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Matter resists but light persists.

~Bonnie Orgren, Stardust Seven Ray Services

I read this quote a while back in one of Bonnie’s wonderful reports and kept a copy.  I often think of this when I feel and see the old systems and beliefs resisting change, while the new ways emerge.  The process is bit bumpy, both in the collective and in our individual lives.  It is comforting to recall what Martin Luther King Jr said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”  There is resistance but thankfully the light is persistent!

Actually, the transformative process we are engaged in right now seems very bumpy and disruptive at times.  We are all connected at a deep level so the fear, resistance and pain of changes affect us all, even if we aren’t always consciously aware of it.

I am so encouraged when I hear of all the wonderful, positive things that people are doing.  My husband Blair told me about a group of healers around the planet who are working energetically to smooth the collision of tectonic plates in the earth that cause earthquakes.  Their goal is to help ease the severity of earthquakes.  Wow, I am being blessed by things like this that I am often not aware of!  And this is just one example of countless more that are occurring!

We can all do our part in small, quiet ways.  A prayer, a loving thought, a kind deed.  These are all incredibly important as we move to create a more loving, peaceful world.  Big things are also important (both are true!)  So we each need to listen to Spirit and do our part, encouraged and uplifted by our partners in the Unseen Realm who are assisting and supporting us in so many ways.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia,  July 14, 2015

Dear ones, beloved and precious,

How difficult it can be to trust the process of change that you are experiencing when your vision is limited.  You are being given opportunities to trust and strengthen your ‘faith muscles’ as you move forward into the unknown.

The process of change is like the ocean.  On the surface, there are waves and turbulence.  Yet underneath, the water is peaceful and serene.  You are learning to ride the waves of transformation.  Be comforted and reassured to know that underneath you at all times are everlasting arms of loving strength which hold you in a gentle, firm embrace.

Your viewpoint makes all the difference.  If you see the chaos as disastrous, naturally you will be uneasy and fearful.  But if you see the process as a beautiful movement towards peace, love and abundance, your perception will be so much brighter.

The old ways are done!  People may cling to them and try to resuscitate them but they will be dissolved and composted, creating new life.  Know for certain that all is well.  Everything is held in love and there is a Divine wisdom guiding each moment of the changes.

This wisdom is inside of you, dear ones.  You can feel it when you take a deep breath and find the place of still quietness inside of you.  Here you can access a great pool of silence that holds contentment, calm assurance and trust.  You have your part in this but much is being accomplished by your partners and friends in the Unseen Realm.  Rest against the heart of the Mother when you are weary or uncertain.  Here you will be soothed and know that you are held in love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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