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All God’s creatures have a place in the choir, some sing low, some sing higher…Everybody here is a part of the plan.   We all get to play in the great critter band.                                                                                                                                                          Bill Staines, folk musician

What amazing times we live in. Many people who said a shift in consciousness was coming now agree that we are in the midst of it.  Parts of it are beautiful and exciting and other parts seem pretty dark and ugly.  There’s a lot of fear, anger, confusion and reacting going on.

I know this is simplistic but it sometimes feels like there are two tracks that so-called light workers are on. Some are taking the path of the activist-protesting, advocating, marching and demonstrating for what they believe in.  Others are going inward-meditating, praying and sending out light and love to the corners of the earth and beyond.  Of course, many are doing both.

I see this as a beautiful merging of the divine masculine and divine feminine-the active and the quiet working together to create. Both are needed!  I get concerned when I hear people judging and even criticizing those who are following a path different than theirs.  I think each person needs to listen to the voice within that guides and directs them.  We need to respect each other’s choices and calling

I have friends who are awesome in their activism and actions. They are fierce in standing up for what they believe in-to our elected officials and others in positions of power and authority.  They are active in changing things that need to be changed.  I think that what they are doing is vital, necessary and contributes to protecting and creating a more beautiful world.  I celebrate and honor their passion, commitment and dedication.

I also have friends who are on a different path. They spend time in solitude and quiet, calling forth our helpers from the spirit realm to assist us.  They meditate and pray, sending out loving energy to the world.  I think their actions are vital, valuable and very much needed.  I celebrate and honor their passion, commitment and dedication.

Let’s be grateful for each person who is helping to disassemble the things that need to be changed and each person who is creating and assembling the New. We can transcend either/or and duality thinking and realize our strength lies in both/and- the weaving together of the many threads of the new tapestry we are creating.

Gratitude and blessings to each of you for the role you are playing in this grand adventure!                                                                                                                                                   Mary

From Gaia, March 17, 2017

Dear ones, beloved to my heart,

Let nature be your teacher. Nature is a kaleidoscope of variety and diversity.  It is humans who create monocultures and they lack the resiliency of natural systems.

Nature celebrates the unique contribution of each plant, animal, microorganism and natural element. An oak tree does not mock a small shrub for its size.  A clover plant does not feel inferior because it can’t move like a snake.  A stone doesn’t brag about its weight and strength.  Everything works together and just is.  Nature is quiet, accepting and connected to the Divine.

Think of your human body. Each organ works together as part of the whole.  The liver doesn’t feel superior to the kidneys or refuse to work with the blood stream.  All parts work together in harmony and cooperation.  The result is so smooth and effortless that human seldom really notice or appreciate the vastness and intricacy of what makes your lives possible.

My precious children, please refrain from judgment or criticism of what your fellow human beings are doing or not doing. Each person has a role, a function, a place in the choir.  Each note of music contributes to the melody.  Each of you is unique and contributes to the whole.  As you join hearts and work together, with each other and the Unseen Ones of the Spirit Realm, all things are possible!  Support each other, work together and be amazed at what you can co-create with us.

Trust that a Divine plan is unfolding, guided by divine wisdom. During this time of chaos and upheaval, you are held in great love and care.  Rest against the heart of the Divine Mother when you are weary or afraid or just need a comforting place of peace.  Feel the love, grace and stillness that is always available to you.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend



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Some dis-assembly required!


We have all seen the phrase ‘some assembly required’ on packages, items, etc. For someone who doesn’t have much mechanical skill, I am generally not happy to see those words.

Right now it feels like dis-assembly is happening everywhere I look. The crumbling of the foundations of our current culture and worldview can be disorienting, confusing and even frightening.  It certainly seems to be stirring up a lot of fear and ugliness, at least according to the media, and in a lot of places we can see.

It feels like we need to detach from much of the drama and noise we are experiencing right now. Of course, we want to be caring and respond to injustices.  But staying grounded, centered and peaceful helps more than we may realize.  It hardly seems like the world needs more anger, blame and finger pointing at this time.

I am taking an intense healing class right now and we have learned to be in hara alignment. It means connecting deep into the center of the earth and also to the Divine above our head.  We become a bridge between heaven and earth.  When I am in hara, I feel peaceful, still and quiet.  I am learning to return to this peaceful place when I get stirred up, distressed or upset.  Then the actions I take feel better and are often more effective.  Everyone can find practices that help them-meditation, yoga, focus on breath and so many others.

In this time of dis-assembly, let’s be the change we want to see in the world. As we join hands and hearts, the energy lightens and we can find a quiet place in the storm.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, March 8, 2017

Dear ones, my beloved,

Yes, there is dis-assembly going on throughout the earth and beyond. It’s like a house where clutter has accumulated, the roof is leaking and underneath the foundation has rotted.  It’s not time to just re-arrange the clutter!  No, it’s time to clear things out, assess the situation and carefully take things apart.  Save the parts that can be re-used and recycle the parts that are no longer functional.  Then the re-building can begin.  If you see the big picture of what is happening, you will be able to participate in what needs to be done.

Nature does this all the time! Things are constantly forming and growing.  Other things are dis-assembling, composting, returning to the soil and then providing nourishment for new growth.  It’s a cycle of death and re-birth with everything having value and no waste.

Sometimes there are major disturbances. Storms blow through, animals tear things apart, fires burn.  Nature doesn’t panic when these things happen.  Why?  Because nature is connected to the divine plan.  There is no judgment, just acceptance and appropriate response which is often just allowing.

Humans have lost some of their connection to the Divine Plan but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You have access to it, dear ones!  But it helps to be quiet, alert and looking for it rather than being stuck in confusion and thinking things are in a mindless mess.

The old is dying, the new is being born. Look around and you will see signs of both everywhere.  Each of you has an important and vital role to play.  Listen to the wisdom of your heart and it will guide you each step of the way through.  Ask for help from the Unseen Realm and you will be delighted by the abundance that will be provided to you.  Through it all, you are loved beyond measure, love everywhere, love overflowing.

I love you, precious ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend



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