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Don’t ask for money!

Never ask for money.

~Jennifer Hoffman, enlighteninglife.com

We live in interesting, exciting and sometimes challenging times.  Author Charles Eisenstein says we are living in ‘the space between stories’ and I agree.  But lately for me it has been a bit of a bumpy space as I transition from the 3rd dimension story to the 4th and 5th one.  Life has been giving me many opportunities to see where I am still anchored (or stuck) in 3D density.

In a presentation, Jennifer Hoffman said to never ask or pray for money.  Why?  Because what we are always asking for is what money can buy so that’s where we need to put our focus.  If we asked for the proverbial million dollars, why would we want it?  What would it buy us?…a house, car, cash to pay our bills or travel or stash some money in savings for a rainy day?  And what does that money represent-freedom, security, independence, etc?

If we look at it this way, money is just an indicator of something we want or need and a means to attain that.  In our 3D world, money is the method we have created to get needs and wants met.  Money is just the tool we use to do that.  Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy often says that when we vibrate in 5th dimensional energy, we can hold out our hand, think apple and the apple will instantly appear in our hand.  Hmm, no need for money then!

If we believe that instant manifestation is possible…and I think most or all of us do…then the question becomes, why isn’t it happening in our lives?  Sometimes it is happening!  I’m sure we can all think of examples of times when we thought of something we wanted or needed and it was given to us very quickly.  Often without money involved.

Yet, most of us are still at least partially functioning in the 3D world where we see money as a way to provide for our needs and wants.  If we live in that belief system, it is natural that we would spend at least some of our time doing things to bring money into our lives.  I don’t think it’s an issue of good/bad or right/wrong.  I think it is simply an opportunity to ask, how is this working for us?

Some people do work they love and it brings money into their lives.  I have a cousin who said if he retired, he would keep doing exactly what he is doing now because he loves his work and it’s not money that motivates him to do it.  How many people do you know who would say that??  I know a few but not very many.

We are moving to a time of living the new story of freedom, choice, abundance and absolute trust in having our needs met fully and completely.  Yet the old story of lack, fear, worry and abuse is still in many of our lives, at least to some extent.

So perhaps the lesson we are learning is how to let go of what no longer serves us and embrace what does.  Money, after all, is just little pieces of paper or digits on a computer.  It’s only usefulness or power is what we give it, the collective agreements that we can use that paper or computer record to get something we want.  Individually and together, we are writing the new story and who knows where it will take us?  Somewhere beautiful!  I’m sure of that!!

I don’t sense Gaia giving a message in words right now.  I see her smiling and lending her heart to supporting all of us as we take the steps into our creation of the new story.

Love and blessings, Mary


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There is a sweet sadness (with change) to be sure.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, heartlights.net

I have been going through a lot of changes in my life lately and these words from Nancy Joy captured my feelings perfectly.  I suspect that many of you are feeling the winds of change blowing through or around you.

In 2013 it seemed like things were pretty stable in my life, no major health problems in my family, etc.  Then, in the last few months, change has been swirling all around me.  My uncle, the last member of my parents’ generation in my family, died last fall.  Then in January death came to my generation with the passing of my sister’s husband.

Changes have been cascading through my family and friend circle: people moving near and far, major health issues, job changes, job loss, retirement, babies being born, groups ending and many other changes.  Of course, these things happen all the time but the amount has been particularly intense for me lately.  I have gotten the image of a kaleidoscope with things shifting and re-configuring.

My challenge has been to hold my center, rather than be blown around as the changes come.  I am reminded over and over that change is about beginnings, as well as endings.  And that the endings can create space for things that are new and better.  We can stay close in heart even when geography or life circumstances part us from loved ones.

Who knows what changes are in the horizon as the Shift in Consciousness continues to unfold.  As we find that quiet, peaceful place inside of us where the Divine dwells, I am confident that many blessings will flow to us.

Love, Mary

From Gaia, March 1, 2015

My beloved ones,

Indeed the transformation on every level of existence is happening with wild abandon at this time!  Energy is pouring to your planet and light is illuminating any dark corners where change is needed.  I know that this can be disorienting and sometimes it stir up fears.  But, dear ones, know for sure that beauty is emerging and you are held in loving arms by your friends in the Divine realm.

All is well.  Nothing will be taken from you that is needed for the New Earth.  This is a cleansing time.  Under the grime of old institutions and crusty cultural patterns is a new template for ways that serve the highest good of all.  Be watchful and you will see the newness emerge, as outmoded things fall away.

Receive these gifts with open hands and open hearts!  Breathe the breath of life gently and with ease.  From this quiet, peaceful place you will be able to observe creation in its loveliness.  You will be serene despite the chaos and noise all around you.

Precious ones, the New already exists in the Unseen Realm.  This is a wondrous time when new patterns, processes and beauty can move into the physical realm where you can see it with your physical eyes.  But know that it is already before you, just waiting to be seen.

See yourselves floating down the river of life.  Sometimes the current is subtle and calm and you can simply enjoy the view.  Other times the current is more rapid and turbulent.  Then you need to focus on staying centered and flexible, riding the rapids to a more quiet space.

Feel my arms of love holding you close to my heart.  Sense the depth of love that surrounds you each moment, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I love you very much. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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