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Miracles-gifts just for you!

A miracle is when God bends the laws of the Universe just for you.

By Caroline Myss, quoting a nun from the college she attended

We can all think of times when we have heard about miracles or experienced them in our own lives.  Often it is an individual thing-someone is healed from a disease that was considered incurable, we avoid a traffic accident that could have killed us, help comes from an unexpected place.  Sometimes a group experiences a miracle and that is also wonderful.

Surely we live in a time when it feels like we need miracles and lots of them!  There are problems for individuals and in the collective.  And there are big ones.  I remember several years ago when my friend Nancy Joy said that things that have been hidden would come to the surface and be revealed.  That sounded great…until it began to happen in a big way.  Now it can feel overwhelming at times.  I sometimes find it challenging not to go into fear.

Today I was in my garden, thinking about the Climate March that is being held all over the planet.  I decided to ask the plants what they think about all the environmental problems we are facing.  I felt them saying that they live in the present moment, just enjoying the growing and being.  They said that when their life cycle is over, they return to the unmanifest, the field of all possibilities, and it’s all joy to them.  No worries, no stressing.  Just peace, joy and love.  They live connected to the Divine all the time.

Wow!  That is their natural state of being.  It feels like we humans have to stretch into that and the path is not clear sometimes.  We need help and fortunately, it’s abundantly available.  However, we have to ask and be able to receive.

A ‘Course in Miracles’ says that “miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first”.  Miracles are a gift and sometimes we have a hard time accepting gifts.  Are we able to fully receive a sincere compliment?  When someone is generous to us, do we gratefully receive it or do we immediately try to think of how to repay them?  Perhaps the purification is sloughing off our old beliefs that we don’t deserve, aren’t good enough or aren’t lovable.  Then the channel is open for miracles to flow to us.

A miracle is when God bends the laws of the Universe just for you.  That takes my breath away!  I am loved that much!  And so are you!  So is everyone and everything.  As we open ourselves to this, miracles will flow to us in magnificent grace and beauty.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, September 20, 2019

Dear ones, my beloved,

We in the Unseen Realm know that it is hard for people to wake up and realize that things are not as they believed them to be.  It is sometimes not easy to see problems and be unsure how to solve them.  The earth is in a massive transition and things are changing and shifting so rapidly.

Being with your breath is a good place to start when you seek guidance.  When you can quiet your mind and get in touch with the present moment, you will receive the messages you need to guide you. 

Each person has a part to play in the grand co-creation of the new earth.  No one can do it all by themselves and that isn’t necessary.  Each person can listen, hear and respond.  What you do is important and so is the way you do it.

If you plant a small tree seedling, do it with love, reverence and gratitude.  That tree will flourish compared to a tree that is viewed as a thing and planted with hurry and unconsciousness.  Nature wants to be your partner and your friend.  But, as in any relationship, it must be mutual.  Shared love, caring and kindness.

Miracles are all around you and the Universe is happy to supply more.  Open your heart, your eyes, your hands and they will flow to you.  Listen to the wind blowing through the trees.  Hear the cheerful sounds of bird songs.  Smell the fragrance of a lovely flower.  These are signs of how the Divine loves you.  Know in your heart that you are loved beyond measure.  Rest in the goodness of life’s flow.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.


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Our mother’s love

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

~Thich Nhat Hanh, “Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life”

It’s nearly Mother’s Day.  It’s a time when we honor our biological mothers and perhaps others who have nurtured us on our journey.

This morning my mind turned to our Earth Mother, Gaia, who provides all we need to sustain life-air to breathe, water to drink, sun and soil for our food and so much more.  We often take for granted the gifts that human mothers give and so it can be with Gaia.  However, as we see the consequences of our neglect and damage to the earth, we are waking up and realizing our relationship with the earth needs to change.  We are recognizing our gratitude for earth’s gifts and our responsibility to be life-giving partners with nature.

