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The shift in consciousness is accelerating rapidly. We are like fish in a fish bowl and the water is draining out. Some people are swimming around, thinking everything is fine. Others realize that things are changing and we need to create our own water.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, heartlights.net

The quote above is from one of Nancy Joy’s weekly reflections video messages. I’m not sure I quoted it word-for-word but the idea was clear. I sense that everyone feels things changing. The economy seems fragile, our institutions don’t seem to be working smoothly, the world just doesn’t feel as stable and predictable as it used to. That can cause anxiety and fear.

But for those who are conscious and realize that something beautiful is emerging, this is an exciting time. I think the fear comes when we can’t imagine a better world, when we don’t believe that it is really possible.

We have been trained to be passive. We have not been taught that we are powerful, that we create our present and our future. Now we are being pushed by life’s circumstances to step into our power, to claim our birthright as creative and limitless people. The New is always a bit unsettling. But if we take each other’s hands and step into the future with confidence, who knows what we can co-create together?!!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

July 22, 2011

Dear ones, beloved of my heart,

When I see and hear people stepping into the future with joy and confidence, I want to shout, ‘YES’! It is my heartfelt desire that you, my darlings, step forward with a calm assurance inside, knowing that all is well and that you are held in divine love and care.

How does a baby become a toddler? They don’t just jump up and start running around! They stumble and fall and have to hang onto things as they get their balance and learn to walk. It takes courage and practice and a sense that it’s time to do things differently.

So it is with you, dear ones. Humanity is entering a time of change, a brand new stage of living! It is a time when you will find that you have wings, that you can fly! It is a time of expansion. Nothing that you need will be lost. All that you need is available to you this very moment.

Can you not sense that walls are coming down, that new possibilities are emerging in rich abundance? You can’t see the air but you know it exists, indeed is essential for life. So it is with Spirit-it exists always yet is invisible to your human eyes. This is a time to look with your heart for then you will see things that your physical eyes simply cannot see.

Come to me and your Unseen partners. Share your thoughts, your feelings, your fears and hopes and dreams. Create the world you want to see in your thoughts. Then take our hands and we will co-create it in the Seen realm. All is unfolding with perfect timing. Breathe the breath of life with me and know that we are moving beyond Eden to a new paradise beyond description.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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For the earth to heal, we must heal.


This quote was shared by someone dear to me and has given me much to ponder. I can get very focused on the earth healing that needs to happen, yet we are intimately connected to the earth and affect each other in profound ways.

When we focus on healing the earth, often this means we look outside ourselves at things we can do. And those things are important. But it’s frequently harder to look inside ourselves at what needs to be changed and dealt with and healed.

It feels like Life, the universe, the Divine, whatever we each call this, is helping us along in this process. My sister and many others are facing financial uncertainty which can cause feelings ranging from uncomfortable to downright fear or even panic. The weather patterns definitely are getting our attention. Institutions that we have depended on for services and support for our way of life are feeling more fragile than they did in the past. It feels to me like things are being shaken up-personally and also collectively. For me it often feels very uncomfortable, frightening and sometimes very painful.

But if I can move beyond my fear and tendency to recoil at change, there are other emotions that are possible-excitement, anticipation, hope and a deep sense that massive healing is underway. A Course in Miracles says that fear is a sure sign that we are trusting in our own strength, rather than opening ourselves to the unlimited strength and abundance of the Divine.

I invite us to join our hearts in affirming the incredible love that will carry us through whatever challenges we, and our world, face.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

July 9, 2011

Dear ones, beloved and precious,

Truly you are held in arms of love as the earth trembles and shifts and even shakes. Indeed change of a massive scale is underway, on the earth and beyond. If there are times that you are frightened or confused or angry, honor that. Hold yourself in a space of love and gentleness, for it can be hard when you sense that you are not in control of what is occurring.

Know with absolutely certainty that what is happening is guided with divine love and wisdom, not random happenstance. This is true for each of you and also for the Whole.

Consider an earthquake. It happens when pressure is building up, when things are out of alignment. After the quake, things are more stable and at ease. Fire is a needed part of a healthy forest. Yet after the fire, things look disastrous. It takes time for the new green shoots to appear and seed the rebirth which the fire helped to create.

My hands are outstretched to you, offering love, support and ways for your needs to be met-both your physical needs and also the needs that are unseen. When you are weary or frightened or overwhelmed, rest against me and I will share comfort, peace and guidance. Don’t try to hide your feelings. Share them with me and take a good look at them, acknowledging how they will help you to move to a better place.

I love every part of you! There is absolutely nothing you can do that would diminish the love of the Divine for you!! This is a healing time, a turning time, a transforming time. Together, my darlings, together we will move through this time and co-create heaven along the way. Know deep in your hearts and minds that all is well.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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