so closely related to what is happening in the collective and to all of us. As Mastering Alchemy teacher Jim Self says repeatedly, ‘you can’t take your baggage with you on this journey’.  Sounds simple till it’s baggage inside of us that needs to be cleared.  Yet when we do the work and upgrade, our lives are lighter and free-er.  And life seems to turning up the spotlight on things that need to shift.  The good news is that the higher frequency of earth energy and collective wisdom and spiritual growth means that the upgrades and shifts happen much faster than in the past which is a blessing.

So when old memories come up that need attention, bumps come up in relationships or other life circumstances or old beliefs are challenged, ask if it’s time for an upgrade, a shift. The new programming is waiting to be installed and integrated into our lives.  But we have to take action for it to happen.  Always, the Divine has our best interests in mind, wanting us to be more joyful, lighter and more free.  Help is available in great abundance if we ask for it.

Holiday blessings and wishes for smooth upgrades,                                                                         Mary

When it’s time to learn something, we will learn it; our choice is whether it is through joy or through pain.                                                                                                                   Marianne Williamson, “A Return to Love”

Author Carolyn Myss says something similar, that when we need to learn something we can either take the wisdom path or the woe path.  It feels like with the Trump election in the U.S., we have chosen the woe path.  No doubt we’ll learn a lot, get stronger, step into our individual and collective power, etc. but really?…couldn’t we have chosen a better way?  Of course we could have but we didn’t so here we are, figuring out how to navigate through what’s ahead.

It’s easy to focus on Trump with his high profile media persona but I think many/most people agree that issues are far larger and deeper than him.  Our institutions and systems are no longer working well, particularly for people who aren’t part of the wealthy elite.  And the breakdowns are getting more visible all the time, I think.  We need a massive transfusion of love, peace, justice, compassion and kindness.  We can be those things individually and collectively!  We can help to transmute the darkness into radiant light!  It doesn’t feel like it will be easy but our energy is certainly needed.

I am including 3 links at the end of this message to articles by Charles Eisenstein, Dana Mrkich and Matt Kahn.  I have found them to have perspectives that are helpful to me as I try to discern my path through the chaos and challenges ahead.  Perhaps they will be helpful to you.

There is so much that could be said but I’ll just share a couple more thoughts.  First of all, we each have choices and we can individually choose the wisdom path as much as possible, despite what anyone else does.  The other thing I keep hearing when I tune into Gaia and nature is that we have Unseen Ones who can help us tremendously.  Perhaps one purpose of what is going on is to encourage and motivate us to ask for help from the wisdom and strength of those in the Unseen Realm.

May we join hearts and minds and unite in our intention to continue to birth the New Earth.                                                                                                                                                   Blessings, Mary

http://charleseisenstein.net/hategriefandanewstory/ http://www.danamrkich.com/single-post/2016/11/14/Shock-Shake-Ups-and-Social-Revolution https://www.facebook.com/mattkahn/posts/793691107429229:0

From Gaia, December, 915, 2016

Beloved ones, precious and dear to my heart, The current times may cause many people to feel despair, hopelessness, discouragement and fear.  Yet you are asking for transformation as you become more aware of the injustices, corruption and inequalities that are becoming more obvious all the time.  These problems have existed for millennia, dear ones.  Now they are coming to the surface to be seen, acknowledged and dealt with.  And you are being given the tools and energetic support to do what needs to be done.

Although it is important to be aware of the problems that need attention, the last thing that the earth needs is more fear!  The earth needs your partnership, caring and love.  Never doubt the power of human love, co-creating with the Unseen Ones who surround you and love you more profoundly than you can imagine.

Of course, there is a need for activism, standing strong in the face of injustice of all forms.  Take action when you see needs that you can help to fulfill.

But also know in your hearts that there is a need for you to vibrate with love, shining the light of your love everywhere, always.  Think of fireflies, each shining a small light.  Yet when many shine, the twinkling lights transform the landscape with magic.  So with small candles or lamps.  Each sheds a light that collectively can be like the Sun, illuminating everything!

Hold fast to your vision of the earth healed and whole and all of creation with it.  Comfort yourselves and ask for comfort from your Earth Mother and all of the Unseen Realm when you feel overwhelmed by the travails of life.  Rest when you are tired.  Take action when you feel called.  Know that no matter how dark things seem, there is light shining on you from an unending and powerful Source.  Ask for help and you will receive it.  Know that you are loved, my darlings, and that I send love to you each moment, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

Dark Night of the Soul is the title given to a poem by 16th-century Spanish poet and Roman Catholic mystic Saint John of the Cross.  A ‘dark night of the soul’ is an identity crisis where someone experiences drastic changes to their meaning system (i.e., their unique purposes, goals, values, attitude and beliefs, identity, and focus) typically because of a spontaneous spiritual experience.  A spiritual crisis may cause significant disruption in psychological, social, and occupational functioning.

As I have struggled to understand the results of our recent U.S. election, I first had to grieve and feel the deep sadness for what is going on in people and our country, as well as around the world. Nothing seemed to really explain the depth of the despair, fear, anger and even hatred and desire for revenge that I am seeing.

