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Mary: Who am I beyond my identity in my current life-family, where I live, roles and relationships and experiences?

Spirit: You are a child of the universe, unfettered and free!

This message came to me during my recent trip to sacred sites in England and Scotland.  My husband and I were meditating in the West Kennet Long Barrow at Avebury which is near Glastonbury, England.

My dear friend Nancy Joy Hefron had connected us to a wonderful guide who accompanied us to the sacred sites and helped us to connect to their ancient wisdom and gifts.  He took us to the long barrow, a burial site dating back over 5,000 years.  He told us to ask a question in the long barrow and listen for the answer.  I am resonating with the response I received and integrating it into my expanding identity.

We live in such incredibly exciting and transformative times!  We are being supported by Spirit to move beyond our limitations and open ourselves to expansive possibilities and opportunities.  We are living our current life with its blessings and challenges.  But we are so much more!  We are children of the Universe, unfettered and free!!!

I encourage you to ask Spirit in whatever way is comfortable to you-God, Higher Power, Allah, Great Spirit, etc.-“Who am I?”  Listen for the answer that comes to you.  Ponder what it might mean to be more than who you currently identify yourself to be.  Please share what you hear, what response you receive!  I also invite you to join me in responding, “I am a child of the universe, unfettered and free!”  See how it feels.  Embrace the blessings and gifts that are so abundantly available to all of us!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, June 26, 2015

My precious and beloved co-creators,

Indeed you are children of the universe!  You are unfettered and free!  You are treasured partners of the myriad beings of the Unseen Realm.  You are body and spirit and unlimited possibilities!

Humanity is moving into new dimensions of being and living.  They are expansive and beautiful and full of Newness.

How can you access what is coming online at this amazing time?  Simply breathe and open your mind and heart to it!  Take your time, for time is offering a new range of opportunities.  There are portals into new worlds when you are ready to explore them.  Be gentle with yourselves as you take a peek and step forward into the New.

Old rules and teachings and fears will surface as you move beyond your current comfort zones.  Just notice them and then release them.  Breathe out the old limitations and breathe in freedom, love, peace and joy.  Bask in the light of this love pouring into the planet at this time.  Close your eyes and sense the presence of beings from the spirit realm, holding you in a space of love as you grow and expand and blossom!

There is a quiet place inside you that transcends time and space.  Put your hands over your heart and you will find it, beating softly within you.  Welcome it, trust it.  Know that you are being held in arms of love, protected and safe.  You are never, ever alone and will never be abandoned.  In this calm, peaceful space, you can be who you have always yearned to be.  You will be guided each step of the way into beauty and grace and love, always love, only love, love overflowing.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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