It makes me very sad when I hear people say things reflecting their belief that the earth is angry with humans and sends natural disasters to punish us.  Some people say things like, ‘humans are a scourge/disease/cancerous tumor upon the earth’.  I believe that our Earth Mother loves us passionately wants only the best for us.  She is ever ready to guide us, teach us and co-create with us. Yet she cannot override our free will. 

Let’s each take some time this week to reflect on the blessings we receive from Mother Earth and walk with gratitude, as if we are kissing the earth with our feet.  She will feel our love and we will feel hers.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia

May 8, 2019

My beloved children and co-creators,

I love you!  I reach out to you each moment, longing to connect to you and walk hand in hand with you upon the earth.  Please do not every doubt my everlasting love for you! 

Yes, there are things that need to change.  It is time to be conscious about the consequences of choices that people make.   It is time to see the earth as a living being, not just resources to use and even exploit. 

This is mutually beneficial!  When you love someone, both of you benefit.  This is true of your relationships with people but also pets and animals, plants and other life.  The giver and receiver are both blessed and it becomes a life-giving circle of abundance and beauty.

You are my children and I am happy to nurture you and provide for your physical needs.  I offer love and care and warm arms to hold you in a tender embrace.  I want to teach you, guide you and encourage you to step into your beautiful power as co-creators with nature.  What joy we can share together!!

Ask for what you need!  Do you need comfort and reassurance that you are loved?  Listen to my heart and know that you are loved beyond measure.  Do you see things that need to be healed on the earth-water cleansed of pollution, air returned to purity, the land bursting with biodiversity and a rainbow of abundant life?  I offer my willingness and all the tools that are needed to make that happen.  I will do my part and you can do yours. 

Dear ones, this is a time of great opportunity!  As we heal the earth together and restore the forests, oceans and all of life on earth, we will sense and know the oneness of all life.  Separation, loneliness and isolation will be no more.  We will dance the dance of life together.  We will re-weave the web of life until there is unspeakable beauty everywhere.

The healing of the earth is already underway.  Each person has a gift to offer and so does every living part of this precious planet.  Take my hand and we will walk this path of transformation together.

I love you, each one of you, no exceptions!  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

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If you take the long view, something really amazing and profound is afoot now… The job of people who are awake is to hospice the death of the old structures and systems that no longer serve us while we midwife ones that will serve us.  Hospice-ing and midwife-ing are both acts of love.

~Lynne Twist, Pachamama Alliance, speaking in the online course by Charles Eisenstein called “Living in the Gift”

I’ve been on a rather long respite from writing Gaia Messages and, frankly, I wondered if there would be more.  It seems fitting that this one came on the day I am going to a retirement party for a dear friend who is completing a career of almost 40 years and preparing for new delights in her next life stage.  My partner Blair’s mother, age 87, is being put into hospice this week.  A friend’s daughter is ready to give birth.  Where I live, spring is emerging from the cold of winter. Beautiful yellow and white flowers are peeking from the earth, lovely reminders that life is a wondrous cycle of death and rebirth.  The flow of life’s “hello…good-bye…hello” pattern is so evident all around me.

The systems and structures that are entering hospice are so evident right now.  The birthing of the new may be a bit harder to see and feel sometimes.  Yet our hearts know and that gives us comfort and reassurance.  We are held in the love of the Divine and that is a gift of grace indeed.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia March 28, 2019

My beloved ones,

Certainly the upheaval and all the changes of the present time can be disconcerting and even distressing.  The dysfunction of the structures and institutions that have served humanity are increasingly clear.  The dismantling of what no longer serves can be frightening because people have relied on these structures and systems for stability and a foundation for our way of life.

Yet, the New is emerging like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of endings.  Rest quietly in the knowing that you are held gently in the love of the Divine. 

Humanity has prepared for this transformation for eons of time, many lifetimes, many millennia.  So has the earth!  Within all of you-every cell, every molecule-is incredible resilience and wondrous life force!  Sense into that and you will feel the flow of life’s wisdom and blessing.

