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Help for the healing

‘Be flexible. Be teachable. Grow! Release!’



Life has been pushing on me lately, as I have been in the process of selling my house and looking for another one. My house has an accepted offer and I’m waiting to complete the sale, yet do not have a place to move to. Yikes, I am struggling with this! The knowing has been so strong that I am to do things this way, being willing to live in the void till we find the one that is right for us. It has invited (forced!) me to see how hard it is for me to live with uncertainty and the unknown, circumstances that make me feel out of control. I can THINK I am okay with the unknown but faced with this situation, I have to face my fears and discomfort. Not easy for me but a great opportunity to learn and grow.

I know that what I am experiencing is part of the Shift, where we are all leaving behind the familiar and stepping into the future, filled with possibilities yet to be discovered. Let’s join hands and walk together!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, March 29, 2012

My beloved ones,

Indeed it is challenging to look ahead and not know for sure where the path will lead. The most difficult part for all of you is facing your fears which are based in your past experiences when you have been hurt, abused, misunderstood and have felt abandoned. My mother’s heart is tender toward you during your times of change and upheaval. You are supported and loved by great Beings in the Unseen realm. But lifetimes of being battered by life’s circumstances have left you wounded and afraid.

Dear ones, now is the time for a great turning, for massive healing that will go to your very core, to the deepest places where pain dwells. The current times are awakening you to those buried, hurting places. Bring them into the light where healing and wholeness abide. As you clear the past, you are set free to move into the future unafraid, holding the hands of the Divine and each other.

I can assure you that the future will be beautiful and peaceful, quiet and joyful. Indeed, you can feel these things right now, this very moment. There is a doorway always available to you, a place where you can sit in deep contentment, communing with your friends and partners in the Unseen realm. They are everywhere, dancing about the earth, most happy to share this time of transformation when heaven is restored on earth.

Don’t try to ignore or resist the things you are feeling right now. Breathe them into your heart where they can be shifted and cleared away. The fire of Divine love will dissipate the painful feelings that live in your present moment. The water of Divine love will gently dissolve and wash away the tears and grime and stains. What is left will be pure light, brilliant colors and beautiful music to soothe your soul.

All is well, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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You are running out of time for one of the most magnificent opportunities you will ever have as an eternal being. That’s how absolutely mind-boggling these things are that I’m telling you about. YOU will create them!

~Jim Self, http://masteringalchemy.com

I am hearing more and more about the ‘shift in consciousness’ that we are experiencing and are in the midst of. If you are reading this, I’m very sure that you are feeling the changes, as well. As Gaia says, ‘the old is disappearing, the New is being born’.

Much of the shift is not visible to our human eyes. But that does not mean that it is not real. We have simply been taught that unless something is in the physical realm, it’s not ‘real’. Yet now we have the beautiful opportunity to participate in bringing heaven to earth.

Let’s enjoy!!


From Gaia, March 11, 2012

My Beloved,

Slow down for a moment, quiet your mind and breathe with me. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe. It is in this space, this peaceful state of being that you can truly experience the shifts and changes that are occurring. You have heard about these changes, you have read about them, deep in your souls you have yearned for them. Now you can live them!

All that does not serve your highest good is rising to the surface of your awareness and the awareness of all on the earth planet. It is being cleared away to create space for beauty, peace and wonderful new creations. Some people are paralyzed with fear, dreading the next piece of news which they interpret as undesirable or even disastrous. Some are unaware, at least at a conscious level, that things are changing so dramatically.

Ah, but others are rubbing the sleep from their eyes or are wide awake, seeing things from a much more expanded perspective. You, my darlings, are the Forerunners, the Way Showers, the Light Bearers. Long have you anticipated this stage of humanity’s evolution. It is here! It is happening NOW! Be glad!! Dance and sing a song of joy! Sit beneath a tree and share the celebration with all of creation.

There is much to be done and accomplished. But, please! Please take some time every day to just be quiet and marvel at the transformation. This stage will not last forever. Indeed, it will not last much longer. You feel the acceleration. Like an airplane that must accelerate to take flight, so it is for you. Soon you will be soaring and swooping about. So, relax and enjoy this turning time.

All that you need will be provided in rich abundance and generosity. You have your part to play but care for yourself tenderly each moment. Rest against the heart of the Mother, knowing you are cherished and treasured. Know with absolute certainty that all is well.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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