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Goddess RISEN!!!!

A cleansing flood is washing away the past, releasing us from its bondage.  Can you not feel the freedom rising from the depths of the earth?  Is not the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, lifting her hands in gladness, joined by the Great Spirit, Father Sky as he joins her in glorious celebration?

~The first message from Gaia, received in 2008

Often, over the last few years, I have heard the phrase in my head, ‘the Goddess is rising’.  Now, as the Cardinal Grand Cross portal has opened, the phrase has changed.  This morning as I woke up, I heard ‘Goddess risen’!  Wow!!  Time to do a happy dance!  Very exciting stuff, eh?!

What does ‘Goddess risen’ mean?  I see it as in the painting ‘Abbraccio Cosmico’ (Cosmic Embrace) which hangs in the Vatican.  It represents the April 22, 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross and shows a man and woman embracing, This represents the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Uniting the Heart and the Mind through Divine Cosmic Love – Christ Love!  See a picture and more information at:  http://keystoascension.com/cardinal-grand-cross-cosmic-portal-april-22nd/

Here is what I am receiving about this:

2,000 years ago Jesus came to fulfill the promise that God would appear to us in human form.  When he began his ministry he read from the Old Testament about the prediction and then said, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”

I am sensing that today we are experiencing the return of the Christ Consciousness to earth.  Another prophecy is being fulfilled.

When Jesus was born, many people missed it.  They were expecting a powerful king to come who would overthrow the Roman empire with invincible armies.  They weren’t expecting a baby who would allow himself to grow into a vulnerable man and live a simple life without material wealth.

Today many people are expecting Jesus to return in a glowing white robe on a cloud lowered from the heavens, with lots of fanfare and trumpets blaring.  Perhaps they imagine him rounding up the ‘bad guys’ and taking care of things for us.  Instead we are being given power and strength to bring heaven to earth ourselves, with the support and partnership of Divine Love.

A voice is reverberating inside me, saying ‘we did it!’  Collectively, we have entered the divine portal to the New Age, the Age of Aquarius or whatever you want to call it.  I don’t think this means that everything will be light and love immediately.  When Jesus was born, those in power were determined to kill him.  Today, people in power want to maintain the status quo and retain their position at the top of hierarchies.

But, just as with the coming of Jesus, a door has been opened that cannot be closed.  We are free to walk through it whenever we are ready.  We can do so knowing that we have the love, the support, the strength and the positive power and energy to make all things new.  We are co-creators with our divine partners in the Unseen realm.

I freely share that this is just my interpretation of what is happening.  Each person needs to find their own truth, what resonates with them.  In my book, ‘Messages from Gaia’, there are 3 messages that describe the birth of the new earth.  I feel that this Cardinal Grand Cross is the fulfillment of what I received from Gaia in 2008.  I’m so excited!!  As my friend Nancy Joy Hefron often says, ‘Let’s catch the magic!!!’

Love and blessings!!!



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We are moving from a head-based reality into a heart-centered way of living, and that requires throwing out the old manuals of how life used to work.

~Dana Mrkich, http://www.danamrkich.com/

We are in the midst of a very powerful energetic time.  Solar flares, eclipses, the Cardinal Grand Cross and more.  There’s lots of emotional energy flying around, from fear to excitement, frustration to anticipation.

Each of us has the opportunity to decide how to respond and use the opportunities that are presenting to us.  It can be exhilarating at times and overwhelming at others.  As always, some deep, calm, centering breaths help us to ground and be in the present moment.

The return of spring to Iowa where I live is a welcome blessing, with the sunshine, the trees budding and the birds singing.  Nature is a powerful reminder that peace is available to us each moment.  Let’s enjoy it!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, April 20, 2014

My dear and beloved co-creators,

My message to you is already written within your heart.  I simply call it forth, from the wisdom of your being.  Humans have been living in a state of disconnection from Source.  No wonder people are confused and searching for ways to make sense of the present age.