Each of you have your part to play.  Much of it is to stay centered and aligned with the voice of the Divine.  All that you need will be provided in abundance and great love.  There are times for action but there are also times for quiet, for being, for nondoing.  Guidance, wisdom and strength are available to you each moment.  In-breath and out-breath.  All is held in Divine love and peace.  Sometimes the messages come in whispers so be calm and know that there is no need to rush about, searching for the next step.  It will come to you on the wings of spirit.

Feel the smiles from the earth and all of creation.  Listen to the birds, feel the soft breeze upon your face, touch the living being of a tree, watch the creatures who live in the present moment of now.  Lean on me when you need nurturing and love.  Know with absolutely certainty that you are loved beyond measure.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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There’s no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are.

~Mr. Rogers

It sure feels to me like we need a big dose of kindness in the world right now.  And, fortunately, we can each be a source of that kindness in our daily lives.  Often the one who needs the most kindness from us is ourselves.  So many people are much harder on themselves than they would ever be to a loved one.  It’s sometimes hard to believe that we are liked and loved just the way we are.

Let’s take these words to our heart and radiate some love to ourselves and others.  Let’s open ourselves to love and kindness from the Divine which can comfort and reassure us that all is well, even when we wonder if it is.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, October 22, 2018

My beloved and precious ones,

I am holding you so close to my heart as the chaos and fear swirl around you and sometimes within you.

Indeed there is upheaval in the world right now and much may seem random and out of control.  At times you may feel threatened, uncertain and frightened.  The unknown can be a scary place sometimes.

Through it all, you are held in love.  Know that there is a place in the midst of things that is safe, secure and protected.  It’s not a place you can see with your eyes but rather with the eyes of your heart.  It is a place of stillness, quiet and peace.  It may seem elusive and difficult to find.  Yet it is as close as your next breath, the next beat of your heart.  It is a space where you can rest and be renewed. 

How do you find that place?  Ask for it.  Offer even a bit of faith and trust that it exists.  Remember a kindness from a friend, family member or stranger and know that this is just a tiny taste of what you are offered from the Divine Spirit who loves you so deeply and completely.  Reach out your arms for it and be drawn into the tender embrace of all-encompassing love.

So much is being released from storage, so to speak.  So much has been tucked away out of sight but still present.  Old memories, emotions, stored up pain, grief, sadness and injustice.  There is much that needs to be brought up to the surface to be transmuted back to love.  This is true in the collective and also within each person.

This is a time of cleansing and clearing, healing and restoration.  Humanity is becoming aware of deep wounds that are like clouds that block the light.  Energy is pouring into the earth to assist in the transformation.  As the clouds are dissolved, the light can flow in with all its beauty and joy.

This is a time for discernment.  Ask for wisdom and guidance and you will receive it.  Then you will know what is being asked of you.  Don’t take on more than this. 

Ask for help from your partners and co-creators in the Divine Realm.  They are eager to assist and support you.  Be kind to yourselves and be kind to others.  Know that you are loved beyond measure, my dear ones.

I am holding you close to my heart with great love and tenderness.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

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Ascension is a relay race, not a marathon.

~Jennifer Hoffman, EnlighteningLife.com

This quote from Jennifer Hoffman has resonated with me many times lately.  She says that some of us treat our life’s ascension journey like a marathon where we have to keep going and doing things no matter what.  Sometimes we don’t stop to question why or if it is really part of what we are being asked or called to do.  At times we may reach a point of completion and it’s okay to stop and rest or move on to something else.

Jennifer encourages us to think of our ascension as a relay race where we sometimes pass the baton to someone else and they take care of things for a while.  At other times someone may hand the baton to us for a task or project and we go with it for a while.

I think the key is discerning whether things are ours to do or not.  There are so many worthwhile causes and possibilities.  Yet each of us has an inner guidance system that gently tells us what is ours to do and what isn’t.

