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It’s time to fly!

In spite of the many problems facing humanity as this new year proceeds, in spite of the difficulties inherited from the past, positive developments are a certainty on our trajectory. If there are seemingly brief deviations from the course, we can trust that our cosmic autopilot will bring alignment.

However to discover this trust in life we need to grow beyond the focus of the personality and the material world, raising our vision to the soul. On that plane of consciousness we discover that we are cells in the universal mind, the immense intelligence who embodies the seven solar systems…

~Bonnie Orgren, Stardust Seven Ray Services Soul Centered Astrology Report

Am I the only one who is grateful for reassurance that we are headed in a positive direction and have the support of Divine grace?  I think not.  Bonnie’s wisdom brings me comfort and affirmation, as we traverse the new territory we have entered.  We each must create our own path but there is a deep need for sharing and community as we do so.

As we leave the cleansing and clearing of 2013 behind, we benefit by having a path less cluttered with debris from the past.  Like an airport runway that has been cleared for takeoff, we can move forward and become airborne in 2014 and beyond.  That is the image and message I have been receiving.  We have done so much to prepare for this adventure.

Let’s join hands and step more deeply into the New!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, January 18, 2014

Dear and beloved ones,

You have been surrounded by messages about the emergence of the New Earth for quite some time.  Yet at times it has been difficult to comprehend what this means.

Humanity is entering a new life stage, a time of transcending old patterns and ways of being.  Much could not be explained…it must be lived and experienced.

Now is the time to step into the new reality more fully!  The winds of change are blowing and there is an updraft that is growing stronger each day.  You have your wings!  It’s time to let the currents lift you up and to trust that you can fly!!

The only thing limiting you is your resolve to make the choice to spread your wings and catch the magic of flight!  All the conditions are in place.  But you have to step into the New.  Your Divine partners can nudge and encourage and maybe even give you a little push.  But they won’t make the decision for you.  Indeed they can’t, for you must be ready to ride the waves yourself.

Know this, dear ones.  You are surrounded each moment by love that is expansive and uplifting.  You are being protected and cared for each step of the way.  You will be upheld and guided, given strength and all that you need.

Trust in the process and believe that all is well.  Open your hands, your eyes, your hearts.  Breathe the breath of life with me and feel the joy of this unfolding beauty.  Hold my hand and together we will soar to new heights of wonder.

I love you, my precious co-creators.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend




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