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All is very, very well!

All is very, very well.

~Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Community in northern Scotland

My response to Eileen’s message is often a barometer of my state of mind at that time. Sometimes I feel a resounding ‘YES’!

At other times I have doubts and resistance to this thought. When I think of all the troubles in the world-a wonderful friend who just died of cancer, refugees without homes, forests being cut down and so many other ‘problems’-I can feel like all is definitely not well.

I have come to realize that the differences in my thinking usually depend on what I am giving my attention to. Generally speaking, the problems I focus on are in the physical world.  Our bodies get sick and age, people lose their jobs, climate change threatens our very existence and so on.  Our human solutions to these problems can seem so inadequate and elusive. It can be discouraging and even frightening.

Then I realize I need a miracle!! A Course in Miracles reminds us that a miracle is simply a shift in perception.  Miracles are available all the time.  The Course says that fear is a reminder that we are trusting in our own strength.  That can sometimes cause us feel small and powerless (even though we are very powerful).  It’s time to ask for a shift to thoughts of miracles, a time to call on the Divine inside of us that dwells everywhere, always.

That is my invitation to focus on the power of Spirit, the angels, the elementals of the nature realm and myriad partners in the Unseen Realm who are part of an expansive world of love, power, peace and wholeness. When I hold my attention on this, I breathe easier.  I feel calm and trusting.  I know that all is indeed very, very well.  I don’t have to do things myself or count on human solutions.  I have help in high places!!

I believe that, at this time of the Shift of the Ages, we are all being called to expand into the realm of miracles, to shift our perception to the realm beyond the physical where grace, abundance and magnificent love dwells.   In this time of transition, both are true, as my friend Nancy Joy Hefron says.  There are troubles and problems in the physical realm.  Yet it is also true that we have increasing access to the realm of Spirit where all is very, very well and answers and solutions to physical problems flow with increasing ease.

May we all stretch and grow into the realm that is beyond sight of our physical eyes (for now) and relax into that invisible realm where we are held in all-encompassing love, power and strength. Then we will know in the deepest places of our hearts that all is very, very well.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, February 21, 2016

My beloved ones, precious and loved beyond measure,

I know that sometimes problems weigh heavy on your hearts. You live in a world that can seem filled with pain, suffering, uncertainty and fear.  This can block your access to the love that surrounds you and supports you each moment, always and forever.  You can feel alone and vulnerable.  No wonder you feel afraid and lonely at these times.

I gently invite you to expand your vision, to breathe into the world of Divine perfection. Know for sure that all is well, held in love that never fails.  Just as you are surrounded by air to breathe, you are also held in a vast field of Divine love that is with you always.

You have been taught since your birth that you are small and vulnerable, powerless and weak. The purpose of these beliefs is to keep you docile and controlled.  Your loved ones wanted to keep you safe and help you to survive in a world that was dangerous and confusing.  The collective culture had not yet fully comprehended the bigger truth of what life is all about.

Now the blinders are being removed. The clouds that block the light are being dissolved.  The rules that have limited and controlled you are being quietly blown away by the breath of Spirit.  This is good news!!!

Truly, my darlings, all that remains is for you and all of humanity to learn to trust the flow of Divine energy that is bathing you in warm and beautiful light. It’s a vision thing!  Just as animals can hear sounds that are not audible to human ears, so the current influx of perfection and beauty is not visible to human eyes.  You need to see with your heart and trust the stirrings of your soul that can see the unseen!

Go to the place inside of you where peace dwells. Here you can relax and find the wisdom to navigate with ease the changes and transformations that are well underway.  You don’t have to do it all at once!  Just take one small step at a time.  Rest when you are tired.  Ask for Divine help when you need it.  Draw as much love into your being as you need, knowing that more is available without limits!  Each time you move forward, more will be revealed.

Now, my precious ones, rest against my heart of love. Know that you are loved beyond measure and surrounded by love, only love, always love, love overflowing. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.



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