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Accept That All Things Are Possible
Tremendous thin
gs are happening at this time. It matters not that you do not fully understand exactly what is taking place, but it is important that you are willing to accept it in perfect faith and confidence and flow with it all. I want you to know and to understand that these things are happening now, that these energies, this power is being released now, and because of this, dramatic and astounding changes are taking place in individuals as well as in the world. Nothing will ever be the same again. Don’t cling onto anything of the old; enter the new completely free and unfettered, like a new-born babe. Be open and willing to accept new ideas, new ways, to accept that all things are possible, that you can change and can change now, that you can leave all the old behind without any regrets and move forward with real joy and complete abandonment.

By Eileen Caddy, founder of the Findhorn community, Scotland

A friend of mine sent me this message. It certainly resonated with me! I feel so much change in me and around me. Although I sometimes feel apprehensive as things shift and change, most of the time I feel peaceful and excited. Having conscious people to share this with is a big part of the joy of this transformation time. Thank you for being a beautiful part of that!



From Gaia 1-20-12

Dear ones, my beloved,

Truly you are passing through a portal into a new way of being on a New Earth, surrounded by a New Heaven. It will take some time for you to integrate all that you are experiencing. Much of this transformation is spiritual and emotional, occurring in the energy fields of people and the earth.

My darling co-creators, much has already been accomplished! You have done so much to clear out the old patterns and systems. Take some time to feel my gratitude and delight in what you have done. I know it has not been easy. You have been swimming upstream, so to speak, going against the tide of the current way of doing things.

Now the New is gaining a stronger foothold. The New is settling in, becoming the norm. Feel the quietness and the heartbeat of the new earth rhythms. Just breathe and sense it. This is a heart thing, not a mental one.

As outdated and ineffective patterns are cleared, you have more and more space for the New. Feel it expanding and growing more and more easily. Your role is changing, my precious Forerunners. For years, your role was to shake things up, and to break up old blockages and deeply ingrained patterns that needed to be swept out of the way for the New to emerge. The log jam has been broken and now things will happen naturally and smoothly. You are more free now to simply pull up a chair and enjoy the view, if you wish. Or, if you prefer, you can dance and sing, knowing that your vibrations help to accelerate the transformation.

This is a time to relax, celebrate and trust that your partners in the Unseen realm are doing so much to welcome in the New Age. All is well, my darlings. All that you need will be provided in abundance and a gentle flow. Picture what you want and know that it will be yours in perfect and Divine timing.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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“The world of time is not the real world; the world of eternity is our real home. We are on our way there. We are pregnant with possibilities.”

Marianne Williamson “A Return to Love”

I sense the wonderful excitement of the year we are entering. I loved this quote from an e-mail I got from a friend, written by Keith Kay of the Quantum Fractal Energy website:

This is not the year to shrink back, play it safe or fade into the background. This is the time for spontaneous adventures, biting off more than you can chew, being unashamed, embracing the unknown, casting off restraint, breaking old patterns, laughing until it hurts, eating new foods, loving with abandon, going a little too far, speaking from your heart, making money doing what you passionately love, waking up in wonder, making new friends, letting go of old relationships, discovering new beauty in those you love and unlocking the infinite potential of your most remarkable life.

Wow! I do think this is the time to stretch beyond our routines and current comfort zones. I love the metaphor of birthing, which stretches us and welcomes beauty and growth. Now is the time! Enjoy the new year!!

Blessings for 2012! Mary

From Gaia 1-7-12

Dear ones, my beloved,

Indeed the New beckons to you, singing a song of new possibilities and miracles in incredible abundance. The New is all around you now, merely awaiting your readiness to receive it! If your eyes are closed or focused on the problems and gloominess of the crumbling of the current age, you miss so much. You might conclude that things are in chaos or disarray. Wrong! The New is right in front of you, just waiting for you to open your eyes to see it, your heart to receive it, your hands to hold it in its breath-taking loveliness.

Look with your hearts, my darlings! Your physical eyes can only see glimmers and flashes of the new earth and new heaven that are being birthed. Beneath the rubble of the old, disintegrating institutions and systems, new life is pushing its way from beneath the earth’s skin. The New may look fragile but it is most definitely not! The Unseen is emerging, growing, birthing, thriving! Stop focusing on what is rapidly becoming the past! Welcome the New and it will surround you and protect you. You will know for sure that the Goddess is rising!!

Truly, there is nothing to fear, absolutely nothing! Nothing can harm you when you are held in the arms of the Divine. All that you need will be provided with deep and abiding love. Just ask and be amazed at what your friends in the Unseen realm can do, as you co-create the New Earth with us.

Breathe until you feel peace in every cell in your body. Sense the Divine breath that you are a part of. All is well.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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