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Stop your ‘stinking thinking’. You are LOVED!


Over and over Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy says that we can’t take our baggage with us into what lies ahead. That’s good news! Why would we want to hang onto old beliefs and patterns if they keep us stuck in low vibrating thoughts and feelings?

But becoming aware of those beliefs and patterns and clearing them out is not necessarily fun. I certainly have my challenges as ‘old crud’ in my mind and heart rises to the surface to be cleansed and cleared.

This past week I became more aware of the guilt I am carrying for what humans have done to the earth-the damage and destruction. Recently, I found myself crying and saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’. There it was and I needed to deal with it. I could hang onto these thoughts and feelings and continue to feel bad or I could ask for forgiveness, individually and collectively, and then move on, knowing that our Divine Source loves me, and all of us, and doesn’t want us to replay past choices and feel bad. This helps me make new choices that heal and restore the earth.

I first heard of ‘stinking thinking’ when I was in co-dependence recovery. It’s thoughts or beliefs that keep us stuck in negative thinking, self-blame, feeling miserable. Stinking thinking may seem justified, at times, but it doesn’t help anyone or anything. It’s simply a sign that we need to change. We are much more empowered to change when we are giving ourselves self-love and receiving love from our family, friends and partners in the Divine realm.

Let’s affirm ourselves for what we are doing well, our efforts to create a better world and the love in our hearts. Let’s clear the stinking thinking out of our lives and let the fragrance of a new earth put a smile on our faces! We will be motivated and empowered to grow and change.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia June 26, 2012

Dear ones, my Beloveds,

Surely, it is important to acknowledge and recognize when changes need to be made. It is good to face choices that no longer serve the highest good of all. But no one in the Divine realm is asking you to condemn and criticize yourself for something that is now in the past. Simply use what you have learned to light the way to a new path.

Perhaps the most important message that I would share is to ask for help! Humans can do much to clean and clear the damage of past choices. But things go so much easier and so quickly when you ask for help! Pan, the Nature Spirits, the devas, your partners in the nature realm are strong and powerful. Please! Seek to be Co-creators rather than trying to do things on your own. Join the oneness that will restore the earth to health!

Love the water and it will respond to your energy of love. Love the air and it will delight in your care. Love the plants and animals and they will thrive. Honor the soil that gives life. Send thanks to the sun that is the source of your food and shelter. You will find a thousand gifts to be grateful for. There will be no time to focus on regret or sadness or perceived wrongs.

Come to the Divine Mother and the Divine Father as little children, with open hearts and open hands. You will receive blessings beyond your wildest imagination. Simply ask and see what will flow to you.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your


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You could say that this is the last summer solstice before the Shift.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, http://heartlights.net/

When I heard Nancy Joy say this in her weekly Reflections video, something inside of me shouted ‘YES’!!! We hear so much about the Shift in Consciousness that we are creating and participating in. It is exciting and such a welcome stage in our ‘earth school’ experience. We are going home.

But I want to BE home!!! We hear the term ‘homesick’ to describe our longing to be home. We are yearning to be home in the heart of God, to feel the all-encompassing I AM presence each moment and know the completeness and fullness of our place in it.

So let’s celebrate the summer solstice on June 20 and rejoice to know deep in our beings that home is indeed in sight! Let’s do the final clearing of all that separates us from this Divine perfection that is our birthright, our beautiful Heaven on Earth!!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, Summer Solstice June 20, 2012

Precious ones, beloved of the Divine Mother’s heart,

Welcome to solstice, a day that is special, yet ordinary, for each day is a perfect expression of nature’s beauty and wholeness. So it is with this summer solstice 2012.

Each of you is s spark of the Divine fire, a drop of the ocean that encompasses all, a breath of the air that is the essence of life and a glorious part of the Earth energy that flows without ceasing. You are love, indeed a vortex of power. You are moving, individually and collectively, through a time of transformation that is awakening you to your inner light.

The beauty of the sun reminds you to shine and radiate love wherever you go. The darkness reminds you of places within yourself that are waiting to be healed. The moon reminds you of the exquisite balance of the male and female.

Let this solstice energy bathe you in well-being. Let it wash over you as a cleansing flood that makes all things new. Go forth refreshed and renewed, assured that all is well, held in Divine love and tender care. Nothing exists but love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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These are such powerful times and we have been waiting so long for them. Yet, we are diluting their power when we spend time in regret, guilt, longing for others to change… As we accept others choices, we move forward on our own path with a peaceful heart and all of our energy intact to power the new life that we have to create for ourselves, our personal heaven on earth. And we’re going to need all of our energy to do that.

