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The new year will be what each of you needs it to be.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, heartlights.net

I don’t know about you, but 2013 has felt very active to me with lots happening in the collective realm, lots of energy moving and people awakening.  It feels like much is stirring now as we are poised on the brink of a new year.

First there was the huge focus on what 2012 would bring…end of the world?…end of the world as we know it?…something else?  I don’t think people were sure what to expect in 2013 and it was a mixed bag.  Lots of things being revealed in government, business and elsewhere.  Lots of shifts and changes.  Yet much appeared to remain the same.

To me it felt like 2013 was a year of more cleansing, releasing, purifying, preparing.  Some have compared it to rebooting a computer after a new operating system or program has been installed.  I sense that 2014 will be an acceleration, as we begin to use the new programs and systems that are now available to us.

When I have tuned in and asked what 2014 will hold, the word I hear is ‘sorting’.  Not being sorted but each of us choosing and sorting out what and who we want to align with.  The old systems and structures will continue to pull us toward the status quo, even as they lose power.  Yet new vistas will be opening up and we can choose them, if we have eyes to see and the willingness to explore new opportunities.

I loved Nancy Joy’s words when she shared them at the beginning of 2010.  I think they are just as true today.  The year will give each of us exactly the situations, circumstances and relationships that we need to grow and reach toward our dreams.  We will have choices to make about how to respond to what life brings to us.  Let’s join hands and embrace what lies ahead in 2014.

Many blessings, Mary

From Gaia, December 20, 2013

My dear and beloved co-creators,

Indeed each soul experiences exactly what they need in order to learn, grow and evolve.  Although there are common themes and similar circumstances, each person is given, and in truth chooses, a unique and exquisitely designed pathway.

Freedom beckons!  How will you respond to the possibilities and choices you are offered?  Some will choose the familiar road, fearful to step into unchartered territory.  Others will take the hand of the Goddess and her partners in the Unseen Realm and walk into a bright future, filled with amazing dreams come true.

Always, the purpose of life’s journey is to assist you in shedding what no longer serves you and helping to create room for what will bring about the highest good for you.  There may be pain and challenges, difficulties and disappointments.  Yet the light beckons and the Divine voice guides each to enter the space where their divinity shines forth.  Nothing is left behind that is needed.  Empty, open hands are able to reach out and be filled with gifts of beauty and perfection.

You are never alone, dear ones.  Each moment you are surrounded by wisdom, light, unlimited love and tender acceptance.  Feel my arms around you, holding you close to my heart where you are protected and safe.  Lean against me for I share my strength in joy-filled abundance.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend



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Major cracks are widening in the external world around us.  How do you navigate the Transition????

~Jim Self, Mastering Alchemy

My husband Blair and I have studied with Mastering Alchemy for several years.  We find it interesting to see what they are predicting.  Here is something from the latest newsletter: “Jim Self notes that 2014 will be ‘the year you experience the great decline of the American Empire, a temporary shift of power to China and the visible rise of a 5th Dimension world of Grace.”

I am not endorsing what he says.  But I do sense that big changes are underway and naturally I am curious about what will occur as we co-create the unfolding.  If we cling to current structures, beliefs and cultural messages for security, I think we find flowing with the changes much more challenging. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge right now is to see hopeful opportunities emerging rather than go into fear.  Each of us can ask, what makes us feel secure?  Is it money, job, our house, the institutions we rely upon for health care, education, infrastructure, etc?  If so, we could feel very vulnerable if the economy has a major shift.  But if we trust that our security comes from a Divine Source that will guide us and provide for our needs (something the major religions have taught for millennia), we can look to the future with anticipation and peacefulness.  I am not saying it would be easy but then again, maybe it would be.  A lot would depend on our attitude and perspective.

As I write this, I am feeling peace and love flowing from Gaia’s heart to us.  Let’s bask in the warmth.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, December 4, 2013

My beloved partners and friends,

Indeed massive changes are in progress as I share this message with you.  Some are visible in the physical world and more are on the way.  But many of the changes are taking place in the Unseen Realm and will become more obvious as time flows along.

If you feel insecure or uncomfortable with the changes, quiet your hearts and minds.  Breathe the breath of life with me, trusting that you are loved beyond measure.  Much is being accomplished for you by your partners in the Spirit World.  You have an important role to play but remember that you are never, ever alone.  Ask for guidance and help.  Trust that all is well and that things are unfolding in exquisite timing and great beauty.

Open your eyes, your hands, your hearts.  Allow the energy of love to flow to you with great abundance and miraculous perfection.  Those who are tuned into the noise of the world will not hear the quiet whispers of the Divine.  Yet they are ever near.  In silence and solitude, you will hear the guidance and music to follow.

Don’t cling to the things of the physical world for security or strength.  Those things are temporary and can easily slip away.  Can you believe that anything that leaves will be replaced by something more radiant and satisfying?  This is what is offered to you.

Know each moment that you are surrounded and embraced by love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I love you, my darlings.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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