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Celebrating ascension!

I have the strong feeling that we are very close to the end of a significant portion of our ascension path.

Jennifer Hoffman, http://enlighteninglife.com/

I feel like I am catching my breath after a few weeks and months of big changes in my life. I recently joined my life with my sweetheart Blair, moved to a different house with him and celebrated our marriage with family and friends yesterday at a beautiful gathering of people I love dearly. I am joyful about so many things. Yet it takes time to process and adjust and absorb all of the changes.

Perhaps because of all the transitions I am experiencing, I feel the Shift in Consciousness so intensely right now. The changes in my personal life seem like a microcosm of the larger shifts and changes that are going on throughout the earth and beyond.

I can’t know for sure what Jennifer Hoffman means in her quote, I just know it resonated with me deeply. I think we sense that that much is shifting and unfolding. Yet no one is exactly what the New will be as we co-create and welcome it into our lives. Sometimes I feel like I am stretching and stretching more to even begin to let the love and other gifts flow to me. I am so incredibly grateful to have you to share the path with. Thank you!

Goddess rising, Mary

From Gaia, August 12, 2012

My adored and beloved ones,

Indeed the Shift of the Ages is well underway. Much is being cleansed and purged in your individual lives, as well as in the Oneness that all share. Hold fast to your faith that the spaces emptied by this cleansing tide are being filled with blessings and delights. Those of you who are the Forerunners are already being transformed in the deep places of your being and, in the process, you are transforming the very essence of the energy that encompasses all that is.

Yes, my darlings, you are partners of those who exist in the Unseen realm! Together we are making all things new. Much cannot yet be seen by your physical eyes. But you can feel it in your hearts when your minds are quiet and your spirits are at rest.

It is important to take time for silence, to listen to the whispers of the Divine. In those silent spaces of peaceful communion, you are connected to Divine wisdom and power. All you need will be provided in perfect timing and beautiful abundance. Be open to the flow, trusting that each step is guided by the hand of the Unseen. You are loved beyond measure, dear ones.

Each of you has your own unique path, your part in this Turning Time. Your friends and partners in the spirit realm are rejoicing as they dance beside you as we move into a bright future. Don’t be dismayed by the chaos of the dismantling of the things that have outlived their usefulness. Anything that does not serve the highest good of all will be composted and will become the building material of new creations that are based in love, peace and unending joy.

If you are tired or frightened or just need love and understanding, come into my arms and rest against my heart. Breathe the breath of life with me until you know that all is well. Feel the love I offer freely and effortlessly.

I love you, my precious ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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