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This (our current times) is like the last ditch effort of a last phase of civilization. It’s a last gasp, really. I often use the metaphor of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. A caterpillar crunches its way through an ecosystem; it’s very destructive. It eats 300 times its weight a day until it’s so bloated that it hangs itself upside down and goes to sleep. Its skin turns into a hardened chrysalis. Then in its body you get these imaginal cells forming. Biologists actually call them that; then the body of the caterpillar becomes a nutritive soup for those imaginal cells.

What’s important about this is that the old and new co-exist for a while. It’s the job of the caterpillar to try to preserve its life. It’s a desperate government we have now, trying to control oil in the Middle East and promote nuclear energy. They know better but they have to play out their role of protecting themselves. It’s their job.

And if you love butterflies, you don’t go around stepping on caterpillars! So, we can’t hate them. It doesn’t do any good. But if you want alternative energy, you don’t ask an oil economy administration to produce it for you. We have to produce it. We imaginal cells have to show that it’s cheaper, more effective. Our job is to build the new world!

~Elisabeth Sahtouris, Evolutionary Biologist, quoted in the movie “Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?’ http://www.thrivemovement.com/

I got so excited when I heard this while watching the movie ‘Thrive’ at a friend’s house. This was the quote that captured my imagination. WE are imaginal cells!! We are the interim stage of humanity that is transforming. The institutions of the old paradigm are actually serving a useful purpose, becoming compost as they decay and feed the awakening ones who are leading us into the New Age. That’s us!!!

No wonder we feel so constricted in the dissolving culture that we live in. I get so frustrated and impatient sometimes, wanting the New to arrive now! Yet another thing I read about butterflies is that it’s important to trust nature’s timing of the process-the butterfly dies if the chrysalis opens too quickly. We are being divinely guided and in years ahead I believe we will see the wisdom of this process with new eyes.

So, here we are-in the gap, the chaos, the void of creation, the quantum soup of possibility, co-creators of the New. Let us breathe together as we grow and evolve into the new life form. Let us embrace this imaginal stage, knowing that our emerging wings will carry us to places of beauty beyond our ability to imagine-yet.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia February 18, 2012

My beloved ones,

How I long for you to grasp and understand the transforming process that you are such a vital and wonderful part of! I know that it is often uncomfortable and unsettling. Just remember that much is being brought to the surface so it can be seen, cleansed and cleared from your bodies, minds and hearts. Much healing occurs in the open, vulnerable stage that you are in. Hold fast to your quiet knowing that all is well, guided by the hand of the Unseen.

You are being prepared for flight! Have you watched a bird take its first tentative flight from a branch? At first it’s a little awkward. It takes practice to swoop and soar. Birds are exquisitely attuned to nature’s patterns and their inner knowing. They know when it is time to fly, when their body has matured and is ready.

You, dear ones, must take these courageous steps into the void, the unknown. You will gain confidence as you move forward. Know that you are held in arms of love. Your many, many partners in the Unseen realm are with you each moment and share their strength, power and love in great abundance. You are never, ever alone. Ahead lies a new creation that will feed your body and feed your soul.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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The trees need our love!

“Trees are the skin of the earth.”

~Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of the Findhorn Community, Scotland

I have been feeling especially close to trees lately. Here in Iowa it has been an unusually mild winter with very little snow. Great for people’s comfort but hard on the trees and plants who like a blanket of snow to protect their roots from the freeze-thaw cycle that can be damaging to them.

So, as I am out and about, I send love to the trees and plants and soil, knowing that they appreciate our caring and support. We know that love and prayers can help and heal people and I have no doubt that this is also true for our plant friends.

So I encourage you to join me in sending love to the trees and bushes and plants. As you do so, feel the gratitude that they send back to you. Breathe in the sharing and connection. I am sure that you will feel blessed, as I do.

Thanks! Mary

From Gaia

February 8, 2012

My dear and beloved friends,

Indeed this is a time of deep and profound changes-upon the earth and beyond. The change will continue and your only choice is how to be a part of this co-creation. Will you act or simply re-act?

You are God creators! Yes!! Whether you can wrap your mind around this or not, you are nonetheless powerful and wonderful creators. The question is: what will you co-create? Will you choose to co-create with your partners and friends of the nature realm?

Look around you thoughtfully. Everywhere you see what you have created in the past. What serves the highest good of All? What is in need of transformation? You are creating now, this very moment, and creation flows from you at all times.

Now is most certainly the time to step into your power, to be the change you want to see. Surely it is clearer all the time that things cannot continue as they are right now. This is good news! Don’t be numbed by the problems you see. They are opportunities to choose again, to restore yourselves and all of creation to health and wholeness.

It is not necessary to struggle to make changes on your own. Human attempts to do things by themselves are the source of many of the problems that you see. Yet help is available now and always. You have partners in the Unseen realm who can take your hands and share their wisdom. As you put your heads and hearts together, all can be transformed, perhaps in the twinkling of an eye! You have your role to play and so do those of the Unseen realm.

As you join in joyful co-creation, all are blessed. Wounds are healed, separation is restored to wholeness, connection and community emerge, needs are met, joy overflows! Take our hands, dear ones. Miracles are within your reach now and more are on the way. All is well.

To each of you, we send love, only love, always love, love overflowing. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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