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You’re doing a lot of things right.


I got this strong message this morning and a sense that I needed to share it.  Right now there is so much focus on what’s wrong in our world. I hear people say things like, the earth would be fine without people, if we make the earth uninhabitable.  

Certainly we need to see and acknowledge what needs to change and then take action, where needed.  But we also need to celebrate what is going well and what people are doing to contribute to that in so many ways.

When I think about all the destruction people have done to our earth, I remember that we call her ‘Mother Earth’ and that comforts me.  She loves us as a mother loves her children even when they make mistakes or do things she would prefer they not do.  And she is a teacher, showing us how to live more harmoniously with nature, which blesses all of us more and more.

Let’s join together to be grateful for what we are doing to restore the earth to health and beauty!  We will be inspired to do more, I’m sure.


From Gaia

June 21, 2021

Dear ones, my beloveds,

It hurts my mother’s heart to see the guilt, condemnation and blame that people are experiencing as they become more aware of the damage being done by humans to our beautiful earth planet.  It is so much more helpful to expend energy in enjoying the beauty that the nature spirits and devas provide.  If you see a need for change, do it with love, knowing that you are loved by your Earth Mother.

I love you, dear ones, as do myriad beings in the world of Spirit.  We are available to help you.  We are smiling at you, not frowning.  As you connect to the plants, the animals, the elements of earth, air, fire and water, you will feel their love and caring for you.  It will be natural for you to love in return and care for the nature that surrounds you.

No one person can do everything.  But each person can tend one small garden or plot of land.  Each person can listen to their inner guidance about what they can do to help restore the earth to health and wholeness.  

It may be as simple as looking at a tree with love and gratitude.  It might be caring gently for animals and plants.  It may be speaking up for policies that protect the earth.  Perhaps it could be walking barefoot on the earth and feeling your connection to the oneness of life.  Each of us can listen and learn what is our calling.

Your guides and the loving beings of the Spirit World are ever near to you.  You are never alone.  I am always here to hold you close to my heart with tender love.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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