The opportunity to re-connect to your Divine Source is a wonderful gift.  Your only choice, really, is whether to receive it or ignore its presence.  It may take some time to take the tape off the box, remove the packing material and assemble the parts.  But there are instructions available, if you but ask for them to appear.

Many people are wanting visible proof that the New Age is dawning.  Dear ones, it is right before your eyes, if you but quiet your mind and open your heart.  Consider a plant.  The seed starts out below the soil, invisible until it pushes out and emerges.  The seed is there even before you see it.  What is it doing?  It is establishing roots to nourish the new seedling.

So it is with the New Earth.  Deep in the quiet, moist earth, the New is growing.  It is creating nourishment so the new life forms can flourish.  Look around you!  New life is bursting forth everywhere, if you can recognize it.

People are claiming their power, embracing their gifts and talents, throwing off the yoke of oppression and mindless slavery.  Each step out of the Old ways and into the New is important and powerful.

Each person has their part.  Perhaps it is speaking up for something you believe in or giving time to a cause that protects those who are vulnerable.  Maybe it is planting a tree or tending a garden. For others it is spending time with a child and listening to their stories.  Some need to spend time in meditation, attuning to their purpose and following it through.

All around you are partners and friends.  Close your eyes and all will become clearly visible.  Breathe the breath of life with me, your Earth Mother, and know that all is well, held in Divine care.  Relax your minds and surrender to the flow of abundance and guidance that is richly waiting for you to claim it.  Each moment you are surrounded by love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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The world is getting better and better, worse and worse, faster and faster.

Velcrow Ripper, filmmaker

Certainly, time does seem to be less stable than it used to be, perhaps because we are accessing other dimensions where time has different qualities.  It can seem to be flowing faster but at other times we can access spaces where time moves at a very quiet and peaceful pace, not in a hurry at all.

Are things getting better and better or worse and worse?  That, too, depends on our perspective.  When I asked, the idea that came to me was that the old institutions and ways of being are getting ‘osteoporosis’.  That is to say that the structures that support and keep them in place are dissolving and getting very brittle and weak.  It’s like the game Jenga, where you build a solid tower of blocks, then keep pulling out blocks which you put on the top until the tower becomes unstable and eventually falls over.

As Gaia says so often, the Old is dying, the New is being born.  Leaves fall from the trees in fall and become the fertility for the tree which produces new leaves in the spring.  It’s a beautiful cycle of growth and evolution.  Nature is our reflection, the template for transformation.  It’s a magical journey to be sure.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, April 1, 2014

My beloved ones,

Surely and consistently the New is entering the earth realm.  Old patterns, beliefs and memories must be cleared away to make room for the New ones to find a home.

How are things going?  Simply close your eyes, take a breath and you will know for sure that the Goddess is rising.  By this I mean that the feminine energy is flowing and spiraling to entwine and balance the male energy that has dominated the earth for such a long time.

As the energy is balanced, cleansed and formed into new creations, all of life is made new.  You, my dears, are a beautiful and vital part of this transformation.  You are points of light and centers of this new creation.  I thank you for your courage, your persistence and your trust to enter the New.

It is a birthing process.  Conception, gestation, birthing and then a new realm of existence.  Different people are in different stages of this process.  Yet all is in Divine order, flowing perfectly, emerging exquisitely.

As in human birthing, the Mother does the bulk of the work.  Yet each of you is an important part of this.  As you spread love in all you do, everyone and everything is blessed.  Relax, my precious ones.  You are being guided and supported by myriad beings of the Spirit Realm.  Ask for help and it will be give in rich abundance.

All is well.  Rest against the bosom of the Divine Mother.  Feel the peace that is infinitely and eternally available to you.  Feel the love and acceptance that flows to you from your Divine partners.  See the sun shining to warm you and brighten your path.  Feel the wind, the breath of change, that is bringing heaven to earth.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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