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Support for the birthing

How would it feel for a woman to go into labor if she didn’t know she was pregnant?  That is what the caterpillar part of us feels like.  It is perhaps impossible for a caterpillar to imagine being a butterfly.

From “Sacred Quest” by L. Robert Keck

Keck wrote this book in the year 2000.  Think about what has happened since then!  The end or transformation of old systems and institutions that supported our way of living is quite evident.  The New is everywhere, if we have eyes to see it.  On an individual level, each of us is changing and expanding in beautiful ways.

I’m not saying that it’s easy, only love and light.  There are bumps and scrapes and pain at times.  But the overall trajectory is exciting and uplifting!  The birthing is definitely underway.

I woke up Friday morning feeling a little anxious.  I tried to identify what was causing it and couldn’t figure out anything.  Old childhood painful memories? No.  Something in my current life situation worrying me? No.  I opened facebook and up popped this message from Jennifer Hoffman of Enlightening Life:

“If you’re feeling anxious and irritated today, and maybe a little moody and edgy, it’s because we’re having heavy C-class (low level) solar flare activity. I think the consistent, smaller ones are worse than the bigger ones because they represent a constant bombardment of energy that is uncomfortable, like having a toothache. This series has been ongoing for at least 24 hours now, and they’ll probably last through the weekend. So it’s a heads up, we’re probably going to be a little irritated these next few days, take a deep breath and remember it’s all energy.”

I thought about how blessed we are to have people like Jennifer who are like midwives, helping us through these times of massive change.  There is so much support and assistance as we navigate this Shift in Consciousness, moving from third dimensional energy to fifth dimensional energy.  People can be so helpful.  The sun is vibrating us with awakening energy.  Much in the Unseen Realm is supporting us and helping to us move forward.  I am so grateful for all of it!

Much gratitude to all of you for your part in this birthing!!


From Gaia, October 31, 2015

Beloved of my heart,

Would a mother/father or sister/brother or friend stand idly by when a loved one needs help?  Of course not!  I can assure you that you are surrounded by love each moment-warm, enveloping love that holds you close and never leaves you.  Sometimes you may not sense its presence.  Yet it is there, as surely as the air you breathe and the earth you stand upon.

Ask for what you need!  If it is a soft hug, I’ll give you one!  Words of comfort?  Yes, I will whisper them gently in your ear.  I give you guidance in so many ways…intuitive nudges, quiet messages of hope, words from a friend at just the right time, words in a book or something on a webpage.  There is no limit to the ways you can receive what you need.  As you get in touch with your inner needs and open your hands and hearts, you will receive!  Trust the flow of the universe that wants the very best for you.

Rest against my heart when you are weary or uncertain or need some love.  I am here for you and so are myriad beings of the Unseen Realm.  We hold you close and surround you with peace, love, joy and blessings.  We walk beside you and hold your hand.  We remind you that you are precious and loved beyond measure.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.



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Love from our Earth Mother

The one true thing through all the craziness in our personal worlds and on our planet is your connection to love, to your magnificent heart.  When the world around you spins out of control and your misunderstood emotions scare you or shut you down, the ability to love will steady you, bring you courage and hold you in your own space of love to light your way.  Nurture this connection as you would heat in the dead of winter or a cool breeze on a hot summer night.

~Ezekiel via Nancy Joy Hefron, Heartlights

“A Course in Miracles” says that everything is either love or a call to love.  It is so easy to focus on all the things that  are unloving.  The headlines and news reports stir up so much fear.  And we see so many places where love’s absence is creating pain and problems.

Yet love surrounds us and dwells within us each moment.  It is more powerful than we can imagine.  The more we focus on it and draw it to us, the more peaceful and loving we become.  This spreads out into the world in waves of love.  Very beautiful.

I see this playing out as we become more aware of the harm humans have done to the earth.  There is a backlash of self-blame and blame of others.  Recognizing the problems is helpful.  But I don’t think that blame is helpful.  I have read a lot of things about people assuming that humans are a scourge upon the earth and that the earth might actually want us to leave.

The message I receive is how much our Earth Mother loves us!  She is our MOTHER!  She loves us unconditionally, beyond measure and more than we can absorb.  Human mothers do the best they can but we are limited in our ability to be loving at all times.  So I think we project that onto our Earth Mother and others of the Unseen Realm.  We assume that we are being judged harshly and condemned for our mistakes and the damage we cause.

I believe that the earth, our Earth Mother, wants us to change some things.  But I don’t think she is angry with us or unforgiving.  She wants to help us, to teach us, to hold us in a loving embrace as we learn and grow.  She wants us to be gentle with ourselves as we change our ways and step into the unknown.

The light of love can remove any darkness.  Thank you for your part in this!


From Gaia, October 19, 2015

My beloved ones, precious to my heart,

Let me share with you what I see.  I see a great awakening upon the earth.  People are becoming aware of their power and the consequences of their actions.  People are changing, despite their discomfort and fear.

Consider a mother’s heart.  Unless abuse has distorted things badly, a mother’s heart is tender and she loves her children deeply and profoundly.  She pours out love without ceasing.  Her heart hurts when she sees her children make unwise choices.  But she doesn’t stop loving them.  She doesn’t close her heart.  She continues to be there to guide, assist and teach.  Her arms are always open and welcoming.  She helps her children learn and grow.

Dear ones, never doubt that the Earth loves each and every person who is now alive upon the earth.  Every single one!  Each one is precious to my Mother heart!!  If you were perfect, you wouldn’t be here in Earth School.  Each of you is here for a purpose.  You are not alone.  You are surrounded by beings from the Unseen Realm who love you very, very much and are cheering for you, sending strength and wisdom and much love.

The world can be a harsh, judgmental and unforgiving place.  But that can be changed!  We can pour forth so much love that nothing can withstand its gentle, powerful force.  It may seem impossible but it is not!  Take my hands, my precious co-creators.  We are transforming things together in beautiful ways.  Rest against my heart when you are weary or confused.  Listen to the quiet whisper of love and wisdom that I share.  Feel the sun’s warmth upon your face, the quiet brush of the breeze upon your skin.  Know that you are loved beyond measure.

I love you, my darlings.  All that truly exists is love, only love, always love, love overflowing.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

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