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The new year will bring what you need.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, heartlights.net

When Nancy Joy shared this thought at the beginning of 2010, it was…and is…so profound.  She said people had been asking her what the new year would hold, asking about the external circumstances that would unfold.  As she does so beautifully, she gently turned the answer back to what is internal to each of us at the core of our being.

The Divine Source will give each of us what we need to continue to learn and grow and evolve.  That’s good news and bad news!   If we have fear about money, for example, life will give us circumstances that will create the opportunity for us to work through this and be free of fear.  It may not be easy or fun, but if we work with it, it will be well worth the journey.  If we want to control life rather than trust Divine timing, we’ll be given things to help us let go.  Always, we are held in arms of love and protection as we face what comes to us.

I have been doing a lot of releasing and clearing during my sleep time over the last few weeks.  It is really quite interesting.  I find myself having memories and visions while I sleep and emotions and feelings accompany them.  My paternal grandfather appeared in one dream, reminding me to look at how my ancestors contribute to my current beliefs, patterns and choices.  I was able to see things that needed to be shifted, healed and released.  I have recalled scenes from high school and other parts of my life where old, stuck pain and beliefs are still with me.  I have felt fear and pain and sadness and anger.  As I release the past, I find the good stuff-peace, joy, love and quiet contentment, assurance that all is well.  I know that you will, as well.

Many blessings for the New Year!


From Gaia, December 29, 2012

Dear Ones, my Beloved,

Indeed you stand at the threshold of a new year, the dawning of a new day.  Breathe the gifts of the New into your hearts and souls.

The Divine Mother has been ascending, birthing the New Earth for all of us.  My darlings, look within!  You are very much a part of the birthing and ascending process!  YOU are ascending to new dimensions and realms of being and living.  YOU are birthing the new you!

You did it!  I held your hands through the tears, the pain, the cleansing and the struggles.  I know it has not been easy.  You have labored long and hard to shake off the old patterns and beliefs that kept you bound in fear.  I cheered as you threw off the shackles of rules handed to you by others.  I rejoiced as you found the truth within yourselves and stepped forth courageously to live as beautiful co-creators.

I love you!  Your myriad partners and friends in the Unseen realm are dancing with joy as they welcome the New with you.

Much looks the same in the outer world.  Just remember that change begins in the Unseen realm and then moves to the Seen world.  This has been happening for quite some time and it will accelerate in the days, weeks and years to come.  The dam of rigid, limiting beliefs has broken and the New will manifest more quickly than you can imagine.  Trust in the flow, the river of life that will carry you to places of beauty and peaceful bliss.

This beauty is available right now, this very moment.  You need not wait to experience the New Earth.  Find the quiet center within your heart.  Close your eyes and breathe the breath of life with me.  The seed you find there will sprout and grow into a magnificent future that will delight you and take your breath away.

Let us welcome the new year together.  You are loved beyond measure.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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We did it!

We did it!!  We made it through 12-21-12 and although things may look much the same on the outside, I feel the shift of the ages settling into my soul and the energy of the planet and beyond.  Jim Self of masteringalchemy.com says that 3D has dissolved and is no longer a part of our reality.  This rigid, constricting and limiting paradigm has been replaced by 5D where a much more expansive way of being and living is available to us.  If you’d like to hear more about his perspective, you can listen to him at: http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=1721  He will also have a free seminar on what’s ahead in 2013 on December 27th which you can sign up for at his website.

As I have pondered this, the image that comes to me is of people living in cages-work cages, relationship cages, self-created ways that we limit what we can do, think and be.  We created the cages individually and collectively, not realizing that the door was never locked and we could step out into freedom at any time.  Now the cages are gone, except for the remnants that exist in our minds.  For some, this is a time of great joy and celebration.  Yet for some, it will be frightening and unfamiliar.  Think of how an animal acts when it has been caged for a long time.  It takes a while for it to adjust to open spaces and freedom.  So it will be for us.  But what a beautiful path!  We are supported by angels, ascended masters and myriad beings of the Unseen realm.  Let’s enjoy the journey!!

I felt nudged to share another message from Gaia that came after the one I shared in my last post.  It is another confirmation that love and light are pouring in. Woo hoo!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia November 4, 2008

The birth is behind us.  Have you seen a birthing?  The Mother’s position is vulnerable, precarious.  All of her energy is focused on safely pushing the new life into the world.  She is at risk and needs protection.