Then ‘dark night of the soul’ came to me and resonated deeply. I feel like we are experiencing it collectively as well as individually.  We are seeing the way of life that we have known for so many years and generations become more fragile and the foundation is getting shaky.  Yet the new way of living and being is not very visible.  Perhaps we see glimpses and indications but it can be hard to feel secure in the womb of the unknown. We are in transition and it can be scary for all of us.

I hear so much about the divisions in our country. Yet I believe what a dear friend Lance Schuttler, orgonlighthealth.com, says…that everyone wants to be happy and free. Isn’t that what we all want?  And if we have these things, wouldn’t we be glad to have everyone be happy and free, too?   It seems that the differences arise about how to find the path to freedom and happiness. And it seems elusive to many of us.  So we flail about, looking for someone to blame or someone to ‘save’ us from our current discomfort and feeling of lostness.  Yet I believe we must find the answers within ourselves and together, not in separation, blaming and fighting.

When individuals are going through a dark night of the soul, it can be hard. Mother Teresa experienced one for many years and so have many other mystics and ordinary people like you and me.  But in addition to the challenges, they come bearing gifts-new insights and ways of being that allow us to be more fulfilled, happy and free.

I will close with one of my favorite sayings: ‘it is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the dark’. May our lights shine brightly and together may we create the path to a free and happy future.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, November 10, 2016

Dear ones, my beloved,

When can we see the light most clearly? Indeed it is when there is darkness.  That is when the light is most welcome and visible.  As each person emerges from their dark night time, they can light the way for others.  In time, all will be awake and ready to dance in the warm light.

Rest calmly in this time of massive transition and transformation. Take the eagle’s view.  Rise upon the wind to a great height.  It is from this vantage point that you can see the flow, the pattern, the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Keep your eyes on the things you share-with each other and all of earth’s creation. Everyone wants to feel safe, to have their basic needs met, as well as some comfort and freedom.  Focus on what you share rather than what separates you.

The earth needs your loving care now more than ever. Some still see her as something to ravage and exploit for resources and personal gain.  Your tenderness and nurturing bless us all.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend



After the final no, there comes a yes…and on that yes the future world depends.

~Wallace Stevens, quoted by Al Gore in a recent TED talk

Al Gore used this quote to illustrate how it often takes a lot of time and effort to make major social changes, such as women’s right to vote, the end of slavery, civil rights, etc. His emphasis is on environmental issues, our dependence on fossil fuels and climate change.  He talks about how there is often one ‘no’ after another until the tide turns, the shift happens, the perspective and consciousness about the issue changes.  In his TED talk, he says that the ‘no’ is shifting to ‘yes’ in the renewable energy and climate change arena.  That is good news!  More needs to happen, to be sure, but I’m glad he gives voice to the positive shift.

It feels like we are in a time when there is much resistance to many changes that need to happen and are happening. That means a lot of yeses are on the way!! This is true in the collective as well as in each of our lives.  What is happening now is so much bigger than just a shift in a single issue.  It is a transformation of human consciousness!!  How exciting!!!

In the meantime, it can be challenging or just plain hard to deal with the resistance to change we are experiencing in all of our institutions and within many people and, yes, within ourselves. Trust and patience are sometimes not easy.  If we can center ourselves, get quiet and listen, I think we can hear and feel the yeses flowing more forcefully all the time.  Yes to freedom, yes to peace, yes to clean air, water and soil, yes to a healthy earth and healthy, joy filled people and so much more!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, October 30, 2016

Dear ones, beloved and precious to my heart,

Much of the ascension shift has already occurred. It has happened within the earth and out into the galaxy and universe.  It is happening within the hearts and minds of all human beings but many are just becoming aware.  Others are arguing that nothing has changed.  But just because people have closed their eyes and can’t see something does not mean that it isn’t there!  In a dark room, you may not be able to see the furniture or pictures on the wall, but they are there!!

Now the Divine Spirit is slowing turning up the light of transformation. If a huge spotlight is turned on abruptly, it can be disorienting and even blinding.  So we of the spirit realm are turning up the light and sound of the Transformation little by little so you can adjust to the changes.

Some people are awake and looking eagerly around to see what is happening. They are delighted and thrilled to see and feel all that is happening.  They are feeling the peace flowing, the freedom rising, relationships blossoming, portals to the Unseen Realm opening!

Other people are just waking up, rubbing their eyes and things look fuzzy. They are unsure of what is happening and feel a mixture of excitement and fear.

Some people are awash in fear as they feel the present reality dissolving and transitioning to one of a much higher vibration and frequency. They feel the gap growing wider and are not sure that they can make the needed changes.  So they cling to what is familiar and have a death grip on the old systems that support their current way of being.

There is yet work to do but we are reaching a time when you can relax, knowing that all is unfolding and supported by massive waves of love from the Divine. Focus inward, clearing out all that no longer serves you and welcoming all that does-the love, beauty, grace and myriad gifts being offered to you.  As each person reaches higher and higher vibrations, all are blessed and the entire planet transitions.  Breathe and become quiet.  Then you will feel and know in your deepest being that all is well.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend