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Pause or be paused

I entered this year gearing up for a book-writing effort similar to my previous ones — something I know how to do. But my “soul calling” has not allowed me to do that. Instead it has called in severe health issues: first a 6-week bout of fatigue that was nearly incapacitating at times, and then, after two weeks of health, a three-week-long dental ordeal that has turned me inside-out.

~Charles Eisenstein, public speaker, self-described “degrowth activist” and author, http://charleseisenstein.net

I find it fascinating to follow Charles Eisenstein. I get regular messages from him because I signed up to support him on Patreon, a site that allows people to give financial support to artists and writers.  He has written some amazing books, including Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.  I am glad to make a small monthly pledge to help him have time to write his next book.

He said in his latest post that he has spent the last few years giving lots of presentations all over the world, writing articles and blogs and following his calling to help activate change. He had planned to take some time off from his work travel to write but life has caused him to shift plans and regroup.  Sounds like he was exhausted and needed to pause and do some self-care.

I think most, if not all of us, can relate at least a little to what he is going through. I know so many people who are bumping up against health problems, work challenges, relationship changes and much more.

Actually, what Charles is going through seems less intense than what many other people are experiencing. Yet the winds of change are blowing hard for everyone right now.  Charles says we are now living in ‘the space between stories’, where the old story of our culture no longer works, yet the new ways and story have not yet been fully created.  He says that his health problems indicated his need to settle into this space between stories, rather than live the old story.

I have bumped into a need for change in my life. I have been working to establish a practice doing Healing Touch treatments, something I love doing.  Yet it has been challenging to build my client base.  I have had a plan and goals and they haven’t been moving forward the way I had hoped.  I recently spent a few days in angst and frustration, not knowing why things weren’t flowing.  Then I felt a shift and a knowing that I need to relax and let things unfold, rather than trying so hard to make things happen my way!  I can definitely get stuck in the old story!  I have reached a point where I can smile and shake my head at how I sometimes get an idea in my head and ignore a lot of wonderful possibilities that are beckoning, if I just trust the universe to direct me.  It’s humbling to realize this, yet very freeing.

Blessings and love, Mary

From Gaia, March 22, 2016

Dear ones, my beloved,

You live in very, very potent times! It is hardly surprising that you feel ‘applecart upset’, so to speak!!  Humans are creatures of habit, naturally wanting to stay in comfort zones, even if they are uncomfortable and confining.

The earth is vibrating at a new, higher and faster frequency. Take a moment to breathe and feel this in your being.

Everything on earth is attuning to this new frequency and it is not always smooth or easy. Old structures, patterns, emotions and thoughts are being shaken loose.  They are in the collective, being transmuted and transformed.  Humans are a big part of this but everything in the density of matter is affected-animals, plants, landforms, the weather, everything existing in physical form.

Nature has not lost its connection to the Divine in the way that humans have. So this is a time ripe for people to spend time in nature, accessing the wisdom and love of this realm.  Here you can find peacefulness amidst the chaos and storms of this Turning Time.

Miracles surround you, just waiting for you to see them and allow them into your lives. Be very conscious of where you are focusing your attention, for you will create more of whatever that is.  So, focus on the gifts and blessings in your lives and more will enter.  You will find comfort and help when you are open to receive them.  They are near you and within you always.

Do your best to shake off the fear and frustration of what may appear to be a ‘world gone mad’. The real change is your awakening so you can see clearly the injustice and all the things that need to change.  You are being assisted in myriad ways so you can create the peace, beauty, love and perfection that your hearts yearn for.  In the realm of spirit, fly with the eagle to see the higher perspective and the calm after the chaos.  Know that you can find it inside yourself, despite what is happening in the external world.

I love you, my dear ones. I am with you always, as are the angels, archangels, elementals and all of the spirit realm. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend




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This post is going to be a little different format than usual. I am just going to share some thoughts and impressions that are happening with me.  It is about things that are hard to put into words but it feels so good that I want to write about it anyway!!  I suspect that many of you are tuning into the same vibration, as it feels very big and expansive.

My husband Blair is very sensitive to energy fields and shifts and for quite a long time, he has been saying that ‘something big is happening!’. Sometimes I just enjoy hearing that and other times I get frustrated because I’m not feeling the same thing and I want him to explain it, which is like asking someone to explain red if you’ve never seen it.  Difficult if not impossible!

Well, the last few days I have been feeling VERY intense energy in me and around me. It is a pushing energy and sometimes feels almost ‘hard’, like it is moving me, clearing me, opening up new portals and dimensions.  Sometimes it is very uncomfortable but as I woke up this morning, it was very energizing and exciting.

