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The morning after

What has my bee in a bonnet are these ‘this is THE date’ predictions, either foretelling the official ‘end of the world’ or official ‘beginning of the world.’ They trigger false fear and false hope, and then when those dates pass a lot of people are left feeling deflated, or justified in their ‘told ya so’.

~Dana Mrkich, http://danamrkich.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/lunar-eclipse-we-are-flash-of-light-we.html

It’s September 29, 2015, a day after the predictions for huge changes from the September 27-28 blood moon eclipse and other astrological and cosmic happenings.  I woke up this morning with a lot to integrate in my thinking.  I really appreciated Dana’s blogpost with the excerpt above.  I encourage you to read the entire post.

On the one hand, things look a lot the same.  Congress in the U.S. is threatening another government shutdown, 2 dear friends still have terminal cancer, my mother-in-law with dementia is being moved to a locked memory unit in her care center, children are being abused and so on and so on.  And yet…

And yet…Shell has withdrawn its plans to drill in the Arctic due to protests and public pressure, a McDonald’s in Germany is now offering organic beef burgers, people all over my community are planting milkweed and plants to support bees and other pollinators, a passionate group of people in Hawaii are organizing a leadership training to step up the effectiveness of their protest of agribusiness corporations who spray toxic pesticides near schools and residential areas, and so on and so on.

Whether it be in our personal lives or collectively, the choices are becoming more pronounced.  Do we flow with the status quo or do we head out into unchartered places to create a new way of living and being?

It feels to me that the support for change is growing rapidly.  People are making changes that are transforming life on earth and for the earth.  I read that the earth’s vibration, the Schumann resonance, is significantly faster.  We are being invited and the earth is insisting that we move into alignment with her ascension.  Compassion, love, peace, joy and kindness are the result.

As I read the message about the group in Hawaii determined to limit or remove the corporations that are adversely affecting their islands, I felt their invincible determination and unshakable power.  I have no doubt that they will accomplish what they seek.  This strength and power is inside each of us, as well, just waiting for us to access it and use it.

Jennifer Hoffman of Enlightening Life says it so eloquently: “It’s nearly October and we just passed successfully through what some call ‘Wave X’, a blast of high vibe energy that amped up the potential for the future, while helping us release significant amounts of energy that no longer serves our desire to live in a world that resonates with peace, love, joy, and prosperous abundance. We asked for help to change the world and we got it. Although it doesn’t come in the form of the rescuer on a white horse, it did come in the form of the energy we need to create the change we want. This is, after all, our domain and our home. If we want it cleaned up, we have to get the mops and dust rags out and get busy. The universe just supplied the ‘Mr. Clean’, so to speak.”

I’m excited as I contemplate what’s ahead, for me personally, as well as what is happening in the collective!  I’m glad we are going through this together!  I always welcome your comments, stories and perspectives.

Blessings, Mary


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The gift from Donald Trump

Everything is either love or a call to love.

~A Course in Miracles

Please note that I am NOT saying that Donald Trump is a gift!  But as I watch him campaigning, I am vividly reminded of the lessons we can learn from him.  He is certainly an example of someone who is a ‘call to love’.  To me, he embodies qualities such as greed, selfish self-interest, judgment, blame, rudeness and prejudice.  His attitudes and behavior reek of fear, separation and more fear.  He covers it up with an air of superiority, arrogance and condescension.  How sad.

Yet he is pulling things out into the light.  He gets a lot of attention and people are responding…either by embracing his messages or in contrast with them.  I think there is an appeal because he is so brutally honest and people are fed up with the politicians who say what they think people want to hear.  People are sick of the lack of truth and integrity our politicians and our political system offer.  There’s a certain appeal in the way he says what he thinks, regardless of the response.

I have heard Trump compared to Hitler and if I thought the American people were likely to elect him President, I would be very concerned.  But what if he is simply a light shining on a political and government system that needs a major overhaul, if not a complete re-do?  He thrives on attention and we can withhold our attention from him and send him love and compassion.  We can picture a shield around him that protects people from his destructive beliefs.  We can pray that people look within themselves and realize that they are god-creators, aligned with compassion, love and kindness.  When that happens, attention for people like Donald Trump will fade into oblivion and we will have the world we are in the midst of creating, one full of so much love that everything else will be a distant memory. May it be so!  Let us create it now!!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, September 16, 2015

My precious and beloved ones,

I am holding you so close to my heart as you experience the dissolution of the old systems and beliefs.  Surely there is chaos and turbulence at this Turning Time.  If you look just at the surface events, it can be a frightening scene.  Many are in panic or even terror to see their way of life threatened.  Others are dealing with the aftermath of major changes and disruptions.

Dear ones, you can bring every thought and feeling to your Divine friends and partners in the Unseen realm.  Allow your feelings and thoughts to flow.  As they rise to the surface, you can release all that no longer serves you!  Wave good-bye as fears come into your awareness and then are sent into the violet flame of transmutation.  Feel the grief, anger, sadness, frustration and hopelessness that may be a part of what is passing through you.

Love it all!  Sometimes it takes a good scrubbing to get something clean.  It can be painful.  But picture the relief and beauty of a world washed clean of the corruption and filth of the current age.  Feel the peace and love that fill the empty places that were filled with fear that is now gone.

Breathe out everything that no longer serves you.  Breathe in quiet joy, gentle peace and the beauty of love, only love, always love, love overflowing.  You are held in great love as you assist in this magnificent process of transformation.

I love you, precious ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

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