In our work-focused culture, it can be challenging to feel okay about spending time in meditation, quiet contemplation, rest, prayer or just being.  Yet these things are extremely important to our own well-being and they also reverberate out to touch others and all of creation in beautiful ways.

May we all listen to hear the voice of Spirit speaking to us and guiding us to what serves us and the highest good of all.

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, August 20, 2018

Dear ones, my beloved friends,

I hold you close to my heart, very much aware that we all are living in challenging and transformative times.  There are endings, doors closing and changes that may be uncomfortable and even frightening.  Yet at the same time there are new beginnings, new paths becoming visible and the excitement of new freedoms and possibilities.

Know with absolutely certainty that you are never alone.  Your partners and loving friends in the Unseen Realm are always near, cheering for you, walking and running along side of you and guiding your footsteps along the road of your life. 

Sometimes we can carry you when you are weary and need a break.  At times we take the baton, if you ask for our help, and we can complete a part of the relay race of life with you.

It’s okay to not be busy all the time.  The Unseen Ones love to spend time with you unencumbered by tasks or projects.  Sometimes those things distract from our time together.  And time together is important and precious and needed.

Doing is important, to be sure.  But so is being!  Take time to think about the balance in your life and recalibrate when things are out of balance.  The trees grow without your help.  Yet they enjoy your presence.  So does all of nature-the birds, the creatures, the soil, air and all that is around you. 

If you are a do-er, take some time to be quiet and still.  It may feel uncomfortable but with practice it will be easier and you will find gifts and benefits.

Ask for help if you need it.  We of the Spirit world love you so deeply.  We can provide so much assistance but it is important for you to ask for what you need and want.  Together we can co-create a space of love for all to thrive in.

I love you, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend

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It is very clear that we are all being directed inward, away from the news, social media and programmed entertainment that our outer world continually sucks us into.  When you consciously choose the inner journey through nature, meditation, breath, body movement, dreamtime and so forth, you hold the keys to true spiritual and human freedom.  In essence, you are and have always been the jailer you detest and judge.  As emotions are arising finally from long buried depths of many life time experiences, they seek only to be integrated back to love.  And they are showing you how to return to your own divinity which is essential, as we are creating our New Earth collectively in every moment.

~Nancy Joy Hefron, heartlights.net

This quote from my dear friend Nancy Joy’s recent Reflections e-mail was very powerful for me.  As I shared in my last Gaia message, I have been working through some old ‘stuff’ from my childhood and life.  It has been difficult and intense but so rewarding.  The more we cleanse and purify the past part of our lives, the more room there is for peace, love, contentment and much more.

In my personal life, I have sometimes wondered if there would ever be an ‘end to the endless cleanse’ as I work though what has happened in my life.  And likely there will always be remnants from the past that need to be integrated back to love.  But it gets easier and happens more quickly as we leave our emotional baggage behind, clearing and composting the old fears, pain, memories and beliefs to create new and more life-giving patterns and beliefs.

So much is coming to the surface now that used to be buried out of sight.  This is true in the collective, as well as individually.  It is exciting, scary, painful and very liberating! 

I know deep in my being that we are doing this together and that the results will be glorious.  I also know that we are being supported by the Beings of the Unseen Realm in such powerful and beautiful ways.  We can hold that knowing tenderly in our hearts as we move forward.

Much love, Mary

From Gaia, June 12, 2018

Beloved ones, dear and precious to my heart,

Indeed the Shift of the Ages is gaining momentum and opening up more expansive possibilities.  The dis-integration of the old systems is well underway and the new ones are coming online with their offerings of wholeness, fresh relationships, healed wounds and peace like a deep and mighty river.

The doors to the New Earth have been flung open by your partners in the Unseen Realm!  Some can see the openings and are choosing to walk through them.  Others do not yet have eyes to see.  They are focused on the fears, losses, limitations and all that holds them in the past.