~Jennifer Hoffman,

When I saw this, it really rang true for me. We are indeed in the midst of amazing times. It is natural, I suppose, to want to take our loved ones on the path with us. Yet each of us has our own path, our own timing. I wouldn’t want anyone trying to drag me along at their pace.

As we each move along in the way that is right for us, everyone benefits much more than when we try to control each other. Wouldn’t it be a bit arrogant to think that we are right and others are wrong in their choices? We can’t always see the big picture and how everything fits together. As we accept each person’s perfection, regardless of where they are in this ‘earth school’, everyone can enjoy the beauty of unconditional love and acceptance.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia June 13, 2012

My beloved ones,

As always, my heart is radiating out love to each of you. My love is like the sun that shines each moment of every day. Sometimes it may be hidden by clouds. Sometimes, rain storms may get your attention and the sun may be forgotten for a little while. Or the earth may be turned away from the sun so it seems like it has vanished. Yet the sun shines!

So it is with love. Love is light and darkness can never, ever destroy or overshadow it. Each person is a ray of the sun. You are part of the Divine.

But life on earth has been difficult and people carry many wounds, often unseen but very much present. The wounds and pain and heartaches are like clouds that hide the sun. People may conclude that the sun has gone away, that light has been extinguished, that love does not exist.

Your purpose on earth is to heal the wounds, to transmute the pain, to unveil the heart from its shroud of darkness. Of course, you must begin with yourself. How can you help anyone else unless you are healed and whole? When you are healed and whole, you can be a bright light to shine on the path to show the way to others. But it is always their choice about whether to take steps and when. Each and every person is guided by the Divine. Don’t get in the way! Trust yourself and each other to move forward in perfect timing.

Those other people are like mirrors, showing you the places inside of you that await healing. People in your life illuminate wounds and pain and heartaches that are inside of you. Focus on healing what is inside of you and then you can be of assistance to others, always trusting in their guidance and wisdom and perfection.

Dear ones, trust that all is well, unfolding in Divine perfection and perfect timing. Don’t try to rush things. Relax, breathe and enjoy each moment with its gifts and blessings. A new day is dawning! Smile and let your hearts dance with joy. Turn your faces toward the sun and breathe the breath of life with me.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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Hang onto your hats!!

This lunation period is such an energetic signpost and opportunity that I hardly know what deserves to first be mentioned. 
~Bonnie Orgren, M.S.W., Stardust Seven Ray Services Report, Astrologer, Counselor, Healing Touch, Reikistarlight7@Lcom.net

There’s a LOT going on astrologically right now. I’m not an astrologer but am still interested in what is happening and how it affects us. The Venus Transits are a rare celestial phenomenon that occurs twice, over an eight-year period, every 113 – 130 years, when the planet Venus transits over the Sun, eclipsing some of its light for over six hours.

The first Venus Transit (eclipse), this century, was on June 8th, 2004 and the second Venus Transit will occur on June 5th, 2012, from about 3:10 pm – 9:50 pm Pacific Daylight Time.  This transit will be visible in North America and many other places around the world and occurs the day after a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – igniting the emotional potency of this significant celestial alignment.

Historically, whenever Venus has eclipsed the Sun, there has been a major breakthrough in communications. For example, at the time of the last Venus eclipse, in 1874, the Transatlantic Telegraph Cable was completed that created the first intercontinental communication by wire between the East and the West. For the first time in human history, we could communicate with someone on another continent, in real time.

The Venus Eclipse of the Sun is also a call for us to open our hearts. It’s time to recognize the deeper value of our feminine qualities and the importance of maintaining balance in both our masculine and feminine energies.

We live in exciting times! I hope we will all make the time to celebrate and experience the shifts and vibrations of these astrological events.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia June 3, 2012

Dear ones, my beloved,

Indeed much is stirring in the heavenly realms. Often people on earth are unaware of what happens outside of their own little world. Yet all is intimately connected and part of the whole. Just as you affect people, events and places with your thoughts and vibrations, so it is that you are affected by things near and far away.

I hope this thought stretches you without scaring you. People have been so thoroughly taught that they are unimportant, just a little speck of matter in a huge universe. Ah, precious ones, you are much more than a physical body and you are definitely valuable and important. You are spirit and energy and truly are part of the Breath of Life! You are a divine spark of the Creator. You are love and are loved by countless beings of the Unseen realm.

You live in exciting, transforming times. When change comes, draw near to me for comfort and security. If you are frightened or apprehensive, come into my arms of love for a warm snuggle. You will know for sure that you are safe and loved beyond measure. You will sense that you are protected and that all is well, held in Divine love and care.

The changes you are now experiencing are pathways to a bright future, full of wonderful adventures. Listen to your heart, for it will guide you each step of the way. I am with you each moment, loving you with a tender, all-encompassing love.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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