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We are living in the Fifth Dimension, with a Third Dimensional overlay.
~a member of my water clearing group

I belong to a group that meets for an hour each week to clear various bodies and sources of water through dowsing. It is a powerful experience to have up to a dozen people sending out love and intentions to clear and cleanse our water. We have cleared the water surrounding Fukushima, the Iowa River, water connected to the University of Iowa Hospitals and the well and aquifer of a friend whose water is contaminated with arsenic. And we’re just getting started!

I loved it when a member of the group made the above statement about living in the 5th dimension. She is certainly a person who exudes calm, peaceful energy, which I connect to higher ways of living and being. She says that how we live is a choice and she chooses to live in the 5th dimension-a space of love, joy, abundance and harmony.

My understanding of the 3rd dimension is that it is where limitations exist, things like our acceptance of scarcity, fear, lack, judgment and hierarchy. After the Shift of 2012, we are able to access expanded possibilities for living. Old beliefs, patterns and institutions can be reconfigured or dissolved. We can embrace new beliefs that open doorways to a new reality based on reverence for all of creation. We can discover that the limits we believed in are illusions. Indeed, the only limits are the ones we believe exist. It’s amazing!

The 5th dimension is not something that is dropped into our laps, so to speak. Our main job is to remove the blocks and limitations in our thinking and emotions that keep us in the lower vibrating energy of the 3rd dimension. As Jim Self from Mastering Alchemy says repeatedly, ‘you cannot take your baggage with you on this journey’. So we look within and clear out old pain, anger, fear and limiting beliefs. Then we are free to welcome unlimited opportunities into our lives.

I certainly don’t consider myself to be living completely in the 5th dimension…yet. But I find myself spending more time there, when I can access the space within myself that is quiet, peaceful and connected to Divine love. I smile when I spend time with others who are discovering this beautiful space. Together we are making all things new.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, May 13, 2014

Dear ones, my beloved,

Know for sure that I am here for you, no matter what dimension or space or vibration you are in at any given moment. Your friends and partners in the Unseen realm are not limited by time or space. You may feel limits but they are simply darkness which can vanish when light shines. You are light! It is within you and around you. All that keeps it from realizing your dreams are your own limits of fear, doubt and memories of past experiences that wounded you and left you afraid to trust.

Now is the time to leave the past behind. You can bring the lessons and gifts with you but please don’t bring the things that no longer serve you! Do you want to hold onto the pain of the past, the hurts and wounds? Let them go! Thank them for bringing you to the place where you can say good-bye and release them. Then turn your face toward the path of healing, wholeness and love overflowing.

The new home for your heart is ready to welcome you. It is a space of great beauty, warmth and gentle kindness. Here you can relax, trust the flow of life and settle into joy without end. The door is open. Walk in and feel the embrace of your friends and partners of the Unseen realm. Dance with us and walk effortlessly into an eternal Space of Love.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend



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