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Ask for help!

Ask for help!


I have been hearing this message over and over in my life.  Little nudges and reminders that we aren’t alone and help is available from people, nature and those of the spirit realm.

I have needed extra help lately.  My family and friend circle has recently had a spell of deaths, serious illnesses, job losses and other difficult situations.

Part of the culture of the United States is ‘rugged individualism’, the idea that we should be independent and self-sufficient.  The need for help is often seen as a sign of weakness, failure and incompetence.  That needs to change, and life is giving us circumstances that provide opportunity for us to find new ways to handle life’s inevitable challenges.

We’ve always needed to be a part of an interconnected web of relationships that support and assist each of us.  When we think of how totally dependent we are upon nature for the air we breathe, the food we eat, water to drink and for the resources to meet all of our physical needs, the illusion of independence looks pretty silly.  I have read that we humans are hard-wired to be in relationship.  Why deny ourselves that?  Perhaps because we’ve been hurt, disillusioned and disappointed when we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable.

Yet, as author Melodie Beattie says, being close to the fire is the only way to get warm.  We risk being burned but we need the warmth of love and relationships.

Here are some ways I have been asking for help.  When I misplace something, I ask Archangel Chamuel to help me know where to find it…and it works!  I asked my husband to do a Healing Touch treatment when I was feeling overwhelmed.  I call my sister when I need to talk about family stuff.  I spend time outside under a tree when I need to find comfort and strength.

If life gets bumpy, ask for help.  Even if it’s going smoothly, there are still countless ways to benefit from interconnection and supportive relationships.  Let’s enjoy turning the possibilities into reality!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, September 21, 2014

My precious and beloved ones,

Indeed we are in the midst of massive changes and realignments of the energy fields and patterns.  Things may appear chaotic and confusing in the outer world but know for sure that all is held in divine love and timing.  Beauty is emerging in perfection and you are a part of the co-creation of the New Heaven and New Earth.

Remain peaceful and serene in this time of transformation.  Life is like a river.  The river is there for everyone.  But each person has the freedom to decide how to navigate the flow.  Some resist entering the current of the river.  They cling to the shoreline, trying to stay in the same place.  This takes a lot of effort, for movement is the force of life.  Some are fearful of the river and thrash about, unable to feel the current that can carry them effortlessly into new places.

Then there are those who trust the flow, who find others to share the journey with them.  They create a boat and guide it into the flowing river.  They use an oar to help direct them but they let the power and energy of the river take them where they want to go.  These are the ones who can enjoy life, who are excited and enthusiastic.  They listen and trust.

Dear ones, you are accompanied and assisted by myriad beings of the spirit realm.  Ask for help and it will be provided in abundance and with great joy!  Ask for wisdom and you will receive it effortlessly.  Ask for all that you need and then open your hands, your heart.  Be expectant and see what happens next!

I love you, my darlings.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.








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