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Miracles-gifts just for you!

A miracle is when God bends the laws of the Universe just for you.

By Caroline Myss, quoting a nun from the college she attended

We can all think of times when we have heard about miracles or experienced them in our own lives.  Often it is an individual thing-someone is healed from a disease that was considered incurable, we avoid a traffic accident that could have killed us, help comes from an unexpected place.  Sometimes a group experiences a miracle and that is also wonderful.

Surely we live in a time when it feels like we need miracles and lots of them!  There are problems for individuals and in the collective.  And there are big ones.  I remember several years ago when my friend Nancy Joy said that things that have been hidden would come to the surface and be revealed.  That sounded great…until it began to happen in a big way.  Now it can feel overwhelming at times.  I sometimes find it challenging not to go into fear.

Today I was in my garden, thinking about the Climate March that is being held all over the planet.  I decided to ask the plants what they think about all the environmental problems we are facing.  I felt them saying that they live in the present moment, just enjoying the growing and being.  They said that when their life cycle is over, they return to the unmanifest, the field of all possibilities, and it’s all joy to them.  No worries, no stressing.  Just peace, joy and love.  They live connected to the Divine all the time.

Wow!  That is their natural state of being.  It feels like we humans have to stretch into that and the path is not clear sometimes.  We need help and fortunately, it’s abundantly available.  However, we have to ask and be able to receive.

A ‘Course in Miracles’ says that “miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first”.  Miracles are a gift and sometimes we have a hard time accepting gifts.  Are we able to fully receive a sincere compliment?  When someone is generous to us, do we gratefully receive it or do we immediately try to think of how to repay them?  Perhaps the purification is sloughing off our old beliefs that we don’t deserve, aren’t good enough or aren’t lovable.  Then the channel is open for miracles to flow to us.

A miracle is when God bends the laws of the Universe just for you.  That takes my breath away!  I am loved that much!  And so are you!  So is everyone and everything.  As we open ourselves to this, miracles will flow to us in magnificent grace and beauty.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, September 20, 2019

Dear ones, my beloved,

We in the Unseen Realm know that it is hard for people to wake up and realize that things are not as they believed them to be.  It is sometimes not easy to see problems and be unsure how to solve them.  The earth is in a massive transition and things are changing and shifting so rapidly.

Being with your breath is a good place to start when you seek guidance.  When you can quiet your mind and get in touch with the present moment, you will receive the messages you need to guide you. 

Each person has a part to play in the grand co-creation of the new earth.  No one can do it all by themselves and that isn’t necessary.  Each person can listen, hear and respond.  What you do is important and so is the way you do it.

If you plant a small tree seedling, do it with love, reverence and gratitude.  That tree will flourish compared to a tree that is viewed as a thing and planted with hurry and unconsciousness.  Nature wants to be your partner and your friend.  But, as in any relationship, it must be mutual.  Shared love, caring and kindness.

Miracles are all around you and the Universe is happy to supply more.  Open your heart, your eyes, your hands and they will flow to you.  Listen to the wind blowing through the trees.  Hear the cheerful sounds of bird songs.  Smell the fragrance of a lovely flower.  These are signs of how the Divine loves you.  Know in your heart that you are loved beyond measure.  Rest in the goodness of life’s flow.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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