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Energy surges and purges

We are going through a process of energy downloads, energy hangovers and purging.

~Jennifer Hoffman, enlighteninglife.com

We each have people and sites we turn to for guidance, support and learning.  Jennifer Hoffman of Enlightening Life has helped me a lot over the past couple of years.  I find her to have a good handle on our current energy and ascension cycles.  She has practical suggestions for how to move more smoothly through the energy surges and changes.

Energy is pouring into the planet right now and our dense, physical bodies are challenged to receive and integrate it.  Yet it gets easier as we become more experienced and our bodies adjust.

Jennifer also reminds us that we are shifting to a time when we can ‘be’ rather than so much doing.  What a relief!  Many people, including us, have done so much to bring us this far.  We’ve healed and released and taught and grown.  We will continue to do that but the pace can be gentler.  We can let go of the need to do so much, trusting that more and more people are stepping up to do their part.  We can trust that the Divine Spirit and helpers from the Unseen realm are doing much behind the scenes to help.

Recently, I have become more aware of my tendency to feel the need to be busy, task-oriented and have a ‘to-do’ list handy.  Life is quietly showing and telling me that it’s okay to rest, be rather than do and spend time doing things I enjoy even when there’s no tangible product or outcome.  I have to smile when I think of how I resist this.  I am reminded that this resistance is an indicator of old patterns that I need to continue to release.

Jennifer Hoffman says that we are now in a time when we can focus on living in joy.  Wow, what a gift!  She says we need to leave behind our roles as wounded healers.  Now the world needs us to be examples of healed and whole people, being light beacons so others can see what is possible when old beliefs and patterns are shed.  Let’s embrace these new opportunities and live in joy!!!!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, August 15, 2015

Beloved and precious spirits,

Have you ever seen a sad tree, a depressed bird?  Nature is still fully connected to their Divine Source.  Unless they have been affected negatively by humans, nature is very much as it was created to be-completely in the present moment, joyful and free.  No worries, no dread for tomorrow.  Nature is!

How I rejoice to see more and more humans leaving behind old patterns and beliefs that bind them to past pain and fear of future problems.  As you become more comfortable in simply living each moment as it comes, life will become more joyful, more calm and more free.  This is your birthright, a source of joy for you and your friends in the Divine realm who love you beyond measure.

This possibility has always existed and some have been able to catch the magic and experience it.  But most people have been imprisoned in a pattern of human-created fear, scarcity and lack.  You created it and then believed it to be real rather than throwing it in the garbage and living as you were intended to live-unfettered and free.

Now is the time, dear ones, to dissolve the Old, in all of its forms.  Throw it all on the compost pile and let new life emerge in radiant beauty and divine perfection!  Don’t wait!  Surely you can sense the chrysalis time that has been prepared for you.  Surrender to this opportunity and rest serenely in this time of transformation.  Be blissfully aware of your emergence in butterfly form where you can fly to glorious new heights.  Close your ears to the naysayers and join hands with the light carriers who will go with you into the new heaven on earth!

All is well, held in divine love and care.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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