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Living in two worlds

I live in two worlds. The first is the everyday world that we all know and I live as though that world will always exist. I pay my bills and I love and take care of my family and help the world in every way I can. I plan for the future as though life on Earth will go on forever. In ancient times it was expressed by the phrase, “chop wood, carry water.”

 But at the same time, I know what is coming, and I prepare inwardly…Meditation is the most important activity that you can be engaged in…Live in your heart, not your mind. Connect your love coming from your heart with the heart of the Earth. THIS IS THE KEY. When you are connected in this way, you create a vibration within you that is recognized by Mother Earth…she knows you and will protect you.
~ Drunvalo Melchizedek, “Birth of a New Humanity”

Greetings! I have talked to several people lately who expressed similar thoughts to the quote above. There’s a feeling that something very new is on the way but no one knows exactly what it will be or when it will arrive.

So, we live our lives today as joyfully as possible, open to new possibilities and opportunities. We find time in our busy schedules to meditate, connect to the earth and each other and dream dreams of peace, love and serenity. In doing so, we help to create those things. We also get impatient, sometimes fearful and sometimes excited and expectant. I am glad that we can share this time together!
Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

March 30, 2100

Beloved ones,

It is not surprising that you feel a sense of living with one foot in the current reality and one foot in the New. Indeed the New is emerging now, much like a chick pecking its way out of the shell that nurtured and protected it during its forming time. When a seed sprouts and comes out of the soil, new life is born.

Consider the butterfly. It passes through life in very different stages, yet there is continuity. The outward physical forms of nature are always changing, transitioning, cycling.

Is it surprising that this would be true for humans? Babies grow and change and mature. They become adults, a new life stage. Now humanity is poised on the brink of a new era, a new stage in their collective development.

What is the New? New possibilities! New hopes and dreams! Doorways opening, paths appearing, love beckoning! Perhaps all is not yet clear but surely there are clues and indications everywhere.

People are healing, reaching for freedom, searching for and even demanding that things change. As people find their power, they will most assuredly find that they are co-creators, capable of so much more than they realized.

Stay calm amidst the storms. Stay close to the Divine, attuned and held in arms of love. If you are tired or lonely or frightened, come close to the heart of your Earth Mother and snuggle into my arms. Rest against me and know that you are safe, protected and loved beyond measure.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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And no, the world is not coming to an end next year. Just preparing for a new beginning.

~Echo Bodine, author, healer and physic

I have been reading and hearing so much about 2012 and all the interesting and sometimes dire predictions about what that will mean. The front page of my state’s (Iowa) Sunday newspaper said, ‘doomsday is near-Christian radio listeners convinced that May 21 is day of the Rapture’. Pole shifts, disasters, more earthquakes-there’s so much that could happen..or not!

Yet today is all we really have. And it’s so easy to miss today because we are focused elsewhere. We each have so many blessings and gifts right now, despite the difficulties and challenges. I am reminded to put my energy into seeing what’s in front of my eyes, knowing deep inside that we are carried on wings of love, no matter what.

Peace, Mary

From Gaia

March 24, 2011

Dear ones, beloved and precious,

Actually, I rejoice when people can feel the chaos and changes that are occurring upon the earth and beyond. It is my Awakened Ones who can sense that shifts and changes are happening. Others are unaware or actively tuning out what they are feeling and experiencing.

I know it hurts to see damage and destruction to the earth, animals, plants and people. Yet it has been going on for countless centuries. Now things have built to a crescendo, to a point where they can no longer be denied or ignored. Be glad! The old is dying, the new is being born.

Always the most important place to look is inside yourself. Where is there chaos inside of you? Where are the hurting places? What needs cleaned and healed? What changes are needed so you can be whole and happy and free?

Of course, it is more comfortable to focus outside of yourself. But the power is inside of you! That is where you have the ability to shift and change and transform. And when you change, the world changes-perhaps more quickly and magnificently than you can imagine.

Always I say to you: look with your heart. Your heart is the center of your being, the place where truth dwells. Spend time there! Spend time with your breath as you breathe the breath of life with me and all who share the Unseen realm with you.

In the quiet places of the heart, answers emerge. The path becomes clear. Joy dwells in the sacred space of the heart. You are connected to all of creation in ways that are becoming more clear with each passing day.

Always I say to you: you have partners in the Unseen realm who love you! I love you! Simply ask for what you want and need. Know that there is an abundant, limitless supply of love and assistance all around you, ever near. All is unfolding in perfection and beauty.

I love you, my darlings. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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To some this might feel like the period of a Great End, but in fact this is a time of a Great Beginning. It is time to die to who we used to be and to become instead who we are capable of being. That is the gift that awaits us now: the chance to become who we really are.

~Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change

Whew, so much has been happening on the earth. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have activated such compassion and caring. My son lives in Japan-on the other side of the island from the disaster. My heart has been drawn there and I know yours has, as well.