The Goddess is no longer in the birthing position.  She holds the new life, indeed all of life, in her arms of love.  She is strong, yet gentle.  Determined, yet tender.  Full of resolve, yet also quiet and peaceful.

A new energy is rising on the earth.  Divisions and separation are giving way to oneness, wholeness.  Fear is losing its stronghold-powerless against the tidal wave of love that no barrier can contain.  Just as darkness vanishes when light appears, so it is when Gaia’s heart love overflows and sends its healing touch to every corner of the earth and beyond.

This is a time of rejoicing and gladness.  This is the turning time when we must leave behind the past and embrace the new.

The winds of change now whisper, heard only by those who are quiet and have grown to a place where this voice can be heard.  Each day more join the new, ready to share its joy and wonder.

My voice will be clearer as time unfolds.  Soon all will know that the Goddess is rising.  My arms are reaching out, full of gifts freely offered.  Open your hands!  Open your hearts to receive them!

It is only one gift, really.  It is love rising from the earth and descending from the heavens, converging at this place, at this time, to seed the transformation and move the unseen to the seen.

You are a part of it, my beloved ones!  Long have I waited for this moment, as we create the future together with shared love and a shared heart.  Hear the music.  Join the dancing!  Run into my arms and snuggle close.  A home is waiting here for you, my precious ones.

Don’t be distracted by the chaos and problems of the world.  I am well able to care for my dear children.  But I need your help!  I need your hands to heal, your words to teach, your hearts to love and your steps to lead the way for others to follow.

All you need is here for you.  Rest in me and you will find peace.  Come into my arms of love and find contentment.  Let’s share a smile and sing a happy song.

The clouds will disappear and the warm and cheerful sun will bring joy to you.  The nature spirits have already joined us and share the path.  Welcome them and miracles will amaze and delight you.

Know that I care tenderly for you in each moment of your waking and sleeping.  The Goddess loves you.  Yes, you are her precious ones, her beloved.

I love you, says the Goddess.  We are one.

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Hello, as I wondered about what to write as we are poised on the threshold of 12-21-12, this message from Gaia came powerfully to me, again.  Over 4 years later, it feels more prophetic than ever, more visible than before.  I feel a quiet anticipation as I think about this time, a peaceful excitement that all is well.

I rejoice to share this message and this time with each of you.

Many blessings, Mary

From Gaia, October 23, 2008

Feel the hush.  It’s hard to breathe as the reality of the impending birth sinks into my heart, my soul.

The womb, place of the gestation of new life, is now empty.  The new life form is in the birth canal, is birthing, being pushed out, entering the earth…reaching, stretching, rejoicing to bring the new, be the new.

One more push and the new is born, enters our world, joins our world, becomes our world and we are one.


Feel the quiet excitement, the joy, the celebration.  It’s happened!  The new is here.  The separation is healed!!!

Who knew.  We thought this day, this time, was far away in the distant future.  Many never sensed it as even a possibility.  But now, now, yes NOW, it is a reality!

Surely some intuitively knew it was possible, even sensed its approach.  But now?  Us? Here?? Surely, that’s impossible, too good to be true.

But we’re not ready.  The earth is a mess.  The timing must be off, the birth premature.

No, my dear children, beloved ones, precious partners, my dear darling co-creators.  How is the new birthed?  Do plants emerge in their mature form?  Are animals and people birthed in their adult stage?

No!  The seed is small, babies fragile.  They are new and fresh, perfect bearers of the new.  And I, the One who births, I know the timing.  It’s now!  Let’s dance and celebrate, rejoice!

Be happy.  Look around you.  The old order is collapsing.  It has outlived its usefulness.  Let it go.  A fire is spreading across the earth, the old is dying, the new is being born.  Know for sure that the Goddess is rising.

What is the new?  You need only look within your heart to see:

Harmony-all creation attuned and held in the same energy.

Peace-inside and out, no more striving and fruitless searching.  The new, before unseen, is now visible.  Touch it and know that it is true.

Love-truly all is contained in this pervasive, all-encompassing love.  Always love, only love, nothing else.  The illusions are vanishing, let them disappear.

