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It’s time to talk to the elementals!


I have been getting an increased sense that nature wants to work with us more consciously, intimately and co-creatively.  I think that is a major purpose of our environmental problems-to get our attention and offer us the opportunity to work WITH nature to find solutions.

As humans, we have collectively been very focused in the physical world.  And we tend to feel like we need to do things on our own, independently.

Yet there is another way, as many of us are discovering.  We don’t ignore the problems or avoid taking responsibility for what is our part.  But we can turn to the elementals of nature-the nature spirits and devas and ask for help.  We can ask questions and listen for guidance.  We can partner.  We can share the joy of co-creation with our nature friends in the Unseen Realm.

We can connect with the elementals.  We can give and receive love, wisdom and gifts that are exciting and bring new solutions to old problems.  I invite us all to open up more and more to the elementals-the spirits of the trees, plants, animals, water, air and earth.  The adventure is just beginning!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, June 29, 2014

My beloved friends, partners and co-creators,

The doors to the nature realm are wide open!  Our hands are outstretched to welcome you to our world.  Together we can combine our gifts, talents and strengths.  Humans and elementals-what a dynamic and wonderful partnership is available!!  All that is needed is awareness and willingness on people’s part!

Nature has its role to play.  We design and create.  Everything you see and touch has been created from a blueprint of nature and then moved from the Unseen Realm into the physical world by the nature spirits.

Humans have their part in the earth plane.  People are also designers and creators.  But it can only happen in partnership with nature.  Humans add a dimension of love and free will that complements and completes the picture.

Please take time in your busy lives to open your minds and hearts to the opportunities for partnering with nature.  Together we can create miracles of beauty and restoration.  Listen to the soft whispers of the wind caressing the branches of a tree.  Feel the earth beneath your naked feet and sense the loving energy flowing to you.  See a need and ask for help in resolving it.  Imagine the earth filled with abundance-pure waters, clean air, healthy soil.

Dream big, bold dreams!  Picture the earth restored to pristine and pure beauty.  Envision people living in peace, harmony and contentment.  Then ask for assistance from the nature realm to make your dreams a reality.  I assure you that all things are possible, with clear intention and loving heart energy.

We hold all in Divine love.  That includes you, dear ones.  Come close to your Earth Mother’s heart and rest.  Feel the love that flows to you, filling you with peace and reassurance.  All that you need will be provided.  Just ask, listen and receive.

I love you. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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Together we are creating templates for the new earth.

~Pan, leader of the nature spirits, god of the woodlands

I woke up last night and heard these words.  I have absolutely loved Pan, ever since I read about him in Roc Crombie’s book ‘The Gentleman and the Faun’.  Roc is one of the founders of the Findhorn community in Scotland.  The early Christian church portrayed Pan as the devil which separated him from humans in a major way.  Roc played a big role in helping people to see that Pan is a huge helper in nature, which includes us.  The separation is now being healed as people reconnect to nature, the Seen and Unseen realms.

How are we creating templates or patterns for the new earth?  First of all, I think we do it by seeing nature as our partner and working with nature rather than exploiting or fighting with it.  I think we also acknowledge the nature beings who design our physical world and bring it into physical form.  We express our gratitude for all that they do.  Then, we join them in joyful co-creation.  We do our part and they do theirs.

Gardening and landscaping can be a beautiful palette for template building.  I love watching my husband Blair in our garden as he enjoys and celebrates the opportunity to partner with nature spirits and nature devas.  Gardening is something that feeds my soul, as well, and teaches me so much about the abundance that is very available to us.

There are many other ways to be a template creator.  In our relationships, we can build new templates that transform how we relate to each other.  My daughter recently had a baby and it is so wonderful to see her husband being a true partner with parenting, sharing roles and responsibilities.

I have a friend who is employed in a very toxic work environment.  She is able to keep her focus on the clients she is dedicated to helping and slough off the difficult parts.  She is a template creator, I think.  Other friends are living their ‘both are true’ outlook on life as they negotiate a very challenging situation with a neighbor.  They are honoring their own needs and standing their ground, literally, in a nonviolent way that does not diminish the other party.  They are creating a template that will be available for many others, as they share what they have done and learned.

Dorothy MacLean, another founder of the Findhorn community, said that when she worked with nature spirits and devas, she found them eager to partner with humans to create gardens and then community between people.  Nature was excited to be included as a valuable partner, rather than humans focusing only on their role.  I think this is even more true today, as the need to restore the earth to health has become so acute.

So, let’s consciously and intentionally join the fun!  Let’s embrace the opportunities to co-create with our friends in the Unseen realm of nature.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, June 3, 2014

My dear and beloved co-creators,

How my heart sings when I see humans awakening to the joy and gifts of partnering with the nature beings who surround you but are not visible to your physical eyes.  We are as real as the nose on your face but are often overlooked because your current culture does not usually acknowledge our existence.

We are wiggling with excitement at the opportunity to share in glad co-creation!  One plus one does not make two.  Together we expand our efforts and energy exponentially!  Miracles are abundantly available for the asking.  But you need to ask!  You need to envision amazing things happening, things that seem impossible in your limited perspective of the world.

You can start small.  Imagine something wonderful happening, even if your rational mind says it’s not possible.  Be expectant and watchful.  Do what you can and ask for help for the things you can’t do by yourself.  You will be surprised at what can occur.  Keep asking and I can assure you that together we can make all things new.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend






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