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As above, so below

The door to the 5th dimension is narrow. You can’t take your baggage with you.

~Jennifer Hoffman, enlighteninglife.com

Many of us have spent years, perhaps decades, clearing and healing what I call ‘old crud’-pain, wounds and difficult memories from our past.  As we do so, life becomes less stressful and more joyful.  Now even more stuff is surfacing for some people.  Why?  We made it through the shift of 2012 and it may seem like now it’s time to fly.  Why is more stuff coming into our awareness?

We all know the saying, ‘as above, so below’.  I think this helps to explain what is happening.  We see the old crud swirling around everywhere in our world right now.  Things that have been hidden are coming to the surface-old patterns of corruption, greed, domination, fear and deception.  We see it in governments, churches, our economy and so many other places.  We gave our power to these institutions and expected them to take care of us.  Now we need to take our power back, knowing that we are so capable of taking care of ourselves, individually and collectively.

These macro events are our mirror, helping us to look inside for those last vestiges of things that need to be cleared internally.  The door to the 5th dimension, higher vibrating ways of being, is wide open.  It is accessible and we are being welcomed to pass through the doorway.  But we can’t take our baggage and burdens with us.  We can’t vibrate at 5th dimensional levels when we are carrying old wounds, pain, fears and patterns.  It’s time to clear them and we are receiving loving help everywhere we turn.  Having old wounds come into our awareness may not seem like good news but it is and things can clear so much faster in this higher vibrating space.  The pain, fear and sadness are transforming into abundant blessings.

Let’s find the balance of enjoying and celebrating the new opportunities, while doing the remaining task of clearing and healing what needs to be transmuted.  Ask for help and it will appear, either in human form or from our partners and helpers in the Unseen realm.  Be gentle with yourself.  This old stuff goes deep and we need to nurture and support ourselves as we navigate this turning time.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia 3-13-13

My darling and beloved co-creators,

Indeed the contrasts are vivid right now.  A new day is dawning and the bright light is beautiful.  But this bright light is also shining and illuminating the darkness that currently exists and showing things that need to be transformed.

This is a time of ‘both are true’.  You are being challenged to hold it all within your hearts and within your minds.  Your most important role at this time is to be the light!  Of course, your light is needed to shine throughout the world, providing a beacon of guidance and hope to all who see it.  But there are places inside of you that need this light, as well.  Now is the time to clear the last remnants of pain, woundedness and old, dysfunctional patterns and beliefs that exist inside of you.

Right now the world around you is a noisy, confusing and chaotic place.  People who have hidden their actions in dark corners are most uncomfortable to have things brought into the light.  They are thrashing about, looking for a place to hide and finding none.  They are frightened and disoriented and need a balance of compassion and accountability.

You must balance time in this noisy world with quiet time alone or with others who vibrate in this higher light.  Listen to your inner wisdom and you will be guided into paths of peacefulness and quiet contentment.

Never, ever hesitate to call upon helpers in the human and Divine realm.  Much is available to you if you but ask with an open heart and open hands.  You are loved beyond measure, my darlings.  The clouds are lifting, a fresh wind is blowing and the warm sun is rising to illuminate the beauty of the new earth that we are co-creating together.  Stay close to me and our Divine partners for we are strong.  It is easy to break one stick but impossible to break a bundle of sticks that are held together with hearts of love.

Snuggle close to my heart when you are weary or frightened.  Here you will find a home that you need never leave.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend



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