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After the final no, there comes a yes…and on that yes the future world depends.

~Wallace Stevens, quoted by Al Gore in a recent TED talk

Al Gore used this quote to illustrate how it often takes a lot of time and effort to make major social changes, such as women’s right to vote, the end of slavery, civil rights, etc. His emphasis is on environmental issues, our dependence on fossil fuels and climate change.  He talks about how there is often one ‘no’ after another until the tide turns, the shift happens, the perspective and consciousness about the issue changes.  In his TED talk, he says that the ‘no’ is shifting to ‘yes’ in the renewable energy and climate change arena.  That is good news!  More needs to happen, to be sure, but I’m glad he gives voice to the positive shift.

It feels like we are in a time when there is much resistance to many changes that need to happen and are happening. That means a lot of yeses are on the way!! This is true in the collective as well as in each of our lives.  What is happening now is so much bigger than just a shift in a single issue.  It is a transformation of human consciousness!!  How exciting!!!

In the meantime, it can be challenging or just plain hard to deal with the resistance to change we are experiencing in all of our institutions and within many people and, yes, within ourselves. Trust and patience are sometimes not easy.  If we can center ourselves, get quiet and listen, I think we can hear and feel the yeses flowing more forcefully all the time.  Yes to freedom, yes to peace, yes to clean air, water and soil, yes to a healthy earth and healthy, joy filled people and so much more!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, October 30, 2016

Dear ones, beloved and precious to my heart,

Much of the ascension shift has already occurred. It has happened within the earth and out into the galaxy and universe.  It is happening within the hearts and minds of all human beings but many are just becoming aware.  Others are arguing that nothing has changed.  But just because people have closed their eyes and can’t see something does not mean that it isn’t there!  In a dark room, you may not be able to see the furniture or pictures on the wall, but they are there!!

Now the Divine Spirit is slowing turning up the light of transformation. If a huge spotlight is turned on abruptly, it can be disorienting and even blinding.  So we of the spirit realm are turning up the light and sound of the Transformation little by little so you can adjust to the changes.

Some people are awake and looking eagerly around to see what is happening. They are delighted and thrilled to see and feel all that is happening.  They are feeling the peace flowing, the freedom rising, relationships blossoming, portals to the Unseen Realm opening!

Other people are just waking up, rubbing their eyes and things look fuzzy. They are unsure of what is happening and feel a mixture of excitement and fear.

Some people are awash in fear as they feel the present reality dissolving and transitioning to one of a much higher vibration and frequency. They feel the gap growing wider and are not sure that they can make the needed changes.  So they cling to what is familiar and have a death grip on the old systems that support their current way of being.

There is yet work to do but we are reaching a time when you can relax, knowing that all is unfolding and supported by massive waves of love from the Divine. Focus inward, clearing out all that no longer serves you and welcoming all that does-the love, beauty, grace and myriad gifts being offered to you.  As each person reaches higher and higher vibrations, all are blessed and the entire planet transitions.  Breathe and become quiet.  Then you will feel and know in your deepest being that all is well.

I love you, dear ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend





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Once we no longer choose to accept that we are limited, powerless and helpless, all of the structures whose existence depends on those beliefs will crumble. Then we will create a new, more empowered world.

~Jennifer Hoffman, Enlightening Life

I woke up recently with images connected to freedom on my mind:

*a kite on a string straining to go higher with the wind

*an airplane ready to take off

*a seal and a penguin, awkward on land but so swift and graceful in the ocean

*birds who are slow on land but fast in flight

*an animal with the cage door open

So it was interesting to see the quote above in Jennifer Hoffman’s October energy report. It basically says it’s time to roll.  We have done so much work over the last few years.  Sometimes it felt like there would be no end to the endless cleanse as we cleared out old fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.

Most of us have old ‘stuff’ that we will need to clear and release from time to time. But Jennifer says it’s time to move from being a wounded healer-trying to heal and fix everyone and everything around us-to living a healed, whole life.  Wow!  Sounds great but many of us are in new territory when we really focus on that.

We are so programmed to work, be productive, take care of others. Not everyone is, of course, but a lot of us are.  I know I tend to have a ‘to do’ list and one of the items isn’t ‘have fun’!  So for those of us steeped in the old Protestant work ethic, it’s time to seek balance with a bit, or maybe a lot, more emphasis on being rather than doing.  Being joyful rather than being busy.  Self-care balanced with caring for others.

The good news is that the energy is supporting our freedom in amazing ways. Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy says that the old 3D template has been removed from the earth.  All that is left of the old programming of domination, power over and limitations is our old beliefs.  When we clear that out, we can embrace the freedom that is abundantly available to us.  Perhaps we are a little like an animal who has lived in a cage for so long that when the door is opened we need a little time to stretch and believe that we are truly free.  But how incredibly wonderful it is when we taste and embrace that!!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, October 3, 2016

My beloved ones,

Indeed the doors to freedom are opening at this time. It is a beautiful convergence of people who have reached a point where they are ready to cast off the shackles of servanthood and even slavery.  People are feeling freedom in their souls.  Yet they are realizing how little freedom they currently feel in their lives.

It isn’t easy to leave the familiar for the unknown. But there is no other way to reach new vistas.  Consider the seed.  It is small and safe inside its hard shell.  But in that form it is not free to be its true self-an oak tree, a flower or a blade of grass.  So the seed hides itself in fertile soil and when the time is right, it emerges and begins to stretch toward the sun and air and rain.  It is following the blueprint for its growth and so it grows.

No one would say to a seed, stay safe inside the husk. We are glad when seeds sprout and we know that it is how nature does things.  So, too, with humans, always expanding, casting off the barriers that limit growth.

Dear ones, this time is a ‘growth spurt’ in planetary evolution. I know that you can feel it more and more!  Breathe into it until you catch the excitement, the knowing that old limitations are giving way to new possibilities.  You have the blueprint in your soul!  Feel yourself emerging into the New.  You are creating the New!

The old systems and limitations are very visible. But they will vanish when we release the beliefs that hold them in place.  It is a natural progression so stay centered and in peace.  Do what the whispers of your spirit are encouraging you to do!  Then let the rest unfold in Divine timing and wisdom.

Feel the comfort and love of the Mother and all the beings of the Unseen Realm who are so near to you. Rest against my heart when you are troubled or afraid.  I never leave you and you are always in my heart.

I love you, my precious ones. I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.





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