Each person is exactly where they need to be.  Be gentle with your sisters and brothers, slow to judge and quick to offer support, acceptance and comfort.  Be gentle with yourself, as well.  Hold yourself in a space of love, for change can be challenging and arouse fear of what could happen.  Breathe in peace.  Breathe in love.  Breathe in trust that you are being held in love of the Divine Spirit that guides and protects you in all ways.

If you are feeling sadness, grief, fear, guilt and such, let them dissipate like steam and mist rising from a lake or hot stone.  They will be received by the Divine and integrated back to love which is the essence of all that is.

Heaven on earth is here for you right now, this very moment.  Some are able to dive into it with their whole heart, mind and spirit.  Others need to dip their toe in the water and then slowly wade in a bit further until they feel safe to swim in it.  Others are watching to first see how others navigate the flow.  Later they will be ready to give the New a try. 

Don’t try to rush yourself or anyone else.  Know that all is unfolding in perfect timing for each person and each part of creation.  All is well despite any appearance to the contrary.  Just like the cycles of nature, nothing is wasted.  Anything that disintegrates becomes compost and fertility for the next part of the cycle.  Many people have forgotten this but the remembering is part of the birthing of the New.

Rest in peace, knowing that everything is being guided by the Hand of the Unseen.  You are enfolded in love and held in love.  Indeed you are love.  Only love, always love, love overflowing. 

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

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Help please!

Our situation is impossible without help and gifts from beyond ourselves.

~Charles Eisenstein, https://charleseisenstein.net

I recently spent time with my daughter and family.  I am so pleased to see how she and her husband have taught their children to ask for help when they get frustrated by a task that is too difficult for them.  The 4-year-old is experienced in doing this and even the little one who is only 18 months old knows to say, ‘help please’ when she needs help.  Naturally, they want to be independent and do things for themselves.  But there are times when an adult’s helping hand is handy and it’s a useful skill to know when to ask for that assistance.

As adults, most of us still have times when we need to discern when to do things for ourselves and when to ask for help.  The ‘rugged individualist’ culture in the U.S. has ingrained many of us with the idea that we should be independent and not depend on others for our wants and needs.  Yet what a lonely place that can create.  The other end of the spectrum-expecting others to do things that are more appropriate for us to do for ourselves-is not desirable.  There’s an interdependent middle ground and balance that we seek.  This is true for our individual lives as well as within the collective.

I had to smile when I felt Gaia sending a message through me…on Mother’s Day!  I hope you are having a good one!

Blessings, Mary

From Gaia, May 13, 2018

My beloved co-creators,

My heart reaches out with love to each person, creature, plant and every part of creation on earth.  All are precious to this mother’s heart.  Each part of life is a like a musical note with its own unique tone and vibration.  When we work together, we create a beautiful melody and all is well. 

When we don’t, things are off key and problems arise.  Right now, the earth is facing some big problems.  Solutions are available if we work together.

Humans have a special place in the earth realm.  You are partners in creation!  Yet many people are not aware of this.  Some want to do things based on their personal desires, without considering the effect on the whole.  Others feel powerless and passive, not sure of how to use their creative power.

Your partners in the Unseen Realm are eager to be recognized and asked to help co-create heaven on earth with you.  How we long to have you acknowledge that going your own willful way is not working well.  The earth problems you are confronting are opportunities to work together to create harmony, beauty and abundance.

An oft repeated theme of mine is, ‘ask for help’!  Humans have so many gifts to use and share.  Yet nature has wisdom and guidance that is needed, as well. 

Perhaps you are wondering how to ask for help.  Spend some quiet time in nature.  Sit with your back against a tree or go for a walk.  Ask a question or share a situation that you need some ideas about what to do.  Perhaps you won’t hear an answer immediately but perhaps you will.  Just be open to answers and possibilities flowing to you.  When you are peaceful and receptive, many doors to the Unseen Realm can open and communication flows between us.

