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Asking for knowledge of God’s will for me and the power to carry it through is a prayer that will always be answered ‘yes’.

~Melodie Beattie, A Codependent’s Guide to the 12 Steps

It has been quite a while since I have written a message from Gaia. By the end of my intensive healing course in Scotland in May, I was feeling pretty tired and stretched.  I had also been doing quite a bit of additional travel due to a family wedding and other commitments.

Now I am finding myself in a rather interesting place. I had expected to sense a path opening up after my healing course with a direction to go-perhaps expanding my Healing Touch practice.  That may be a part of it but over all I am feeling a pause in my life, a sense of being at a ‘betwixt and between’ place, interim, transition but not knowing what I am transitioning to.

I don’t think I am alone in this space. I have talked to others who sense something new emerging in their lives but not knowing exactly how it will play out, what it will look like exactly.  So I join them and you in this fertile time of germination and gestation.  There are times it feels uncomfortable to me but I am trusting that I will be guided and held as I move forward.

I do sense that a deeper connection to the world of nature is a part of what will emerge for me. I love communing with the nature spirits and other nature beings.  I find great joy in using my healing skills with trees and plants, in addition to my work with people.  If anyone has ideas about how I can develop this and discern where it will lead me, I would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts to help guide me on my way.

Gratitude and blessings, Mary

From Gaia, June 28, 2017

Beloved ones, near and dear to my heart,

This is a very potent time on the earth and each of you is a special part of the unfolding and emergence. First there was the preparation time, the years of growth and learning so you could be prepared for the birthing of the new earth.  Now this time of blossoming is upon us and you are stretching your wings as you learn to fly.

This is not an easy time for many of you. You, who are so sensitive to energy, are being bombarded by the chaos and shifts of this Turning Time.  Much that has been hidden and unseen is coming to the surface to be looked at and dealt with.  It may not always be pleasant or comfortable but it is necessary.  The light dispels the darkness but first the windows have to be opened and the drapes pulled back.  Then, when you see the dust and dirt, there is the time of cleaning up what no longer serves you.

Some may doubt that good will come from this challenging time. Indeed many problems seem large and even insurmountable.  But solutions and support for implementing them surround you in great abundance.  I have told you many times that you are surrounded by partners and helpers in the Unseen realm who are eager to assist you.  Ask for help.  Take our hands and watch the miracles unfold as you open your eyes and hands and hearts to receive them.  You are loved so deeply and completely!  As you shed the old beliefs, patterns and fears, the joy of this new earth stage will bring you peacefulness and reassurance that all is well, even in the midst of change.

Come into my arms when you are frightened, confused or weary from the cares of the world. Rest against my heart and breathe the breath of life with me.  You will find great strength for every challenge, much support for all you do.  And most of all, dear ones, you will receive love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I love you so much, my beloved ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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