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The good news is we have our freedom. The bad news is we have our freedom.
~Jim Self, Mastering Alchemy

Jim says that the earth’s energy no longer supports the rigidity and limitations of 3D, which he defines as the beliefs, rules and patterns of ‘mom, dad, teacher, minister’, the culture we all grow up in. Freedom is in our choices, our capacity to decide for ourselves rather than react from beliefs that we learned in the past. Very exciting but it can also be disorienting and even scary.

We have all heard stories of people who were imprisoned for long periods of time and then were unable to adjust to the freedom of being released from prison. Some animals raised in captivity are not able to survive in the wild because they lack the skills to navigate this different world.

I bump into my rules and limitations all the time. Sometimes it’s small like years ago when I came up to a stoplight in the middle of the night, looked around and no other cars were in sight so I drove through a red light. Not a big thing but it sure made me realize how uncomfortable I was with breaking a ‘rule’.

When I retired at age 56, this decision activated all kinds of ingrained beliefs in me. Even though my dad had been dead for many years, I could sense his voice saying, don’t give up a secure job, work longer and save more money. I listened to my inner guidance and retired but recognized that I had a lot of inner messages that wanted to direct my choices and I had to override and replace them.

I attended a wonderful class on energy healing in Findhorn, Scotland in June. This healer teaches a year long course and I felt a sense of calling to attend. At first I dismissed it for obvious reasons-too expensive, impractical, too much travel and carbon footprint. But the inner calling was insistent and I am now signed up to go. Once again, those inner beliefs were stirred up and I have had to get clear about what Spirit wants me to do.

I’m sure that everyone has their own stories of choosing freedom rather than being limited by things that come from external sources. And I’m guessing we also have stories of times that we ignored or shut out inner guidance to do something and listened to the voices of ‘mom, dad, teacher, minister’, ingrained in us from our past. Either way we learn and grow. Like plants, we reach toward the light that gives us life. We find that there is an abundant supply of love, support and guidance as we make choices and live our lives.

Let’s hold each other close to our hearts as we move into times of greater freedom!
Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, January 13, 2016

Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

How I rejoice when my precious earth children realize that the doors to freedom have been flung wide open. Your physical eyes may not see this clearly yet, but you will! For now, trust your inner vision, the Unseen which is more real than anything you see in the physical.

Be gentle and patient with yourselves. Those old messages, beliefs and patterns are deeply established in your minds. It is like weeding a garden. Water the soil with love and then the things that need to be removed can be pulled out with ease. What is left is a garden of much beauty and grace.

Trust the unfolding and ask for help from the angels, archangels, spirit guides and all who hold a space of love for you in the Unseen realm. We are near to you each moment, loving you and giving guidance, strength, courage and support. All is well, surrounded by Divine wisdom and love.

Accept where you are now. You don’t have to run until you have learned to walk. I am with you always and forevermore. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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