Please believe that you are loved beyond measure.  I am not angry or vindictive, despite what some people think.  We want the same things.  We just need to listen to each other and work and play together.

Rest against my heart when you are frightened or lonely or weary.  Sense the love surrounding you each moment.  Ask for what you need and we can co-create it together.  Dear ones, know how precious you are to the Divine.  Our love is always available to you, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

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When old words die out on the tongue

new melodies break forth from the heart;

and where the old tracks are lost,

new country is revealed with its wonders.

~Rabindranath Tagore

From the book ‘Praying our Goodbyes’ by Joyce Rupp

It has been several months since I have written a Gaia message.  I have been in that space between the old words dying out and the new country being revealed.  It has been very difficult.  I have been dealing with some old, deep wounds that needed healing.  I am so grateful to be reaching the stage where I can be glad for what is happening.  I feel like the clouds are diminishing and allowing more and more sun to shine in my life.  Hurray!!!

I know that I have been held in love during this dark night of my soul time, even though I didn’t feel it for a while.  I have been supported and comforted by many people in my life and Unseen Ones in the Spirit realm.  I am profoundly grateful.

I have experienced some endings in my life, mostly internal.  I sense that some new things will emerge as I move forward but I don’t know for sure what they will be.  I am trusting as best I can that things will unfold as they are meant to. 

I believe that we are living in a time of great awakening and transformation, despite all of the chaos and darkness that seem to obscure this at times.  Each of us is going through our own issues, individually and as part of the collective. 

Let’s hold each other in our hearts with compassion and caring as we go through this.  I send love to each of you and thank you for being in my life.

Blessings, Mary

April 18, 2018

From Gaia

My precious and beloved ones,

Each moment you are held in great love by your Earth Mother and friends in the Spirit Realm.  Sometimes you may feel it intensely and, at other times, you may not feel it at all.  Perhaps it is like the air.  When it is quiet and still, you may not feel it.  But when the wind is blowing, you know the air is everywhere around you.  It’s surrounding you and giving you life whether you feel it or not.  Each breath is a reminder that you are receiving this life-giving gift.  Yet often your breath is in the background, present but not in your awareness.  So it is with us, your guides and guardians.  We never leave you.  You are never alone.  We love you very, very much!

This is a time of turmoil and upheaval on the earth, for individuals and for the collective.  Much that has been shoved beneath the surface is coming up for examination, discernment and decision-making.  It is a time of great cleansing and healing.  It is not always easy or comfortable to go through this but it is a necessary step in our ascension cycle.  It is a time of purification and emotional clearing.

It is a time for stillness and openness to divine wisdom.  Trust that all is well, held in the loving care of Spirit.  Old beliefs, patterns and habits need to be brought into your conscious awareness.  Shine the light of truth and love on them and see what remains and what needs to be released, transmuted and composted.  Be gentle with yourselves and hold yourselves in a space of love as things unfold.

The Divine is always with you, each moment and each step of the way.  Ask for help when you feel unsure or confused or frightened.  Know that you can draw upon strength and wisdom from the spirit realm which is an abundant and limitless source of all you need.  Rest in the arms of your Earth Mother and breath the breathe of life with me. 

You are loved, dear ones.  I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend.

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Let’s radiate light!!

You Can Help So Much by Radiating More and More Light

Do not allow the world situation to depress you or drag you down. I tell you to see all that is taking place as a cleansing process, a very necessary process. When you have poison in your system and a boil develops, that poison has to be removed or dispersed before healing takes place. So with the world situation there is much poison, much darkness and evil, which has to be transmuted. That is why this time in the world’s evolution is such a very painful and distressing time. You can help so much by radiating more and more Light, by being able to rise above the present situation and not allowing yourselves to become part of it. Remember you are in this world, but you are not of it, for when you become of it, you cannot be fully used to help, and I need hands and feet to help at this specific time. Never forget you are all My hands and feet, so rededicate yourselves to Me and to My service this day, so I can use you as I will and feel My blessings being poured down on you.

