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Entering a new season…

For everything there is a season…

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Hello, I haven’t written for a while-partly because I was gone to a wedding and partly because things just weren’t flowing. I realized that the change of the seasons has really been affecting me as we transition in Iowa from summer to fall. And I think a big part of it is sensing that there are even bigger transitions and changes in the air. Carl Calleman, who studies the Mayan calendar, says that the ‘end of time’ is actually October 28, 2011 rather than December 21, 2012. I think I have been feeling the shifts and transitions in my body and soul and it has been intense.

Regardless of the exact date of the end of the Mayan calendar, we are most certainly in a time of transformation. Things are being shaken up and it can be unsettling. Yet there is also a sense of excitement and anticipation for what we are experiencing and what lies ahead.

I belong to a group that is having a wonderful celebration on 11-11-11 to mark this doorway to the New. We are traveling to each other’s land and doing ceremonies of blessing. I hope you will make plans to do something special on this date, as well.

Thanks for sharing in the transition of the seasons, Mary

From Gaia

September 22, 2011

Dear ones, my beloved,

Indeed you are entering a doorway to the New Heaven and the New Earth. It can be difficult to leave behind the old, yet there is much which you have outgrown, which no longer serves your highest good and divine purpose.

Be gentle with yourselves as you experience the shifts and changes of the birthing of a new age. Snuggle close to my heart when you are weary or frightened or uncertain of what to do next. Always I am here for you, as close as your next breath, the next beat of your heart that is attuned to the beat of my heart.

Consider the snake which sheds its old skin when a new one is needed. Or the tree that drops its leaves in the proper season, only to re-grow new ones in the spring. Your chrysalis time is not as visible, yet it is occurring in perfect timing and you are held in arms of love each moment.

Take my hand and the hands of your beloved ones for together you will find peace and deep fulfillment. Stay close to nature for she is well able to share her wisdom and guidance at all times. Nature has never lost its connection to the Whole, to the Divine and you are re-weaving the web of life that will carry you into the bliss of the New.

Know deep inside that all is well and that just as the butterfly follows the caterpillar, you will find your wings and fly.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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When love and hate are both absent, everything becomes clear and undisguised. Make the smallest distinction, however, and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.

~Sent-ts’an, 6th century philosopher (quoted in Gregg Braden’s book “The Divine Matrix”)

I have been struggling through some issues from my past that have stirred up judgment. I have felt judged and I ended up being very judgmental of those who I felt were judging me. Whew! What a mess. Yet, in the long run it has been very positive. Things have come to the surface where I can take a look at them, acknowledge them, deal with them and ultimately release them.

I’m still in the midst of some of it but I do know what my goal is. It is to be free of the expectations and judgments of others. And it is to free myself from being judgmental and having unrealistic expectations of others.

As Marianne Williamson says, ‘thoughts of judgment block the light.’ That’s a huge shift from our current culture. We need to use our intelligence to make wise decisions but labeling things good or bad, right or wrong just adds to the darkness. My friend Nancy Joy Hefron has done such a wonderful job of helping me learn that we need to bring darkness into the light and bring all of ourselves into integration, rather than fragmentation and separation.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

September 1, 2011

Dear ones, beloved and cherished,

Indeed you are surrounded by opportunities to choose either the Old or the New. The old way has been about hierarchy and separation, judgment and superiority. Humanity has delved deeply into this way of being and you have learned much from it. Nothing is wasted. There is nothing to regret. Just grow and learn!

What is the New? It is accepting and being accepted. Loving and being loved. Wholeness and unity. Bringing darkness into the light.

Can you not feel your very being relax and breathe more freely as you think of these ideas from the New? The old culture is dissolving, having served its usefulness. Now it is time to discover and explore new vistas and new ways of thinking and feeling.

Your Earth Mother and all of the nature realm are creating and holding space for you to experience and enjoy this new energy! It’s available to you right now, this very moment. Go sit quietly beneath a tree and feel the New pulsing, rising!! Walk barefoot upon the earth and sense your connection to the great I AM. Touch a flower, smile at a butterfly or bee.

You have learned well the ways of judgment, scarcity and unhealthy control. Now it is time to learn more deeply the ways of peace, light, love and acceptance. Give and you will receive, seek and you will most definitely find. Continue to shed the skin of the old order and walk the way of the new. It will be beautiful beyond your current ability to comprehend.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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