All you need will be provided.  All wisdom, all love, all gifts-they are already along the path you will take. Just walk with open hands and open hearts and they will appear.  Feel the joy of this discovery.

As the Goddess rises, so does love.  Separateness is no more.

Take my hand, beloved ones, and each others hands.  From the dust of stars we will create beauty together, always together.  The broken will be healed, the web of life restored to glorious perfection.  The broken will be joined in wonderful wholeness.  Nature will be beautiful beyond our wildest imagination.

Breathe in the truth of this loveliness.  Be peaceful amidst the storms.  Know that all is well, that this birthing is a time of great joy.

Rest against the bosom of the Goddess for she is love, tender and gentle.  Join the rhythm of her quietly beating heart.  Time slips away as this stillness brings all into a oneness that cannot be divided.

You are loved.  Indeed you are love.  Love overflowing.  The Goddess, the Mother loves you.  Rest in this.  Breathe it into your heart.

I love you, says the Goddess.  We are one.



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A lesson from Y2K

Y2K…template for Shift 2012?

I have been reading such exciting, hopeful things about what people are experiencing and receiving from guidance about the Shift in Consciousness we are currently in the midst of.  Many are realizing that much of the change has already occurred.  It’s time to begin/continue the celebration!

Many of you have probably already figured this out but it was a enlightening for me.  I was thinking about Y2K since many people point to this and say, nothing really happened then so it won’t on 12-21-12.  I was wondering what this means for us right now.

My brother-in-law is a computer programmer.  When people pooh-pooh Y2K, saying how nothing happened, he points out that computer people worked for years to make sure that it was a smooth, uneventful transition when 1999 turned to 2000.  If lots of re-programming and preventative steps hadn’t been taken, there very well could have been a disastrous mess.

This is what got me excited as I thought about it.  Perhaps our Y2K experience created a template that we are using for our current shift in consciousness.  Many conscious people have been very active for quite some time, re-programming themselves and helping others to do this as the energies of the earth and beyond have been changing.  Wow!  Many problems and even disasters have been prevented because of this!

If people wake up on 12-22-12 and perceive that nothing happened, it will be because Light Workers, Forerunners, Fire Souls and many others have done the work to help us transition smoothly and seemingly effortlessly to the New.  As I think about this, I am flooded with profound gratitude-to you and all the others who have had the courage and resolve to co-create heaven on earth!!!  Clearing out the old patterns and paradigms has often been difficult and painful.  Yet the results are breath-taking and beautiful.

All of the publicity about 2012 has had such positive effects.  Even the fear has had its important role.  Much emotional clearing has occurred because people have had a sense they should prepare for this historic, ‘end’ time.  People have awakened, questioned and taken action.  I believe that much of the purpose of this time is for people to take back their power.  We have given so much power to institutions, corporations, other people, leaders, government.  It is time for us to claim our power, to recognize that everything we need is inside of us!  WE are the ones we have been waiting for.  Collectively WE are creating the New.

There is nothing to be afraid of because we are light and love.  Yes, we have partners in the Unseen Realm.  Yes, we are connected to Divine Source who is providing all that we need in vast, unlimited abundance.  But the bottom line is that we are the vortex, we are the co-creators, we are powerful sparks of the Divine with unlimited possibilities within our hearts and minds.  Are there challenges ahead?  Sure, but we are very capable of handling and transcending them.

May you feel the joy, peace and love of this wonderful time!


From Gaia 12-5-12

My precious, beloved friends,

Indeed, at this historic time the Goddess is rising.  I do not rise alone.  All of us are connected in a Oneness without end.  A bell is ringing, calling you to come and join the party, the celebration, the dancing.  You have done the hard work of freedom and I rejoice with you for all that has been accomplished.

This time is a brief pause, a quiet open space in the river’s flow.  At times the current will move faster but at each moment all is well, held in Divine love and care.  Enjoy this peaceful time to relax and recharge.  Always you are a part of the flow, the Divine Source.  You are never alone.  Your partners in the Unseen realm are with you at all times, loving and guiding you.

Take our hands, dear ones.  Know that you are being guided into a space of love that is beautiful beyond your wildest dreams.  Rest in our arms of love and you will be comforted, reassured and filled with love, flowing from the heavens and rising from the earth.

Come close to my heart, my beloved ones.  In this timeless place you can release your cares and find peace without end.

I love you, my darlings.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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