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When old words die out on the tongue, new melodies break forth from the heart;

And where old tracks are lost, new country is reveled with its wonders.

~Rabinranath Tagore from  “Praying our Good-byes” by Joyce Rupp

I can’t remember who said it, but a while back they talked about this period of time seeming like an ‘endless cleanse’.  Whew, I have felt that in my life over the last few months and years.  It hasn’t been constant but it’s been persistent.  Issues, memories, beliefs and patterns in my life come into my awareness.  It’s time to deal with them, feel them and often shift them, replacing them with something more true and life-giving.  Usually it’s challenging and there’s some pain involved but the results are blessings.  I feel more free and peaceful at a deeper level.

I sometimes wonder if there is an end to the process.  I think there is an end to each step or layer.  But like the proverbial onion, there are deeper layers to be faced, cleansed and healed.  I remind myself that I’m in Earth School and there’s always more to learn.  But as we learn skills and lessons, we take those gifts into the next experience.

And we are supported by our connection to the Divine.  We have help, more than we are sometimes aware of.  The energy and vibration of this era assist us in moving more quickly through things and integrating them from a higher perspective.

It’s an internal and individual process but we see it happening in the larger world.  Every day we see more evidence of people becoming conscious of things that need to be changed and stepping into their power to create the needed changes.  When I get quiet, I can feel the massive shifts and know that a flow is cleansing and moving us to a more beautiful world.  I used to feel like I needed to try to ‘make things happen’.  Now I can feel it happening and I can relax and be a part of it.  Very wonderful…most of the time!

Blessings to all of us as we become a part of the flow that creates our dreams come true.  Blessings from our Earth Mother on Mother’s Day!!


From Gaia, 5-10-15

My beloved ones,

Indeed the earth is in the midst of massive change and transformation.  Some is visible to your physical eyes but much is happening in the Unseen realms, very real but not yet visible in the 3D world.

Your love and courage are making a difference, far more than you realize!  Trust the process, my darlings, even when things seem chaotic and difficult to understand.  The hands of the Divine are working in ways that are very important and beautiful.  As things unfold, all will be revealed.  You will know for sure that all is well, held in tender care and great love for each of you.

The current chaos and revealing of hidden secrets can be frightening and confusing.  It is simply the washing away of the veils that kept you from seeing what is possible.  As layers of grime and filth are cleansed away by our shared scrubbing, we will see the perfection that was always there!!!  The distortions and flaws were simply detours on the path to heaven on earth.

I know that it is sometimes hard to believe and trust that all is well.  Yet each day reveals more grace and more blessings.  Your times of hard work and courageous effort are ending.  Now is the time to focus on living your passion, enjoying the opportunities that are readily available to you.

Close your eyes, dear ones, and quiet your minds.  Breathe the breath of life with me.  Snuggle close to my heart and feel our spirits blending and beating together in a rhythm of gentle peace and unlimited love.  In a space of silence and simplicity, you have access to All That Is.  You have access to wisdom, power and Divine love.  Open your hearts and hands to receive it.  It will flow to you with beautiful abundance as you provide a riverbed for receiving.

Now and always I hold you close to my heart and gift you with love, only love, always love, love overflowing. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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