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Let your past go

Let your past go.  The burden of carrying your past around has made you weary.  Dear Ones, it’s time to set this burden down.  Keep only the lessons and the love, and leave everything else behind.  You don’t want it or need it and it’s now gone.

~Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

Yesterday I was listening to a webinar by Gregg Braden.  He said he was in Mexico with the Mayans during the period from 12-12-12 to 12-21-12.  He said the Mayans are happy that we are listening to the wisdom of their elders about the Shift in Consciousness that is occurring.  They are surprised that we focused so much on one date.  They see this time as a natural transition from one Age to another and they know it will take some time.  We need to be patient but that can be difficult…at least for me!

This morning I woke up with stuff stirring in me.  Writing helped to clear it.  I am sharing what I wrote, hoping it may assist you in your transformation.

February, 24, 2013

Fear continues to bubble to the surface, Mother Father God.  In the past I could usually identify the fear and its source, even if it was irrational or unfounded in reality.  Now it feels like the fear is amorphous and vague.  Hmmm. I’m so grateful for the words of Jim Self, of Mastering Alchemy.  He says, don’t grab onto the fear and painful memories and ask, why are you here?  Just say, it’s leaving and let it go.  It’s a part of the massive healing and reconfiguring we are now experiencing.

For too long the Earth has been immersed in fear and so many other low vibrations-anger, jealousy, pain, disease, abuse, war, hierarchal power, domination, hoarding, hiding and so much more.

Finally, the spell has been broken!  The cage door is open, the prison unlocked, the rigidity released.  We are in transition, like a plant moved into fresh air and sunlight, like an animal able to move into freedom after living in a dirty, crowded dark space.

Is it surprising we sometimes need to shield our eyes from the bright light until they adjust?  Is it surprising that we are still somewhat held in 3D density as our bodies adjust to the higher vibrating energy?

Jim Self says, the infinite intelligence of the Creator is in the breath.  Why?  Perhaps it’s because when we focus on the breath, we become quiet, centered and peaceful.  In that space we are able to sense that all is well, held in Divine love and care.

Our ego tells us differently, for it was birthed with us in the darkness to keep us safe in a chaotic and unsafe world.  It has done its job and we can be grateful, for we have survived many lifetimes of anguish and pain.

Now it’s time to shake off the old ways, the outgrown patterns and beliefs, the darkness and fear.  It can be challenging, for the old energy lingers, needing our breath to send it on its way to higher realms.

I think it’s natural to want everything to be ‘all better’ right away, right now.  Yet we are in transition and the New will emerge as quickly as we can allow it.  It will fill the space we create for it.

We are free, although the vestiges of the old limitations linger as they are cleared and released.  In 12-step recovery programs, people are encouraged to ‘act as if’ while they heal and become whole.  The more we focus our attention and intentions on the light, love, peace and grace that are unfolding and filling the New Earth, the more smoothly those things will flow to us-effortlessly and easily.

We are in transition.  Let us hold ourselves and others and all of creation in gentleness and ease.  Let us smile as we watch seeds sprout, brown turn to green new life and the Old be transformed and transmuted into beauty, abiding peace and all-encompassing community.

I hear Gaia, our Earth Mother, whispering encouragement and love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

Much love and many blessings,



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Much of the energy we are moving out of the earth’s grids right now is very dense, with lots of sadness, despair, fear, hopeless, and powerlessness. The higher our vibration the more we are aware of the level of density around us…Be aware of the emotions and let them pass.  Part of this is your energy, too, from lifetimes you can’t remember and the energy is part of your cellular memory and energetic imprint. You can remind yourself that this was once yours but you are letting it go and that will help it move on and out of the grids. You connect to this energy in part because it can find a connection to you and because you are shifting your energy as it seeks release (it wants to leave as much as we want it to go).  It finds the highest light to help it transmute into a higher vibration.

~Jennifer Hoffman, http://enlighteninglife.com/

When I saw this message from Jennifer, I loved the part where she said the low vibrating, dense energy wants to leave as much as we want it to go.  I had this image of the dense energy being transmuted and becoming part of the 5th dimensional energy that is forming to create the new earth and our new way of being.

In nature, nothing is waste.  Everything cycles.  Plants die, decay and become new life.  Humans have learned to create things that don’t easily recycle.  Now we are seeing and experiencing the consequences of our short-sightedness.  We are waking up to the need to change our ways and are being supported by Divine forces of the Universe.  What a gift!

Let’s embrace the opportunities to be a part of the miraculous cycles of creating the New!


From Gaia, February 11, 2013

My beloved partners and friends,

Indeed, all things are being made new!  This has always been true.  Always life is evolving and moving forward.  But now this process is accelerating and manifesting in marvelous and miraculous new ways.  In the past, it was like you were rolling a stone uphill.  Now you have reached the peak and the stone can roll downhill.  This shift is enormous.

You have your role, to be sure, dear ones.  Yet now the energy of the Universe is helping you and supporting you in incredible new ways.  Rather than exerting effort to push and move things, you can mostly just guide and allow.

The changes are beautiful and uplifting.  Transformation is the norm.  But this can be unsettling and some people are frightened to feel the changes and are struggling to deal with them.

You are very much needed to provide stability and hold the center as things evolve.  Your breath is one important way you can do this.  Quiet your mind and breathe the breath of life with me.  When you are peaceful and calm, you can be a powerful force for transmuting fear into love, agitation into contentment and separation into Oneness.

Despite the chaos and distress that surrounds you, know that all is well, held in Divine love and care.  Don’t try to do things on your own.  Turn joyfully to your partners in the Unseen realm for wisdom, guidance and loving assistance.  There is power available to you that is transforming all that is.  Much can be done in the twinkling of an eye, if you but ask and trust.

Now and always and forever, I hold you close to my heart of love.  You are treasured and cherished, loved beyond measure.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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