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Graduating to 5D

All that is left of the 3rd dimension is the old, limiting beliefs, habits and patterns (inside of us).

~Jim Self, Mastering Alchemy

My last post on living in a ‘both are true’ world certainly got me to thinking more deeply about the transition we are going through right now.  We are moving from the 3rd dimensional world into the 5th dimension of higher vibrating energy and limitless possibilities.  No wonder things seem a little…or a lot…crazy right now, especially with the massive solar flares and eclipses!

Some people thought that on 12-21-12, we would all be magically transported into a 5th dimensional paradise, leaving behind the messes, pain and difficulties we have created in the current world.  This was not to be, at least not completely yet.  And I am realizing that there is wisdom and gifts in this, despite the disappointment that we may have felt.

When my children would play video games as teenagers, they learned that they couldn’t move to a higher level of a game until they mastered the one they were in.  Same in our schools.  We don’t move to the next grade until we have completed the lessons and have the foundation to build on in the next class level.  That’s what’s going on right now with moving from 3D to 5D.

Right now we are navigating the transition to higher ways of living and being.  Part of that is completing the lessons we need to learn so we are prepared for the next steps.  We are finishing up emotional clearing work, creating healthy relationships and leaving behind whatever doesn’t serve us anymore.  It’s exciting but can be emotionally exhausting and involve grief for people and things we need to leave or transform in order to move on.

Life is helping us check our readiness to live in higher, 5th dimensional energy.  Have we learned what we need to learn so we are ready to move on?  Are there any messes we need to clean up?  Are we ready to live peaceful, joy-filled and abundant lives?  Are there any dense, low vibrating beliefs, habits and patterns still operating in our lives?

I think it’s amazing to realize that the only thing keeping us in 3D is ourselves!  No more blame, holding others responsible, attributing it to outer circumstances.  The door is open and we can walk in any time.  I see a few people doing it most of the time.  Others are peeking in, giving the new space a try and then working to clear what blocks them from staying there fulltime.

The massive solar flares and eclipses are providing the energy to support our transition.  Let’s use it to the fullest!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia October 22, 2014

Dear ones, my beloved,

I know it is challenging to shift from the old victim and martyr mode into freedom and myriad possibilities.  Fear is the clue-the trail that leads to the blocks and old patterns and beliefs.  What triggers fear in you, if indeed anything does?

Is it fear about lack of money? Health problems? Relationship issues?  Anything that causes you to feel afraid, anxious or dis-couraged is a clue to something that needs cleared, shifted or transmuted.  Always, always, follow the thought or feeling to the place inside of you that needs healed or cleansed.

You have done so much of this already.  Perhaps you wonder if it will ever end so you can find what you seek.  The answer is inside of you, as well.  Close your eyes and ask the question.  Breathe until you feel peaceful and quiet.  The answer will come on the wings of an angel.  You will know for sure that you can live in the higher vibrating, beautiful energy of love and peace whenever you are ready.

You are being supported by love flowing from the Unseen Realm.  You are surrounded by love and blessings each moment.  Open your mind to this truth and the doorway will appear.  Trust that all is well, held in the hands of the Divine.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend


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Both are true.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, heartlights.net

My friend Nancy Joy uses this phrase to help us understand that we live in a ‘both/and’ reality which is a big shift from the former ‘either/or’ space that many of us inhabited before our shift in consciousness.  It moves us beyond our limited way of viewing the world where we project our duality of right/wrong, good/bad, them/us.  It opens up incredible possibilities that we perhaps couldn’t see before.  It makes life so much more hopeful and exciting.

The last couple of nights I have awakened about 3:00 AM and felt that I needed to allow my heart and mind to travel around the world.  I went to places where there is massive environmental destruction and opened doors and portals for the beings of the spirit world to come in and help.

I went to Beijing, China where my son lives and where the air pollution is so awful that he can’t go outside most of the time.  I asked the air spirits to come and help us clean the air so it is pure and fresh again.  I went to the forests of northern Canada where oil companies are destroying the ecosystem as they mine the tar sands for oil, leaving behind huge bodies of contaminated water filled with toxic poisons.  I asked our friends of the spirit world to help clean the water and soil and restore the forests to health.  I went to ice fields of Antarctica and asked the spirit beings to protect the oceans and climate patterns.

Over and over again, Gaia encourages and sometimes implores us to ask for help.  I invite each of you to ask our friends of the Unseen world of nature to enter into any place or situation that needs restoration and healing.  Each of us has our part to play in healing the earth and helping to restore it to health and wholeness.  Yet we are co-creators and have countless partners in the spirit realm who are eager to help us.  The only barrier to their powerful assistance is our willingness to ask for help because we have free will which is respected by those of the spirit world.

Let’s join hearts as we open the floodgates of healing power that is bringing heaven to earth!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia October 14, 2014

My beloved and precious friends,

Yes, indeed, there is help available from the spirit realm, poised and ready to assist with anything and everything that needs transformation.  It’s not a trickle or sprinkle of powerful, healing energy!  It’s a mighty river, a massive wind, an enveloping cloud!!  The only thing that keeps it from sweeping across the earth is an invitation from YOU!  Yes, you!!!

For so long, people have lived in darkness, unaware and out of touch with the power that is fully accessible to them.  It is within you and around you.  It’s everywhere, all the time!  But you must step into your power and ask for it to be activated.  Then it becomes useful and can transform and transmute all that needs to be changed.

Dear ones, there is no separation of physical and spirit.  All is part of the whole, a oneness that cannot be divided.  As you open your hearts, your minds, your hands, you realize that you are part of Divine love and power.  There is no limit to the strength, wisdom and love that you can access and call forth.  Do it now!  Breathe out the fear that blocks your willingness to ask for all you desire.  Breathe in peace and the unlimited power of the universe and let it fill every cell of your being.  Ask and you will receive, gifts flowing in beautiful abundance.  All will be blessed.  It can happen in an instant because time is fluid and flexible.

Do your part, my beloved co-creators.  Listen to your inner voice that is connected to the Source of All.  You will be guided each moment.  Rest against the heart of your Mother Earth and know that you can ask for help from your partners in the spirit realm at any time.  Ask and know that you are loved.  Know that you are helping to create a world where there is love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I love you, my darlings.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend




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