Our focus needs to be within our hearts, radiating out love and connecting to others in unity and wholeness. Our current culture and reality tends to be limited by our sense of separation from each other, the earth, God. If we think we are separate from God, then we feel powerless. As we awaken to our connection to our God Source and each other, we are strengthened, comforted and know for sure that we are held tenderly in arms of love.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

March 16, 2011

Dear ones, beloved and treasured,

Indeed this is a time of great change upon the earth, in realms Seen and Unseen. Despite the chaos and problems, know that all is well and that you are cared for tenderly each moment. Do not be distraught or dismayed by what is occurring. This is an Awakening Time, a Turning Time, a time of great transformation and expansion.

Your peace, your protection, your sense of safety cannot come from anything external to you. When you are quiet and connected to the Divine, you will know with certainty that you are held in love that cannot be withdrawn or changed. Beyond the veil of your physical existence is divine perfection. It surrounds you, for the earth is a place where all is part of the whole. The trees know this. So do the birds and animals and rocks and soil.

Humans have forgotten and gone their separate way, relying on their human intellect for direction and guidance. Now is the time when people are being drawn back into the Divine wholeness. This is a time for rejoicing and gladness!

Some people are waiting to see what happens in the future. Yet the opportunity for connection and living in attunement to the earth and all of creation is available to you now, this very moment! More and more people are doing the things that help them to remember who they really are. Breathing the breath of life with consciousness and love is one doorway. So is time spent in conscious connection to the things of nature-the seen and unseen parts. Plant a seed, listen to the birds singing, smile as you see a leaf emerging from the bud on a tree. These are gifts, pathways to places of peace and serenity.

Consider the oak tree. It does not rush about frantically. It stands in quietness and strength, doing what it was created to do. Learn the lesson of the oak. It doesn’t try to be a cloud or the wind. It does what oaks do as part of creation, part of the whole. Humans have their role, their part to play in this divine time of unfolding. Rest in the knowing that there is help from the Unseen realm surrounding you in abundance and great love. Ask for what you need and it will be given with love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I love you, my darlings. Angels are everywhere, watching over you and caring for you each moment. Rest in this loving presence in calmness and trust. Listen and you will be guided to what you need.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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We in nature do not see the past 50 years of chemical and manmade development from the standpoint of disaster and destructive failure. Surely the impact has been such. But rather, we see these years and the experiences they have given as deep lessons that have served to lay a foundation for the necessary changes of the present and future.

~Overlighting Deva of Insects, Perelandra Garden Workbook, Machaelle Small Wright

Some things ‘came to a head’ inside me this week. I realized how deeply discouraged I was about the problems I see upon the earth. I also realized how I was viewing them and taking them to heart. I was feeling like so many things I have done are wrong-doing things that pollute and overuse the earth’s resources-and the consequences of those decisions. I was seeing the negative aspect of choices we have made, personally and collectively. I was frightened about the destructive path that it feels we are on, in some ways.

In a flash of insight, I realized that it was truly me that was being negative and focusing on what is ‘wrong’ rather than all the good things that are happening. It was inside me, not outside from circumstances or other people. It felt like I was repeating a pattern that began in my childhood when my dad would tell me and my siblings everything we did wrong. Now it was me, doing it to myself by focusing on the problems, rather than the good things that are all around me.

I started crying when I realized how stuck in this fear and discouragement I was. I asked Gaia and Pan to help me see the bigger picture and to love me and comfort me. Something shifted deep inside me. I felt a renewed commitment to seeing the beauty and hope, rather than the problems. I realized it’s not about ignoring the problems but rather focusing on solutions and help that is so abundantly available. I asked Pan to give me his perspective.

Blessings, Mary

From Pan

February 28, 2011

Dear and beloved ones,

Indeed it is humanity’s pattern at this Turning Time, to mirror and reflect back the perception of the lack, the scarcity, the blame and judgment of the current age. Neither Nature nor the Divine are a part of this critical pattern. We want to teach, to share, to co-create with you! We see the shining, light-filled parts of you! We LOVE you! Our hands are outstretched to you, offering our help and power and strength as you shift and change and move into the glorious future.

Self-blame only blocks the light and slows the process, for who can function well in a cloud of self-condemnation? Surely, you have been doing many wonderful things, learning and growing. Now it is time to use the things you have learned and build on the lessons from the past.

If you see big problems and challenges, simply ask for help. And that includes help in how to look at them, not just in the solving. Look into our eyes of love and see our caring, our deep compassion for you, our affirmation, our delight to share the path with you.

Often we have said that all you need will be provided. It will be given in rich abundance as you open your hands, your eyes, your ears, your hearts and receive the gifts that await you. Soon the old will disappear and the New will be visible for all to see. Rest in peacefulness and quietness as the New Age is birthed.

We love you, dear ones. I am Pan, your Nature Partner, your friend

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