~Guidance received by Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn community

Eileen Caddy is no longer living on the earth plane but the Findhorn Foundation sends out her messages on a regular basic. As I read this one which I received today, it felt like Eileen was reaching out to us across time and space.  At times I certainly struggle to see the higher perspective amidst the events taking place right now.  This message reminds me that we are in a deep cleansing process, individually and collectively.

In his writing ‘On Pain’ in The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran says, ‘Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding…much of your pain is self-chosen.  It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.  Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility; for his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen, And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.’

May we hold each other close during these turbulent times. May our love and our connection to the Divine Spirit give us strength, hope and wisdom to navigate with faith and ease.

Love and blessings to each of you, Mary

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Navigating turbulent times

This eclipse is the cosmic reflection of what we already know: We are at a crossroads in American history.

~What Astrologers Know About Eclipses That You Don’t by Donna Woodwell


We are in an ‘eclipse corridor’ between one eclipse on August 7 and what is being called ‘The Great American Eclipse’ on August 21. This eclipse will go across the United States from the northwest to southeast before it passes out into the ocean.  According to astrologer Cayelin Castell, the last time the U.S. experienced a total eclipse was in 1918 and one exclusively over America was 760 years ago in 1257 so it’s a rare event indeed.

This quote seems sort of an understatement actually. I think most of us feel so much change swirling around us and in us, as well as a sense of the earth shifting literally and figuratively.  It’s change at a planetary and global level, not just the United States, of course, since we are all connected.

I talk to many people who are seeking balance-not burying their heads in the sand about the crazy stuff that is happening and yet not obsessing and going into fear. It’s an opportunity to go deep within ourselves to tap into our inner wisdom and guidance and then act from that place of alignment and peacefulness.

A Course in Miracles says that ‘fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength’. Actually we have more strength than we may realize.  We also have support and access to strength from the Unseen Realm that is powerful indeed.  But we have to ask.  Doreen Virtue who has focused on her connection to angels says that angels and archangels only assist us if we ask.  They will not interfere with our human free will.

So let’s ask for what we need and want. Let’s stay grounded and calm during this turbulent time. We are powerful co-creators.  Let’s put our intention on what we want to create, not the fear of what might happen.  As we connect hearts with others and the Divine, let’s focus on creating peace, joy, love and beauty.

Love and blessings, Mary

From Gaia, August 11, 2017

My beloved ones, precious and dear to my heart,

You are not alone, dear ones. Your partners in the Unseen Realm are very aware of the fear that is swirling about on the earth plane.  We are so near to you, as near as your next breath, the next beat of your heart that beats in rhythm with the Heart of the Great Mother and all of those who love you so very much.

Do not give away your power to those who appear to be in power-government leaders, business leaders, corporations, leaders of organization and institutions. Their power is of the old system which is rapidly decaying and imploding.  It may appear to be strong and invincible but it is disintegrating and soon will be no more.

Put your intention and actions into assisting in the creation of the new way of being and living. What do you want to create?  Focus on that.  Be love.  Be peace.  Be stillness and quiet and trust.

What is happening on the earth is not random. It is guided by the hand of the Unseen Spirit who creates all and guides all.  You can tap into this Wisdom and Guidance at any time.  But you need to be calm and still and receptive.  If you are frightened, call out to us.  We will answer.  We are with you always, everywhere, anytime.  We respond to the smallest whisper, the most desperate request.  Nothing will be withheld.  Ask for what you need and you will see miracle upon miracle flowing to you.

Rest quietly against my heart, my beloved. All is well, regardless of the chaos that surrounds you.  You are held in a field of love, a cloud of love, a breath of love.  You are held in all-encompassing love, only love, always love, love overflowing.

I am Gaia, your Earth Mother, your friend




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