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Navigating topsy-turvy times

No wonder everything’s higgledy-piggledy here!

~Mr. Banks in the movie Mary Poppins

As I was trying to think how to sum up how I’m feeling at the end of 2015, this phrase came to mind.  Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies.  When she arrives to be Michael and Jane’s nanny, things get shaken up.  This proper British family looks great on the outside but is disconnected and out of sync on the inside.  Initially, Mr. Banks, who is the children’s father, laments that things are higgledy-piggledy as Mary Poppins turns some things upside down..  He loses his job amidst other life chaos but things turn around. Family relationships improve and his new job is much more rewarding.  They can all see the benefits of the changes.

It feels like all of our lives are a bit higgledy-piggledy right now.  The weather has been reflecting this.  I saw dandelions and alpine strawberries blooming in December.  Solar flares and astrological alignments have caused things to vibrate and shake.  The holidays tend to stir up emotions and memories, pleasant and unpleasant.  We see governments and other institutions undergoing major shifts and changes.

Perhaps our biggest challenge is how to navigate through the internal and external circumstances we are facing.  I am feeling a sense of optimism arising amid the topsy-turvy energy swirling around us and in us.  There are so many great things in our lives despite the problems and challenges.  And we have worked very hard over the past years to develop our strength, resilience and can-do attitudes.  We’ve cleared out a lot of old baggage to make room for new gifts.

I believe that 2016 will provide many opportunities to find joy, bliss and blessings.  Nature never produces waste.  Rather our Earth Mother recycles and reuses each bit of material and energy to capture and regenerate more abundance.  As we compost the outdated aspects of our lives, we can create great new beginnings and wonderful, exciting opportunities for the times that lie ahead.

Happy New Year!


From Gaia, December 28, 2015

My beloved ones, precious and dear,

Indeed the arrival of a new year provides a great time to reflect upon the blessings and accomplishments of the year we are leaving behind.  It is so easy to focus on the things we wish were different.  Yet each one is a part of the growth needed to create the new earth.

When a child learns to walk, there are stumbles and bumps and awkward movements.  If adults did not know the natural progression from crawling to walking, they would conclude that the child was not developing properly.  Yet we know that each stage is necessary.  We applaud the child for its efforts.  We know the scrapes and bruises are a normal and natural part of learning to walk.

And we don’t try to stop the process or interfere with it.  We may protect the child from danger but we encourage the practice that will lead to walking, running, skipping and hopping!  It is a joyful thing to see a baby become a toddler.

So it is when I see my earth children take some tumbles and try things that do not work so well.  I know that you are growing and maturing and that this is needed.  Your friends in the spirit realm see things from a higher perspective.  We are happy for your discoveries and growth.

We give you encouragement, support and a helping hand, when asked.  We surround you with love and protection.  When you turn to us, we give guidance and assistance.  We can help you avoid pitfalls and stumbling blocks.  We can show you stepping stones!  Please ask!!

Enter the new year with an open heart.  Set expansive goals and intentions but leave the door wide open for them to be exceeded or ones to enter that you haven’t even considered could be possible.  Hold fast to your faith in the goodness of the universe.  Know that you are loved beyond measure and held close in arms of love.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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