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The new year will bring exactly what you need.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, heartlights.net

There are lots of predictions flying around about what the new year will bring.  I am drawn back to this quote made by my friend Nancy Joy several years ago, as anticipation of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 was growing.  It reminds us that Spirit provides us each what we need individually, regardless of what is happening in the big picture.  As my husband Blair reminds me, this is ‘earth school’!  We are here to experience and learn the lessons we need for our growth and expansion.  We may not be enthusiastic about some of the circumstances but can be certain that we are being lovingly supported through them all.

Many people have been doing lots of emotional clearing for many years.  For them, it may be time to reap the rewards of this challenging and sometimes daunting work.  Some are ready to spread their wings and experience peace, joy and even bliss.  Other people are less awake and may have some bumps in the road during the year ahead to teach them important lessons.  Many of us are in transition, cleared for takeoff but still needing to gain some altitude.

I am sensing that 2015 will be a year of continued transformation.  Our perspective will make a huge difference in how we view things.  We can look at the problems and chaos of the world scene and be frightened and discouraged.  Or we can see the old, dysfunctional systems breaking down, being replaced by the blessings of increased freedom, exciting choices and joy-filled opportunities.

As Nancy Joy says in her weekly Reflections messages, “let’s catch the magic” as we soar into 2015!!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia 12-30-14

My dear and beloved co-creators,

Indeed, the year ahead will be a time of continued change as the earth and all of creation move into a higher vibratory frequency.  All that is not vibrating in this love will fall away.  I do not mean to say that all problems and darkness will vanish in an instantaneous cloud of love and light.  But the process is underway and will continue despite the resistance that is evident at this time.

I send waves of gratitude to the Forerunners and Wayshowers who have created and anchored the energy that was needed for the New Earth to be born.  You were essential and beautiful parts of this magnificent process!  Thank you for all the ways you learned and grew and persevered, despite difficult challenges and painful birth pangs.  Take time to celebrate your courage and accomplishments.

Yes, there is more to be done.  But your steps are lighter now.  The path is less treacherous and the light is shining brighter to show the way.  Know for sure that there is more room for joy and rest, for pausing to enjoy each day.

As always, I remind you that you have partners in the Unseen Realm to help you each moment.  Take time to listen to us, dance with us, breathe the breath of life with us!  Feel the love all around you and within you.  Sense how your heart beats with the heart of the Great Mother and all of the Sprit Realm.  Rejoice!  This is a time of great beauty and you need not spend time in fear, for all is well, held in Divine love and care.

I hold you close to my heart and love you now and forevermore. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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Responding to love’s call

Angry people will not create a peaceful world.


It certainly seems like the ‘fur is flying’ so to speak, as more and more secrets are being unveiled and more dirty laundry is being revealed in governments, corporations, institutions and in more personal circumstances.  People are feeling the foundations of our current paradigm shaking and crumbling.

Response to all the changes is an interesting mixture.  Many things are happening that are encouraging and inspiring.  People are speaking up and standing up for what they believe in with courage and compassion.  In contrast, there are many responses that are focused on blaming and finger pointing.

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying that she wouldn’t go to a rally to fight against war.  But she would most definitely show up at a peace rally.  In “A Return to Love” Marianne Williamson tells of her realization that angry reactions simply put more fear-based energy into the world.  She had a dream where she heard a voice saying she was a hawk, not a dove when it came to war.  She was upset since she had been demonstrating against the Vietnam War.  She heard the voice say, you are at war with the President, the Secretary of Defense and many others.  She got it.  She recognized how angry she got when people refused to sign her anti-war petitions.

Certainly there are times when anger is an understandable response.  Anger can motivate us to make needed changes.  But most situations are helped more by love than anger.  A Course in Miracles says that every situation is either love or a call to love.  We may have to dig deep to find reasons to pour out love but the world is blessed when we do.

As we wrap up 2014 and look toward the new year, let’s continue to be the change that we know the world needs.  When we are peaceful down to the core of our being, we bring peace to every situation that arises.  And peace spreads to every corner of the earth and beyond.

Many blessings, Mary

From Gaia, 12-13-14

Beloved ones, dear to my heart,

Come near and breathe the breath of life with me.  Feel the safety, the peace, the gentle touch of love that is as close as your next breath.  The shadows and darkness vanish when light shines.  This means that darkness is an illusion and only exists when light is blocked out.  There is light all around you.  As you see with your heart vision, the clouds of fear dissolve and beauty emerges.

Certainly there is plenty of darkness in the world at this time.  It was always there.  But now it is being revealed.  People in power can no longer hide the ugliness of their greed and self-serving choices.  Those who are watching can no longer deny that change is needed.  They are finding their voices and speaking their truth.

Nothing can stop the flow of truth and light that are growing exponentially at this time.  There is a reason for the saying, ‘it is always darkest before the dawn’.  Now is a time to see beyond the current chaos.  It is a time when calmness, quiet peacefulness and deep love are needed.  Each person makes those choices every moment of every day.

Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect.  Affirm yourself each time you are able to be loving.  Find quiet time each day to center yourself and draw upon strength from the Divine Source of All.  As you ask for assistance, it will flow to you in overwhelming abundance.  Your friends in the Unseen Realm are ever near and love you without limit.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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