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The shoe is perhaps the world’s most dangerous invention.  It is one of the most destructive culprits of inflammation and autoimmune disease because it separates us from the healing energy of the Earth. 

David Wolfe, author, speaker and authority on health and lifestyle

I have been reading the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” and it provides much food for thought.  The primary message is that our bodies need to be connected to the earth on a daily basis, actually touching the earth.  Why?  Because our bodies need the electromagnetic energy that flows into us from the earth.  Without this connection, our bodies do not have the healing energy they need to function at their prime and heal diseases and health problems.

I have been thinking about how I spent my childhood going barefoot from spring through fall.  My feet got so tough that I could walk on gravel without pain.  It was so simple and such a natural part of life.  Yet, now I am like most people in developed countries.  I wear shoes almost all the time.  I spend much of my time indoors.  I sleep on a bed, rather than the ground like many people still do in ‘primitive’ cultures.  I am not touching the earth most of the time.

Just thinking about this is motivating me to spend more time in contact with the earth.  Sure, some if it is about the health benefits.  But part of it is about the blessing of being intimately connected to our beautiful earth.

Blessings, Mary

A message from Gaia, received several years ago:

The Soil

Come, lie upon my belly.

Be a child once more, trusting and fresh.

Touch my skin, the soil.

Sink your hands deep within this sustenance,

And feel the life force pulsing, rising.


Stretch out upon me, heart to heart and feel our oneness.

Walk upon me and feel the soil squish between your toes.


This is my love, our love-alive and well.

Together we are birthing joy, co-creating abundance, healing pain, be it ancient or of this lifetime.


Linger here for I am reluctant to end this time shared in quiet contentment.

Breathe the fragrance, feel the soothing softness of the soil.


Here seeds sprout, awakening from winter slumber.

Myriad bits of life wiggle and stretch within me, most glad to be the wellspring of life’s bounty.


Pause for a moment to marvel at the miracles, the mystery, the gifts.

If you see only dirt, well, look again for there is much more to see.

There are surprises hidden in the mundane, waiting to be discovered.


The trees know.

Their life is only possible because of the soil.

So is ours!

Our food, our clothing, shelter, even water all trace their roots back to the soil.


Gifts from Gaia, freely shared.

Let our hearts sing with gratitude for this grace.

Linger often in a garden, a yard, a forest.

Hear this Mother whispering love, eager to share love, love overflowing.

Breathe it into your heart where nothing can threaten or disturb it.


At times the soil’s touch may not be near,

But your Earth Mother’s love is always and forever near.

The soil is but one reminder among many.

You are loved, dear ones, you are loved.



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Believing is seeing

What if the key to manifesting anything was to realize that it is already in front of us and then opening our physical eyes widely enough to see it?  I believe that we connect to something energetically and then we see it, not the other way around. We’re so accustomed to believing that it is there when we see it and now we have to shift our thinking to create the belief first, so we can see. The process moves from the energetic realm to the physical, not the other way around. This is part of our new multi-dimensional paradigm. ‘Seeing is believing’ is a past-based reality; believing so we can see it is intentional manifestation.

By Jennifer Hoffman, http://enlighteninglife.com

I have been pondering on this ever since I read it last week.  It helps me realize that it’s more important than ever to be mindful of what we are creating in our thoughts.  And it’s exciting when what we are thinking about appears, at least when it’s something we want!  Often it’s effortless and we just need to notice what happens.

I have been feeling energized and enthusiastic lately and I’m not really sure why.  I think I am feeling the new energy pouring into the earth and into our lives.  Let’s welcome it and be bathed in its beauty!

Goddess rising, Mary

From Gaia, October 12, 2012

Dear ones, my beloved,

How I rejoice when my loved ones-which are all of you-sense that things are changing and that wonderful things are miraculously appearing in your lives.  Miracles are not unusual.  They are a natural part of life.  You merely need to claim them.

Old patterns and beliefs are what block your ability to manifest what you think about.  Old fears and doubts are like curtains that block the light that can come in a window.  Lack of light is certainly not the issue.  It’s lack of vision, for who can see in the dark…unless you see with your heart rather than your physical eyes.

At this transforming time in the history of humanity, it is extremely important to be attentive to your thoughts, your feelings and what you put your attention on.  It is time to throw off the old message that you are not important, that you are small and insignificant.  You are co-creators with those of the Unseen realm. Yes!  You have power and strength and gifts that you are not fully aware of.

Now is the time to open your hearts, your eyes, your hands and receive all that the Divine is longing to share with you!  As you learn and grow and mature, you are preparing yourselves for a future that is full of light and beauty.  Indeed, the time is now.  There is no need to wait any longer.  It is yours the moment you are able to reach out to receive.

Rest against my heart when you are weary or uncertain.  My wisdom is ever available to you.  My love flows to you each moment, with each breath of life that we share, with each beat of our hearts that are attuned to the rhythms of the earth and the heavenly spheres.  All is well.  You are loved beyond measure.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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