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Navigating turbulent times

This eclipse is the cosmic reflection of what we already know: We are at a crossroads in American history.

~What Astrologers Know About Eclipses That You Don’t by Donna Woodwell


We are in an ‘eclipse corridor’ between one eclipse on August 7 and what is being called ‘The Great American Eclipse’ on August 21. This eclipse will go across the United States from the northwest to southeast before it passes out into the ocean.  According to astrologer Cayelin Castell, the last time the U.S. experienced a total eclipse was in 1918 and one exclusively over America was 760 years ago in 1257 so it’s a rare event indeed.

This quote seems sort of an understatement actually. I think most of us feel so much change swirling around us and in us, as well as a sense of the earth shifting literally and figuratively.  It’s change at a planetary and global level, not just the United States, of course, since we are all connected.

I talk to many people who are seeking balance-not burying their heads in the sand about the crazy stuff that is happening and yet not obsessing and going into fear. It’s an opportunity to go deep within ourselves to tap into our inner wisdom and guidance and then act from that place of alignment and peacefulness.

A Course in Miracles says that ‘fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength’. Actually we have more strength than we may realize.  We also have support and access to strength from the Unseen Realm that is powerful indeed.  But we have to ask.  Doreen Virtue who has focused on her connection to angels says that angels and archangels only assist us if we ask.  They will not interfere with our human free will.

So let’s ask for what we need and want. Let’s stay grounded and calm during this turbulent time. We are powerful co-creators.  Let’s put our intention on what we want to create, not the fear of what might happen.  As we connect hearts with others and the Divine, let’s focus on creating peace, joy, love and beauty.

Love and blessings, Mary

From Gaia, August 11, 2017

My beloved ones, precious and dear to my heart,

You are not alone, dear ones. Your partners in the Unseen Realm are very aware of the fear that is swirling about on the earth plane.  We are so near to you, as near as your next breath, the next beat of your heart that beats in rhythm with the Heart of the Great Mother and all of those who love you so very much.

Do not give away your power to those who appear to be in power-government leaders, business leaders, corporations, leaders of organization and institutions. Their power is of the old system which is rapidly decaying and imploding.  It may appear to be strong and invincible but it is disintegrating and soon will be no more.

Put your intention and actions into assisting in the creation of the new way of being and living. What do you want to create?  Focus on that.  Be love.  Be peace.  Be stillness and quiet and trust.

What is happening on the earth is not random. It is guided by the hand of the Unseen Spirit who creates all and guides all.  You can tap into this Wisdom and Guidance at any time.  But you need to be calm and still and receptive.  If you are frightened, call out to us.  We will answer.  We are with you always, everywhere, anytime.  We respond to the smallest whisper, the most desperate request.  Nothing will be withheld.  Ask for what you need and you will see miracle upon miracle flowing to you.

Rest quietly against my heart, my beloved. All is well, regardless of the chaos that surrounds you.  You are held in a field of love, a cloud of love, a breath of love.  You are held in all-encompassing love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend





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