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If you take the long view, something really amazing and profound is afoot now… The job of people who are awake is to hospice the death of the old structures and systems that no longer serve us while we midwife ones that will serve us.  Hospice-ing and midwife-ing are both acts of love.

~Lynne Twist, Pachamama Alliance, speaking in the online course by Charles Eisenstein called “Living in the Gift”

I’ve been on a rather long respite from writing Gaia Messages and, frankly, I wondered if there would be more.  It seems fitting that this one came on the day I am going to a retirement party for a dear friend who is completing a career of almost 40 years and preparing for new delights in her next life stage.  My partner Blair’s mother, age 87, is being put into hospice this week.  A friend’s daughter is ready to give birth.  Where I live, spring is emerging from the cold of winter. Beautiful yellow and white flowers are peeking from the earth, lovely reminders that life is a wondrous cycle of death and rebirth.  The flow of life’s “hello…good-bye…hello” pattern is so evident all around me.

The systems and structures that are entering hospice are so evident right now.  The birthing of the new may be a bit harder to see and feel sometimes.  Yet our hearts know and that gives us comfort and reassurance.  We are held in the love of the Divine and that is a gift of grace indeed.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia March 28, 2019

My beloved ones,

Certainly the upheaval and all the changes of the present time can be disconcerting and even distressing.  The dysfunction of the structures and institutions that have served humanity are increasingly clear.  The dismantling of what no longer serves can be frightening because people have relied on these structures and systems for stability and a foundation for our way of life.

Yet, the New is emerging like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of endings.  Rest quietly in the knowing that you are held gently in the love of the Divine. 

Humanity has prepared for this transformation for eons of time, many lifetimes, many millennia.  So has the earth!  Within all of you-every cell, every molecule-is incredible resilience and wondrous life force!  Sense into that and you will feel the flow of life’s wisdom and blessing.

Each of you have your part to play.  Much of it is to stay centered and aligned with the voice of the Divine.  All that you need will be provided in abundance and great love.  There are times for action but there are also times for quiet, for being, for nondoing.  Guidance, wisdom and strength are available to you each moment.  In-breath and out-breath.  All is held in Divine love and peace.  Sometimes the messages come in whispers so be calm and know that there is no need to rush about, searching for the next step.  It will come to you on the wings of spirit.

Feel the smiles from the earth and all of creation.  Listen to the birds, feel the soft breeze upon your face, touch the living being of a tree, watch the creatures who live in the present moment of now.  Lean on me when you need nurturing and love.  Know with absolutely certainty that you are loved beyond measure.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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