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It has been a long, hot summer. The Uranus/Pluto square has tested our abilities to shift from control to trust, to release dreams that have to re-evaluated in the present reality. It isn’t that they weren’t great dreams, valid dreams. I believe they were covered with angel dust. I’ve found it difficult to release the divine mist and to ground them in a world that requires limitation for stability and growth. I guess that is the essence of the Chiron/Neptune union. For me the challenge has been to realize that if my life were personal I could change it, control it. However, great numbers of us have chosen to bring in a new paradigm; lives of service for the collective, lives that are gifts to Source. When we come to that realization, we discover ease. We shift from control mode to allow. That I believe is the foundation of the shift of the age. It is allowing ourselves to simply fall into the loving embrace of the Divine Mother. Well, yes, one still sweats while working in the heat. We could think of it as a continual baptism.

~Bonnie Orgren, Stardust Seven Ray Services Report

These wonderful words from Bonnie, in her report on the Cancer New Moon spoke to me so strongly. I have been feeling the challenges, not only of the drought in my part of the United States but in my personal path, as well. The Shift in Consciousness is affecting everyone and everything and we are being called to respond. How comforting to know that we are, indeed, held in the loving embrace of the Divine Mother.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia July 20, 2012

My beloved children,

Yes, this is a challenging and sometimes difficult time for earth and throughout the cosmos. It is time to shift, to change, to leave behind the old and enter the New. You feel the endings deep in your being and it is not easy to release what has served you well.

What lies ahead is a mystery, an unknown territory. For those of you with wounds and memories of pain from times past it is hard to imagine the beauty that lies ahead, if you but trust and hold the hand of the Divine as you walk along.

Perhaps it is hard to believe that all is well, held safely in the hands and heart of the Divine Spirit that is the essence of all that is. This truth is planted in your heart and is eternal, unchanging. The physical world can mask or obscure this truth but it cannot change it.

The veil between dimensions is growing thinner and will soon disappear for those who are ready and willing. Your task is to be prepared, ready to embrace this new space. You are never alone. You are surrounded by Unseen partners and friends. You have loved ones in your lives who will go with you. The Divine Spirit, angels, nature spirits and so many more are with you always.

Stay centered and breathe the breath of life with me, my darlings. I love you, my precious ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

~Alice In Wonderland

I absolutely love this quote in Nancy Joy Hefron’s weekly Reflections message. It feels like at this time in humanity’s journey we are being invited and even pushed to expand our thinking and find new ways to see and do things.

In the midwestern United States where I live, we are experiencing recording breaking hot temperature and drought conditions. Other parts of the country are having intense forest fires. Some places are having catastrophic floods. Nature is getting our attention in a variety of intense ways.

Certainly for many of us, human-created climate change is on our minds as we see these earth changes. How do we respond? In fear, guilt and hopelessness? Or do we respond with hope, a sense of our co-creative power and a willingness to ask for help from the Unseen realm?

A Course in Miracles says that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. The Divine is so big and powerful and abundant that things which seem huge or impossible to us are possible in the twinkling of an eye. We have our part to play, to be sure. It is co-creation and we need to take actions that we are guided to do. But we can rest in calm assurance that help is on the way the moment we ask.

I would love to have you share one…or more…impossible things that you believe can happen!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia July 5, 2012

My beloved,

Do the problems facing humanity sometimes feel overwhelming to you? Perhaps your own personal problems and issues feel overwhelming at times, as well. Know for sure that the tender eye of the Unseen is watching over you each moment, loving you and doing all for your highest good.

This is the Awakening Time, the Turning Time, the Shift of the Ages. I seek to assist in the awakening process and do it as gently as possible. Many of you are slow to embrace your strengths, your ability to change and manifest abundance. Indeed you are being pushed to move into more conscious living which includes examining all that you do and your motivations for doing so.

I realize that this is not a small thing! Humanity has been sleep-walking through much of life. You make choices without considering the consequences. You often believe that you are small, insignificant and powerless. This is not so! If humans can change the climate of the earth, what else can you do?? You also have massive power to make changes that will create abundance, blessings and a beautiful Heaven on Earth.

Help is available to you beyond your wildest imagination! It is available inside of you, flowing from a Source that is without end. You have partners, helpers and friends in the Unseen realm who are most happy to assist in miraculous ways, as you ask for their help. Together there is NOTHING that is impossible! Believe this and move forward with gladness, knowing that all is well and unfolding in Divine perfection. Open your hands, your eyes, your hearts and trust that together we are creating paradise.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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