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Be as invincible as a water hemp plant!!


This weekend I watched a film clip about pesticide resistant weeds and how they are impacting our industrial agriculture system.  This news segment interviewed farmers and a university weed specialist who talked about how the ‘super weed’ water hemp plant has evolved to be able to grow in fields that are sprayed with the pesticides used by many farmers.  These weeds have become so prevalent in some areas that fields cannot be used for agriculture.

Last night I woke up with a message in my head saying, ‘be as resilient as a water hemp plant!’  I wasn’t particularly happy about the timing, as I enjoy my sleep.  However, this idea was exciting!

We live in a toxic culture.  Everywhere we look, we can see effects-people who are sick from chemicals and pollution, animal and plant species going extinct, stress overload, governments and institutions who enslave the people they are supposed to serve.  Poverty, war, rape, abuse…the list could go on and on.

Yet, we are encoded with divine beauty, strength and resilience!  My midnight message was this: the water hemp plant is showing us how to survive and even thrive in a toxic environment.  Most plants are killed by the toxic pesticides.  Yet nature finds ways to overcome the poisons and shine a spotlight on the need to work WITH nature, rather than be at war.  Seems very appropriate since the pesticide industry uses chemicals that were developed for chemical warfare.

Because of super weeds, farmers have a choice.  Some are looking to the pesticide industry to produce even more potent plant killers so they have stronger weapons in their fight with weeds.

Ah, but other farmers are taking a different path.  They are looking for alternatives in the war against the weeds.  They are abandoning the adversarial approach to and seeking ways to co-create with nature, growing their crops without pesticides that trigger the weeds to evolve resistance to pesticides.

I know this in my heart.  Nature loves us and wants us to thrive.  As we seek ways to live in harmony with her, our Earth Mother will nurture us and teach us how to create a more abundant and blessed world.  It’s not just farmers that have choices about using toxins in their lives.  We all have choices.  We can all find ways to live more peacefully and lovingly in a world filled with challenges.  We can tap into the strength, resilience and invincible spirit that is our divine inheritance.  And when we change, we change everything around us!

The water hemp plant is showing farmers that they have to change their ways.  We can be like water hemp!  As we show the oppressive, toxic culture that we will not be blocked in our path to freedom and health, we help to create the new heaven on earth.  Everything that is not a part of this will fall away and disappear.  It may not be easy or happen as fast as we’d like.  But it is happening.  Hurray for water hemp!  Hurray for us!!

Blessings, Mary






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