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Welcoming heaven to earth

“Chaos Theory proposes that a pattern emerges out of every apparently chaotic event and a higher order is revealed, given enough perspective

“Navigating the Collapse of Time” by David Ian Cowan

I am so grateful for all the people who are sharing their insights and wisdom during this time of shifting consciousness. It helps me to be excited and joyful (most of the time) during the changes we are experiencing. We are all sharing in the birthing process of a new way to live and the sharing is part of the joy, as well.

I know this example is rather mundane but it helps me to remember the inner and outer aspects of change. As I shared in a recent message, I am doing some in-depth house cleaning which is mostly sorting and purging my possessions, reorganizing the things I choose to keep and giving away the things that I no longer want or need. I am pulling everything out of closets, boxes, shelves and drawers. During the process it looks like an absolute mess. But as I sort and put things away or box up things to give away, order returns and things feel so much better than before. Often it takes 2 or 3 stages to do this at a deep level. I ask myself what I want to keep and why-what is the purpose. I ask what I am ready to let go of and share with someone who might be able to use it. I can’t say I really enjoy this process completely but it feels so much better when I am done.

This cleansing process is mirrored in my inner life, as I sort through the patterns, relationships and beliefs that are part of my thinking and being. What no longer serves my highest good? What is worth keeping? What new things need to come into my life?

As a new year-2012!-dawns, let’s join our hearts and welcome the adventures that lie before us.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, 12 22 11

My beloved ones,

Those of us who exist in the realm outside of linear time and space join with you during this birth of a New Age. Often people want us to join you in the 3rd dimension. We prefer to invite you into our dimensions, where the density and lower vibrations of 3-D don’t impose limitations.

Take some time each day to envision a world where you are not bound by the current problems and limitations. Imagine a world filled with light, love and freedom! If you can imagine it, you can enter it-right now!!! This very moment!!! My darlings, the New is within you and around you at all times! It is a choice that is accessible to you without any limits except for the ones you create and live with, based on the limits you alone impose on your life.

The New Age is not something that will be given to you. It is something you simply need to own and claim. All you really have to do is open your hands, your hearts, your minds, your eyes. You can then receive it, in all of its beauty and light. You are co-creating it all the time.

The New is the essence of all that you want and need. It will fill you with a contentment so deep that you will be completely satisfied. The New is love, peace, joy with all needs met, right down to the deepest places of your being.

As you breathe it into your heart and soul, you will feel the cares of the world slip away, vanishing as the darkness does when light comes. Simply ask and receive. It really is as simple as that. Your friends and partners in the Unseen realm are with you each step of the way, welcoming you with love and great happiness. Enjoy the New for it is abundant beyond your wildest dreams.

We love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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Embracing wholeness

There is no escape from one world now. Old enmities come to the surface in one way or another, to be sloughed off to make room for fresh relationships. Those of you who can love and understand have lots to do!

~the Deva of China, From Dorothy Maclean, “Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic”

I have been in the midst of some deep housecleaning. I think it reflects an inner cleansing which sometimes feels like a purging of what is no longer useful. It is time-consuming and not particularly enjoyable but it feels so good to finish a part of it and move on to more. The biggest external job is going through all of my ‘stuff’ and passing along anything that can be useful to someone else. I try to keep as much as possible out of the landfill. I am going deeper than I ever have before, really asking why I have a particular possession and getting rid of it if it no longer has deep meaning to me. Certainly, there is an internal aspect, asking why I hold onto outdated ideas, relationships, etc.

I see this same process happening on a macro level. It’s time to become conscious of our choices and purge out whatever no longer serves our highest good. There are many levels from the personal to the collective. When I think about it that way, I get very excited. The empty spaces can be filled with new spiritual treasures, flowing from the Divine to us, the Beloved!

Holiday blessings, Mary

From Gaia December 9, 2011

Beloved ones, my precious darling co-creators,

Indeed, go deep during this time of transformation and healing. People carry deep and infected wounds inside of them, reflected in the outer world. Perhaps the most important thing to do is to turn to the Healer inside of you and the healing power abundantly available to you from the Unseen, spiritual realm.

Like a child who comes to a parent for help in removing a splinter, turn to your friends and partners in the Unseen realm for help and guidance on the road to wholeness. You will never be ignored or turned away. Always you are welcome to snuggle close to the loving beings who surround you and hold you in a loving embrace.

Open yourself to healing and it will flow to you in quiet, beautiful ways. The earth energy is supporting this in ways beyond your imagination! Things that might have taken years in the past can now happen quickly with ease and effortlessness. Just ask and bring your openness to this healing process. Then breathe and allow it to happen. Feel the love that envelopes you like a warm and gentle cloud. Sense its presence inside of you, as well.

Don’t be distressed by the outer chaos and tumult that you see around you. It is the evidence of cleansing that is sweeping across the earth and beyond. Following in its path is a healing flood of peace, joy and the beauty of life’s web re-emerging in perfection and abundance.

All is well! Never doubt this truth. Miracles are ever near, just waiting to enter your life as you are ready for them. I hold you close to my heart as we birth the New Age that we are co-creating. You are my Beloved ones, treasured and adored.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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