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Go the distance

‘Go the distance’

~Voice in ‘The Field of Dreams’

Lately, when I have asked Spirit what I need to do, I have heard phrases like, ‘trust the process’, ‘go with the flow’, ‘one step at a time’.  The meaning behind it seems to be that things are progressing as they need to and we mainly need to just, as the Buddhists say…chop wood, carry water.

I have a wonderful friend who worked practically day and night for several years to spread the word in our community about edible landscape, ecological design and ways to create abundance in our back (and front!) yards.  Lately, he says he has slowed down, is doing some self-care and is feeling more balanced.

I went through a stage like this several years ago when I was trying to spread the word about our environmental problems and to wake people up about them.  After a couple of years of this, things shifted inside of me, quieted down and I moved on to experience the spiritual part of nature and the earth.  Somehow I knew I had done what I was supposed to do for one stage and it was time to move on to another stage.

Americans tend to be action oriented and action often means focus in the physical world.  Certainly, I tend to have a ‘to do’ list with tasks I want to accomplish.  Lately, I have felt more called to do things like send blessings to the water, love to the trees and healing to people near and far.  The focus has been more on the Unseen realm.

I am not entirely comfortable with this.  My tendency is to think I’m not ‘doing’ something if there isn’t a tangible, visible result.  Yet perhaps this is the lesson.  As I often quote my friend Nancy Joy Hefron as saying, ‘both are true’.  We are function in both the Seen and Unseen realms.  Both are important.  As we listen to wisdom and inner guidance we can each find the balance that feels right and feeds our souls.

I send you blessings as we enter what is often a busy and emotional holiday season.  May we all find the balance of doing and being…and the joy that is a part of that.

Much love, Mary

From Gaia, November 21, 2013

My beloved, precious and beautiful,

Surely you can feel the energy flowing to the earth.  Some is the energy of activation, awakening and action.  Yet it is balanced with energy of serenity, peace and joy.

The balance is different for each person.  Some have been immersed in the current paradigm of accepting the way things are, blind to the need for radical change.  Life is indeed helping them to awaken.  The lessons can be painful as their eyes open to injustice, earth destruction and the consequences of that, the numbness of existing rather than being fully alive.  They may be experiencing some big bumps in the road and the changes may be unwelcome.  Yet it is for their highest good and as they wake up, they will find the path to abundance, contentment and fulfillment is available to them, if they are willing to look for it and let go of the Old.

Other people are well along the path to this New way of living.  They are listening to the God Within, rather than the noisy and demanding voices of the 3D world.  Their eyes are open to see the path to the New.  There may be some bumps but they will be gentler.  Understanding of how to navigate will be clearer as they move along.

Each person is being guided and held in arms of love.  Know deep within your being that you are loved beyond measure, no matter where you are on your path.  The world may appear to be in chaos but there is purpose, if you are open to seeing it.  Old ways of doing things are being composted and new life is emerging in its beauty and perfection.  Fire is burning away the fear, hopelessness and constrictions of the current ways.  In their place, love is emerging, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend




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Ask for help!!

Ask for help!!!


For the last few days, I have been hearing this message.  I sense that it is coming from the spirit world.  I believe that Gaia and others in the Unseen Realm see all that is going on with the earth.  They see many people waking up and trying to make choices that will heal relationships, restore the earth to health and bring peace and freedom to all creatures and all of creation.

Yet there is evidence everywhere of the problems, forces and choices that make the way to a better world difficult.  Where do we put our energy?  Do we focus on what actions we can take individually and as part of the collective?  Or do we put our effort toward our relationship with our Divine partners, asking for them to act on our behalf?

I can hear the voice of my friend Nancy Joy Hefron saying, both are true!  I think the message I have been receiving is a loving reminder that we need to combine our human efforts with the assistance of our Divine partners.  Some parts of the process need our initiative.  Asking for help is also important, for there is incredible power and help available.  Asking opens the floodgates for that to happen.

Prayer, communication with the Nature Spirits, ceremony and a myriad of other possibilities open the portals to a Divine flow of energy.  Let’s ask with joyous expectation as miracles emerge!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, November 5, 2013

My beloveds, precious and treasured souls,

I am well and so is the earth.  Let me reassure you of that.  Those who see only the physical world are so limited in their insights.  The damage that is being done to me, the earth, is your opportunity to see the consequences of your choices.  I could act or react with unimaginable power.  But I choose not to, giving you time to learn and change.

Indeed, we are entering a time of CO-creation.  Humans are being called to claim their power.  The Unseen Realm is responding with our power, when the time is right and we are asked to participate as co-creators.  Our Divine/human partnership creates the vivid possibility of opening the gates of heaven and uniting earth with heaven in splendid and miraculous ways.

Rejoice!  The birthing process is bringing you to the threshold of this new reality.  Don’t give up or be discouraged.  Trust that together we can make all things new.  I would not bring you this message if I was not able to help it manifest.  All that is lacking is your enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to listen and act.  All is well, happening in perfect and exquisite timing.

If you are weary or impatient, come into my arms and snuggle close to my heart.  When you reach the end of your own wisdom, ask for guidance and assistance.  All will be revealed as you are ready, with open hands, open eyes and open hearts.  Breathe the breath of life with me, knowing that you are loved beyond measure, precious to the Heart of the Divine.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend




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