This morning it was me saying to Blair, ‘something big is happening…actually it feels like something massive is happening!’. As I tried to put it into words, I said it felt like tectonic plates are shifting and moving.  Things that have been stuck are being pushed open!  Things that people have been putting up with are being moved so we can’t ignore them any longer.  Logjams are breaking up and the current is flowing free again.  And we are getting bursts of fresh, blossoming energy to support us as we change.  Wow!  It feels good!

Today I just want to bask in the energy and let it bathe me in warmth and light. I want to be quiet and let it absorb into my being.  I want to welcome it and simply be with it.

I’m sure that many of you are like Blair and have been feeling this already. I imagine that I have been feeling some of it for a while but the intensity has now turned up to the point where I can now feel it more fully.

What does it mean? I don’t know and, surprisingly, I don’t really care.  I’m sure that any meaning that I need to have will be revealed as it unfolds.  Right now it’s about just feeling and experiencing, not needing an explanation which I probably would have trouble understanding anyway.

As I tune into Gaia, I feel like crying with joy, as I see her smiling and saying she is so incredibly glad that people are throwing off the clouds of darkness and oppression and stepping into the freedom of a new day dawning.  She loves us SO MUCH!

Several years ago, I gave a card to a dear friend of mine. It said:

Come to the edge, he said.

They said, we are afraid.

Come to the edge, he said.

They came, he pushed and they flew!

Who knows. Maybe in the energy fields somewhere, this friend has invited me to the edge and could tell that my spirit was finally ready to fly so he pushed and in that realm or dimension we are flying free at last!  My body is still in the physical realm so I won’t be jumping off any cliffs!  But our spirits are not bound by the physical so we are free to spread our wings and soar!!

Love and blessings,




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The fearful belief patterns that are inherent in Tribal consciousness remain among the most influential in present-day thinking.

~Caroline Myss, “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”

We live in fascinating times!!! The 5th Dimension, 5D, is coming online here on earth.  It’s about cooperation, respect, well-being, freedom and co-creation.  It’s a higher vibration than 3D which is domination through fear, control and arguing for limitations.

We can see it everywhere, if we have eyes to see. People clinging to old things-jobs, relationships, life styles and choices.  Or…letting go of those old things and clearing the way for the New-work that feeds the soul, relationships that nurture and grow, life styles that benefit the whole and choices that create freedom for all.

Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy says that people are starting to diverge and move into different strata’s, based on where they are vibrating. Some are clinging to old, 3D Tribal patterns.  I think that followers of Donald Trump are great examples of those who feel comfortable being part of a strong tribal culture.  They want a dominating, authoritarian leader who makes them feel safe and will protect their ‘tribe’ from others-immigrants, Muslims, people of color, fat people.  For those who have grown beyond the need for this kind of tribe consciousness, it seems perplexing or even ridiculous.  But for those who need the safety and security of being part of this kind of tribe, it’s natural to gravitate to like-minded leaders and followers.

It can be easy to get caught up in wanting to convert others to our way of thinking, to try to convince others to ‘see things our way’. Yet that is just another iteration of tribal control and domination, thinking that others should be like us.

When we allow ourselves to breathe out the fear in our own hearts and vibrate with peace, love and quiet joy, we are doing so much to create space for those things to attract others and help them feel safe in letting go of their own fear. We create a warm, light-filled and appealing space that we enjoy and that others want to be a part of.

Much gratitude to you for helping to create this new vibrational strata of well-being!!!


From Gaia, March 5, 2016

My dear and beloved co-creators,

Yes, yes, yes! You are the co-creators of the New way of being and living that is emerging at this turning time!!  Words do very little to help people believe that there are beautiful ways to live and be in the world.  They need to see it in action and that is where the Way Showers, the Forerunners are so incredibly valuable.

The old ways are still very visible-people living such lonely, empty, fear-filled lives. For those immersed in this darkness, it can be hard to see or even imagine a better way.  But the new ways are emerging and that is glorious indeed.

Don’t spend your time looking over your shoulder, lamenting about the problems and unawakened people that you see. Look ahead and envision the beauty, abundance and joy you are co-creating.  Bring those things into the present moment and you then realize more fully that you can live this way each and every moment, right now!!

Don’t wait for the external world to change before you change. When you change, the external world changes!  All of creation benefits!  You benefit!  The building blocks are all around you and help and Helpers are surrounding you.

Go to that quiet place inside of you where peace dwells. Breathe deeply until the noise of the outer world slips away, leaving you in a place of calm delight.  Come to this place as often as you wish.  Here you will live in love always and your dreams will become your life.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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